Lakshmila a lovely birthday surprise (two cute shots) second shot

Hi guys.. Happy Navratri to all..

Second shot..

Recap-Urmi wakes up to find the palace beautifully decorated. The Mithila family reaches to give her a surprise.

The epi starts with Lakshmila sittin in their room and talking..
L-So Raghuvanshi’s always keep their promise….
U- Is this a way to kip promise??? See jijashri, he kept his promise without hurting any1. U r not at al lyk him.
L-yessss as if you’re lyk Sita Bhabhi….
U-OK ok…. No one can b lyk my didi
L-no one can be lyk my ram bhaiyya…..
U-If you want…..
L-Did you lyk my surprise 🎊??
U-everything except hunger…
U-Because of you I didn’t eat ystrdy..
L-ooh,.. Is it so…. Hmmm…
Lakshman comes closer to Urmila n says forgive me plzzzz….
U-Did you’ve food ystrdy???
L-leave yesterday’s things.. Lets enjoy today..
U-that’s true…
Lakshman takes the lotus and says lets rewind..
U-Rewind??? Where…
L-recall 14 years before.. How I fell in luv with you..
U-while fighting???
L-you know anything except war??
Lakshman takes the lotus and puts it in Urmilas hair… He holds her hand and says I want to tell u again .. I love you.. Urmi shies away. Lakshman cums closer to her and she runs away. Lakshman follows her. They run all in the palace , inside the corridors.. Finally Lakshman catches Urmila, and takes her into his handss.. Mandvi n sutkirti stand in the corridor laughingly πŸ˜„.
Urmila gets down and acts. She shouts.
L-What happened?
U-you forgot…? Bcoz of chasing u my leg gt hurt.
L-What..? When..? How..?
M-now leave Urmila.. He wont understand ur acting bt we will.
S-yessss jiji..

And the two broke into laughter πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜„.
Urmila angrily looks at Lakshman who is confused.
U-by the way wt r u two doing here??
M-Noticing ur activities…
Urmi stares at Mandvi.
S-She means that.. Actually we wanted to ask what u would lyk to eat.
Sita arrives at the moment. But food is ready.
U-I knew it. You both were… I’ll tell u afterwards.. N u too (pointing towards lakshman).. Sita di come lets hv food.
They all go…

Urmila pulls lakshman n brings him to their room..
L-what happened??
U-you’re still asking what happened.? Davi n Kirti made our fun then u r askin wat??
L-fun??.. When..?
U-when?? I’ll tell u wen..
L-and wen did u hurt ur leg?
U- I was acting in frnt of Davi n Kirti.
L-ooh is it so?
U-Yessss Maha Asur…
L-Who asur?? Did u c ravan here..?
U- who’s big ravan then u..? 😩😩
Lakshman takes the papers and paints from the shelf.
L-take this…
L-and make a portrait of yours in this expression πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ .

Urmila takes the paint 🎨 on brush n rushes after Lakshman.. Wat did you say..?? Wait.. Wait till I catch you..!!
Lakshman stops. Okay. I’m waiting till u catch me. Urmi catches him and says tell what kinda painting would u lyk to b?
Lakshman says whatever you wish.
U-Okay okay… Today’s my b’day that’s y I’m sparing u.. Otherwise..
Lakshman Kips his finger over Mila’s lips n says otherwise what..?
Mila smiles 😊. Otherwise I’ll hv hugged you..! Lakshmila share a hug.
L-sooooo, what do u say about my lovely birthday surprise 🎊?
U-It was the best birthday surprise ever..
L-I’ve sum thin more fr u.,
U-What’s left..?? 😨
Lakshman takes her to the garden and makes her wear floral ornaments. They water the flowers πŸ’ together and hug..

Guys plzzzz comment……. Love u all n will b back with new fanfic JAHAN RAM HAI WAHIN JANKI soon😊😊


  1. Varshini

    |Registered Member

    awesome , loved my cute lakshmila , that is why it is named two cute shots , it was really cute , will be waiting for ur ff……

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