Lakshmila – love story part 2


Hi everyonel! This is a continuation of the previous story. Hope u guys like it! 🙂

Lakshman sat stunned, looking at the anklet in his hand. He had a belonging of Urmila, that too an object with intimate memories. In that moment, she felt so real and close. Her memories flooded his mind, making his eyes tear up. Just then, he heard a voice call out to him. “Lakshman?”, It was Sita. He quickly sat up, trying to regain his composure. Sita smiled and came and sat beside him, a plate of food in her hands. “U didnt eat, so I brought ur, is that Urmi’s?” She asked, looking at the anklet. “How did u?..” Lakshman told her how he got it. “And now u r sad”, said Sita, smiling sadly. Lakshman heaved a sigh and said,”I have failed her as ahusband, Bhabhishri. How will i ever ask for her forgiveness. Will she forgive me? Ever?” He asked this with such a look that broke Sita’s heart. She affectionately wiped his tears and put food in his mouth. “Of course she will. She loves u a lot”, replied Sita. Lakshman felt at ease at once. There was something about Sita that never failed to calm him from the core, no one was unaffected by her serenity. “I have seen the way the two of u r with each other. Its like u r joined from the souls. Nothingh can ever affect the bond u 2 share, just like Kaushalyanandan ans me”, she said, smiling. Sita suddenly handed the food to Lakshman and said, “I’ll be back. And I want the food over by the time I return”, she commanded. Lakshman smiled. His Bhabhishri reminded him so much of his mother, yes, she was just like a mother to him.
By this time, Sita returned and handed a wooden box to Lakshman. “This is for u. Something from…..Urmila”. Lakshman’s eyes widened. Something from Urmila? What? As if sensing his questions, Sita replied,” U should c it for urself. I’ll take your leave now.” Lakshman stared after her as she went away, and picked up the beautifully carved box, incredulous.

AYODHYA: Urmila sat by the giant window in her room, staring blankly into the night sky. The air was chilly, and she had wrapped one of Lakshman’s angvastra (upper covering cloth) like a shawl. She always did this, irrespective of the weather. It was as if he himself was with her, his strong arms wrapped around her toned frame. She had also started wearing his perfume now, to keep his feel, his sensation alive. She sat there, missing him,  thinking of him, when Mandvi and Kirti entered the room. The walked up quietly and sat opposite Urmila. She did not notice them, too preoccupied with Lakshman. “Hi Urmi”, said Mandvi softly. Urmila was startled. She quickly started removing her covering when Kirti stopped her. “U don’t need to hide from us, Didi. We understand. We can sense ur pain.” “Is it that obvious?”, asked Urmila, laughing humorlessly. “No, but we r ur sisters, we know”, offered Kirti. Urmila was embarrased. She didn’t like her feelings to be exposed. She quickly shifted herself from the focus. “What are the two of u doing here. Shouldn’t u b in ur rooms?” She asked. “We were going just there, but stopped by to drop this off”, replied Mandvi, handing her a beautifully carved wooden box. “It’s for u.”, she said. But that was not it. There was something more, which she didn’t have the courage to say. “From..,Bhaiya Lakshman.”,finished Kirti. Urmila grabbed the box in excitement. The sisters left, closing the door behind the. “Sleep well, Urmi”, they said. But Urmila didn’t bother to answer. She was excited, overwhelmed and emotional all at the same time. Something from Lakshman, what was it?
With thudding hearts, the two of them opened their boxes at the same moment……..

What is in the boxes? What did Lakshmila give each other? 
Do let me know what u guys think to this. Thnx for reading! :)

Credit to: Saalini

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  1. Saalini… can u stop at this moment…..?????? Plz update next part soon…
    But its awesome…..

  2. Nice story saalini sister….waiting for next chapter….

  3. This is just too good….you write so well
    please update ASAP

  4. Didi u r a perfect writer….. 🙂 WOW ! And also sounds a great Lakshmila fan… Wow same here. pls don’t stop with 3 chapters continue as much as you can….PLS _/\_

  5. awesome didi u r grt it was really really nice

  6. Salini waiting for the next one and this one was too good

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    come on! Do write the next part as soon as possible please. i feel very sorry for urmila. the part was too good

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