Lakshmila – love story – Chapter 1


Hey everybody!! The starting of the vanvaas track and separation of Lakshmila has made me rally sad. So i thought of a story abt them during vanvaas. This one’s gonna b in 3 parts. Hope u guys like this!

Many months had passed since the trio of Ram, Sita and Lakshman had been exiled. Today was the first year anniversary of the 4 couples. Although no one was in a mood of celebration, yet a small function was to be organized in the evening. The entire day passed, and Urmila missed Lakshman more, today of all the days, but never once showed it. She took part in all the preparations with enthusiasm, making all the family members marvel her strength and composure. When the evening cam, Urmila went in her south facing room to get dressed. Since Lakshman had left, she had found no reason to adorn herself, but she was the Raghukul Vadhu, and a princess. Her status required her to be decked up in gold. As she sat in front of her dresser, quietly getting ready, a dove flew in through the window and perched on the table. Urmila looked at it and smiled sadly. The day of love, the bird symbolizing love in her room, but her lover was not with her. Sadly, she continued dressing up. But suddenly, the bird did the unexpected. It caught hold of a golden anklet in its claws and flew away swiftly. Urmila stared after the bird in shock before she returned to her senses. She could not let that anklet go. She chased after it, but it was too late. The bird was gone.

Lakshman sat at the door of his small hut facing north, sadly sharpening his sword. Ram and Sita were in their hut, enjoying each other’s company on this lovely day. They had sensed Lakshman’s distress and not spoken a word about the anniversary. Lakshman felt guilty of depriving them of their much deserved celebration and left them alone. He now sat, lonely, longing for his Mila’s company. He closed his eyes and images of her flashed across them, their memory photographic. He remembered their 1st  meeting, their fights, their love, their wedding, their 1st night as a couple, and finally, the grieved look on her lovely face when he left her. He opened his eyes, unable to take it any more. Just then, he saw the white silhouette of a bird in the full moon light flying towards him. This was odd. It was nighttime and birds usually slept at this time. How was this one flying then? By this time, the bird had come and perched in his lap. Lakshman caressed it. Suddenly, the bird took flight again and disappeared into the thick forest. But it had left behind something. Lakshman saw something glittering in his lap, and picked it up. As soon as he heard its sound, he knew it. This was Mila’s anklet, the one he gave her himself!

PRECAP: Lakshmila get anniversary gifts. What are they?

Credit to: Saalini

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  1. Amazing one..precap is soooooo good

  2. good one saalini sister….nice story..

  3. Wow your one is superb and yes precap is nice

  4. Wow its awesome Saalini…..plz upload next part soon….

  5. Sure guys
    Thankx for compliment
    Actually my frnd jayanthika is the one who had the idea of the story

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