Lakshmila (part 2)

Hi everyone!! This is the second part of my story. Hope u guys enjoy this! 🙂

“KIRTI!!!!” Urmila screamed, as she saw her sister lying unconscious on the bod, her head bleeding. She rushed to her mother’s side and caught hold of her sister’s arm, her eyes wide with shock. The old queen, absolutely grieved, lay her head on her daughter’s shoulder and wept, her panic evident. Urmila hugged her mother closer to herself and held on until she could compose herself again. “What happened ma? How did Kirti get so hurt?” asked Urmila when the queen was comforted. “U did not return to from the Gauri Temple for a very long time, and we were all getting worried about you, especially Kirti. She was upset because of that fight or something u girls had in the morning, and was saying she wanted to apologize. She went to get you from the temple, and….. and returned like this!” Sunaina narrated the entire episode, choking on the last part. “But how did this happen? Did she fall or……..” “No, Princess” replied Kirti’s head maid, Pratiksha. “Princess Shrutkirti did not fall. We were on our way to the temple, when Prince Lakshman rode by and asked the Princess to talk to him in private. They went aside and spoke very urgently about something for a long time. He even showed her something, and she seemed shocked to see it. Prince Lakshman seemed terribly worried about something, and Princess was apparently trying to reason with him, but I think he did not listen. He took her leave and mounted the horse, and rode away as swiftly as he had come. Princess wanted to go back to the palace immediately. She did not even want to go to the temple. She said there was some emergency, and we all turned. But as soon as we started walking back, a big stone flew from somewhere and hit her head. The guards tried to catch the culprit, but he was too quick.”

Urmila was absolutely dumb found. What did this all mean? Videha was an extremely peace loving kingdom, and had no rival kingdoms. The people loved and respected the royal family very much. Then who could do such a thing? And why? What was Lakshman so anxious about, and why did Kirti say “emergency”? “Where is Prince Lakshman? It is only he who can throw some light on the entire matter.” Urmila asked, as she noticed his absence. “he received a letter and something else in the afternoon. He left on his horse carrying it, trying to hide it from us in the afternoon, and we haven’t seen him since. “replied Bharat. “Also, he returned from the palace rather disturbed and shut himself up in a cottage. He refused to speak to any of us, and we heard some strange sounds from inside” added Ram, his frown deepening. Urmila felt herself flush with embarrassment at this revelation. The queen obviously had no knowledge of this, and was about to bombard her with questions, when Kirti started to stir. “Urmi Didi?” she whispered as her eyes opened slightly. “Kirti!” Urmila replied as she lunged forward to grasp her sister’s hand. “Are u all right did? Asked Kirti, studying her sister to make sure. “Why, I should be asking this to u dear. What would happen to me?” “Where is Jijashree Lakshman? He went away, didn’t he? I told him not to..” she trailed on. “Hold on Kirti. Ur confusing me. What is all this about. And where did Prince Lakshman go? What did u ask him not to do?”
“Jijashree came to me when I was on my way to get u back, and said he needed to talk to me urgently. We went aside, and he asked me how u were and where were u. I said u were sad about the morning incident and had gone to the temple. This worried him even more and he asked me if u were physically okay, or had I seen u. I said no, not since morning, but what would happen to u? he then pulled out a veil of urs to show me. It had massive blood stains, and a note had accompanied it, saying that if he did not go to the forest, u would be killed. I said not to worry, as u were not even wearing that veil today, someone had clearly fabricated this entire thing, and was trying to trap him. But he would not listen to me. He left me in a haste and rode towards the forest. I knew something was wrong, and decided to come back and warn everyone, but the as we were returning, I got attacked. Didi, he is in grave danger. U’ve got to save him!” Urmila was could not find her breath. So much had happened in a single day. This was serious indeed, and she knew she had to save him. “I must leave for the forest at once!” she said, getting up. “No Urmila, u don’t we will dispatch an armed search party to bring back Lakshman” said her father, who had been listening quietly all this time. “No Pitaji, I must. He is in this trouble because of me. I must..” “Urmila, Rajrishi is right. Whoever is behind all of this is very clever and ruthless. He will not be afraid to harm u either.” Reasoned Ram. “But Jijashree…” “Urmila, give us one night. If nothing happens, we shall do as u say. I promise.” Urmila shook her head, hoping and praying that Ram might not need to keep his promise at all.
That night, no one slept, no one ate. All sat together, praying and waiting for any news of Lakshman, but none came whatsoever. Urmila could not sit still. She was getting extremely sinister vibes about the whole affair, and wished that it would all be sort out soon. The dawn brought no news of Lakshman, and all turned to Urmila in accordance to Ram’s promise. As per her wish, multiple search party were dispatched to the numerous forests, and she, along with Ram, Sita, Bharat and Mandavi went to the farthest one. They looked around for a lot of time, but none found any clue to help them in discovering Lakshman. Urmila was emotionally exhausted now. She was absolutely clueless as to what to do. She walked on in her desolation, trying to find even one tiny thing to help her. “Didi!!” Sita heard her sister call out to her. The party rushed towards the source, and saw Urmila sitting on the jungle floor, holding a shoe. “This is Lakshman’s!” cried Bharat. “Then he must be somewhere nearby.” Said Ram, looking around frantically. “Its no use like this. We must split up” offered Mandavi. All accepted the offer, and teamed up. Urmila was alone, just as she had wished. “Take care Urmi, and don’t forget.” Said Sita, before she left with Ram. Urmila nodded once. In this time, her sister’s instruction was her only hope. When she was all alone, she got up. Urmila had been sitting on a rock, which was stained with blood. Something told her that this had to be Lakshman’s. she knew which direction to go in, and had purposely sent everyone in the opposite direction. They needed to be safe, for she might need help. She walked towards the thickest part of the forest, determined to save her Lakshman

What will happen now? Will Urmila find Lakshman? How is he? Who is behind all this, and what did Sita ask Urmila to remember?
Do let me know what u guys think of this one. Thanks for reading!! :)

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