Lakshmila – love story part 3


Hi everyone! This is the third and last part of my story on Lakshmila. Hope u guys like it!

Lakshman opened the box with a thudding heart, curious to know what it contained. The fact that it was from his Mila fuelled the curiosity even more. What did it contain? How had she arranged for its arrival to him? On opening, he found a scroll inside. He opened it with trembling fingers & made out some words in the pale moonlight. It was a letter from his Mila. Excited and eager to read it, he rushed to a nearby torch, and read the letter in its light:

“Sumitranandan, since u r reading this, I know u r very sad and miserable, or else Didi would have never given it to u. U r sad, because I am not there with u. The memories of the moments we spent together grieve your heart. U long for my company, just like I long for yours. But tell me one thing, are we actually separated? Is being together only a matter of physical closeness? I think not. Just as Jijashree says, since we reside in each other’s hearts, we are not and cannot be separated. And moreover, our love is beyond any material thing. It is eternal. We are inseparable, like heart and heartbeat, body and soul, God and the Universe. You left me behind because u wanted ur full attention to b on ur duty towards ur brother, then how can u let me and my memory come in between ur duty, destiny and goal? I don’t want to be ur weakness, Swami. Make me ur strength. Make my smile urs, my memories ur strongest anchor, and our love the driving force behind all ur good deeds. Let not anyone say that Lakshman failed in his dharm because of his wife. Also, I know that u feel  guilty for leaving me behind, u consider urself my culprit. But know this, my love, I love u, always and forever. I understand ur duty and fully support u. I am not angry with u, not the tiniest bit. I love u with all I have, and there is nothing u can do about it. Yours forever,”
 “Mila”, Lakshman whispered the name, his voice burning with love. His eyes had all teared up by now. He ran his hand over the letter, and, overwhelmed by her love he sank to the ground. “Oh Mila, Mila, Mila”, he cried, “How I love u”. Clearly, no one understood him better than her. Despite all the turmoil she was going through, she had foreseen his pain, and had managed to ease it in such a lovely manner. Lakshman thanked God and all his good deeds for giving him a soul mate like her.


Urmila opened the box with a thudding heart, curious to know what was inside. What had Lakshman given her, and how? She too was soon to know. On opening the box, she found  a scroll inside it. She picked it up with trembling fingers and placed the box on a nearby table. She opened it slowly, scared and excited to discover its contents at the same time. The scroll was open now. Urmila gasped, it was a letter…

        “My dearest Mila, since u r reading this, I know u r miserable, else Mandvi and Kirti would not have given this to u. I know I am the reason, and it makes me feel terrible to put u through this. U r the most wonderful, strong, loving and sacrificing woman I have ever met. What u have managed to do for my dharm-palan is not everybody’s feat. But Mila, plz stay strong, for me, for our family, for Ayodhya. They, and especially I, need u. Ur sadness will never let me rest in peace Mila, believe me, ur grieve is torturing my soul. Plz, remember the promise u gave me. Not a tear for me Mila. Plz stay strong, my life, plz, for me.  Indulge in things that make u happy. Paint, eat, read, talk to ur sisters, anything that keeps the smile pasted on ur angelic face. Keep the fire within u burning. Plz don’t let the Mila, whom I fell in love with so irrevocably, die. Plz. Urz forever”

       “Lakshman”, she whispered. In that moment, she realized how much he loved her. He had a lot to worry about, exile, Ram etc. But he had still found time to console her. She felt blessed to have him as her soul mate, and fell in love with him all over again.

      In the forest, Lakshman wiped his tears. He would never let this happen again. He would follow his Mila’s letter word by word, he vowed. He picked up her anklet and wore it around his wrist like a bracelet, and kissed it. Back in the palace, Urmila got up and pulled out a canvas. She gathered her paints and brushes, following lakshman’s plea. She would stay strong, keep the fire burning and never let Lakshman’s Mila die, she vowed as she started to work on his portrait.

In the city of gods, Kamdev, the god of love smiled. Goddess Lakshmi had herself pleaded to him to ease the lovers’ suffering, and he had done the job beautifully. He smiled as he watched over the lovers, and blessed them, those, who had so passionately kept  the fire of love burning.


Sorry, this one’s a bit long. Do let me know what u guys think of this. Thanks for reading! :)

Credit to: Saalini

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