Lakshmila (part 1)


Hi everyone!!! Just got over with a LOT of tests, so thought of posting this pre-wedding Lakshmila story. This one’s gonna b in 3 parts. Hope u guys enjoy it!!!

The kingdoms of Videh and Koshal were high on happiness and excitement. The weddings of the 4 princes and princesses had been fixed, and the ceremony was only a fortnight away. There was no house were decorations were not done, no corner without a rangoli, no place which didn’t ring with the auspicious wedding tunes. Urmila sat with her cousins Mandavi and Kirti, deciding their wedding jewels. It was a bright, beautiful morning, & Lakshman, eager to meet his Mila, left for the palace at the first opportunity. He rushed to her room now, his steps eager to close in the distance between them as soon as possible. But, on reaching the door of her room, he heard some voices coming from inside. She had company. His princely etiquette told him to go back, he must never interrupt a conversation until absolutely necessary, but something that he heard being said on the other side of the door made him stop in his tracks.

In the room, the sisters were unaware of Lakshman’s arrival. Mandavi’s face suddenly lit up with mischief, and she turned to face her sister, who was busy matching necklaces with her earrings. “So, tell me Urmi. I know that ur match is fixed with Lakshman, and the 2 of u love each other madly, but, do u still give a thought to that admirer of urs? What was his name? yeah, Baldev?” she asked, smiling innocently. Urmila looked up from her task and frowned at her sister, as well as the memory that her words had revived. Many years ago, the family had gone to attend the wedding of Rani Sulakshana’s daughter. The queen was a childhood friend of Maharani Sunaina. The wedding was delightful, but one person had succeeded in scarring the experience. That was Prince Baldev, Sulakshana’s son. He was a human only in theory, and there was absolutely nothing remotely princely, or even manly about him. He treated his servants like dirt, and was the most misbehaved, cruel person Urmila had ever met.

He had been completely smitten by Urmila from the first time he had set his eyes on her, and had unabashedly proposed marriage to her. Obviously, the proposal had been declined, and the family left for Mithila at the first opportunity, much to their poor host’s dismay an embarrassment. She decided not to respond to this question and picked up a mirror to examine the necklace she had just worn. It ws then that she caught the reflection of Lakshman standing behind the door, looking concerned, he had obviously overheard the talk, and was now troubled about this desperate lover of hers. She smiled as an idea sprang in her mind, and decided to tease him. “Ah, Baldev!” she sighed dramatically. “Oh, how I miss him. Of course he had his shortcomings, but who doesn’t? I really think that, had we been given a chance, we could have had, u know, something…” she said, stifling her laughter at the shocked expressions of her sisters. No matter how much they teased her, they were aware of her true feelings, and were shocked to learn about this development. No sooner had she spoken those words, than they heard a loud clang outside the door. It was then that they saw Lakshman. Just like them, he too was appalled by her words. His face had grown pale white, and a tear dropped from his eyes. He turned around slowly, hurt, unsure of himself and his feelings, and hurried away, making haste to escape the palace, now a torturing dungeon. “Prince Lakhman, wait!” shrieked Mandavi, as she got up to try and stop him.

By now, Urmila too had realized the disaster she had caused. Her words had hurt him, torn him apart, rather that teasing him. She HAD to rectify this mistake. She ran after him in a frenzy, but he was faster. She shouted on the top of her lungs to him, begging him to stop and listen to her, but his feet were fast as lightning and his ears deaf. He mounted his horse and rode away, not looking back even once. She slumped at the palace steps, her breath ragged with physical and emotional exhaustion. What had she done? She held her head between her hands and gasped, tears pooling in her eyes. But she could not cry here. She had already caused a lot of stir, and got up self consciously, embarrassed by the questioning eyes of the palace workers. She hurried to her room, and saw Sita and Mandavi sitting on the bed. Her sister’s face was grim, she had obviously been told about it all. “He went away, didn’t he? Are u pleased now, Urmila Didi?! Congratulations on ur accomplishment!” accused Kirti hotly. But Urmila did not respond. She blankly walked to the bed and kneeled in front of Sita. She hid her face in her sister’s lap and let it all out. This was extremely rare, as Urmila was not the expressing kind.

She never fell weak in front of anyone. Her crying was a clear indication of how hurt and ashamed she must be. “What have I done Didi?” she wailed. “I’ve mutilated his feeling so much, he wouldn’t even look at me!! Oh, how will I live with myself if I am not forgiven? What must he be thinking?!! Didi, I must go and apologize right now. I’ll beg at his feet to forgive me, to take me back, if likes.” She said as she started getting up to leave. But Sita caught her hand, preventing her from moving. “No, Urmi. Don’t. he is very mortified. It would not be right to talk to him now. Give him some time.” She said, running her hand over her sister’s head, smiling gently. Sita’s magic did its trick. In spite of herself, Urmila felt eased and soothed at once. She could manage to breathe normally. “But I must go out. I need to get away for a while. I’ll go to the Gauri Temple, Didi. Its only there that I can find some peace of mind.” This time, Sita did not stop her, and she went to the temple with a heavy heart.

It was evening now. Urmila had been praying and meditating in the temple since morning. She hadn’t eaten or rested, not that she needed any of it. She looked at the evening sky, crimson because of the setting sun, and sighed. Everyone must be worrying in the palace. She must get beck before dark. She walked up to the magnificiant idol and bowed her head, asking for forgiveness, both of the Goddess’s and Lakshman’s. the trip back to palace was a quiet one, but she found her home entirely chaotic on her return. Initially, she thought it was the wedding preparations. But as she proceeded to her room, she sensed an edge of panic and worry. “Urmila saw a huge crowd assembled in front of their bedroom. The royal doctor’s assistants ran in and out, clad in white. One of them carried a few pieces of white cloth, now soaked red in blood, for disposal.

This meant trouble. Urmila felt her heart leap into her mouth, scared to death by thinking what had happened. The servants cleared the way on seeing her, and she rushed into the room. She saw Ram, Sita, Bharat and Mandavi standing near the bed. Ram and Sita had deep frowns carved on their foreheads and were looking acutely perturbed. Mandavi was crying, her eyes swollen and red, with Bharat standing beside her, trying to comfort her. It was then that her eyes moved to the bed. She saw her mother and Shatrughn sitting on either side of the bed, bot teary eyed and distraught. And in the middle of the bed, lay Kirti, unconscious, a big, gaping wound on her forehead that was profusely bleeding. Urmila gasped loudly. “KIRTI!!!!” she shrieked.

What has happened to Kirti & how? Where is Lakshman? Will Urmila be forgiven?
Do let me know what u guys think of this one. Thanks for reading!! :)

This is actually written by my frnd just trying to spread her talent

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  1. Padmaja

    A very interesting ending… nice talent and pls update the next epi as soon as possible…

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      Sure and thankx

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        Your ff is the most beautiful one.Pls keep writing like this.

  2. Really nice writing…pls continue ?

  3. Interesting….plz write next epi asap

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    interesting and impressive update.good going.

  5. Saalini

    Thankx i wil, post it asap

  6. Nice job. Please one ff about Sita’s sister in viswamitra ashram when they were about to meet Ram and lakshman and lakshmila part over there.

  7. Nice job.Keep it up dear??????

  8. Bhoomika01

    This ff will be one of my fav ff on Lakshmila. Anyways waiting to read the next part . Keep it up Saalini .

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