lakshmila the first meet n then love 1

Hi dears I’ve written one more lakshmila ff and this time its all about their first meet, and then love ?.. Pls pls comment dears as without ur comments I won’t be able to continue..
The princess of videha, Urmila was wandering with siya in a beautiful garden ? like place, who was engrossed in thoughts of ram.. She recalled all she knew about ram, though she had never seen him. Urmila jus laughed on her sis and asked her how could she love a person whom she’s never met. Sita tells her she would never understand as she has never loved anyone. Jus I wanna meet him once. Urmila thinks of love ? while sita walks away. She turns n finds siya gone a long distance. She shouts didi stop ✋ n runs behind her. Sita hides behind a tree, fully aware of the situation she was trapped in. She smiles. This Urmila always makes fun of me. When she’ll fall in love na I’ll tease her so much that she’ll forget about… Urmila is running on her full pace and lo… She bangs into someone. She stands up and scolds the person. R u mad ?, can’t u see the princess of mithila ? running in full pace? The reply comes oo dear princess ?, can’t u see a wonderful prince walking ??? U hv banged into me right, c u r a woman I’m respecting u, by the way pray introduce urself. How come you in the ashram?? Urmila looks at the prince, with a charming face and adorned with jewels, while a voice comes lakshman.. Lakshman where r u?? Ram is calling Lakshman. Urmila thinks oh.. So this is Raghu prince lakshman. She looks at him. Lakshman looks at her and says I’ve to go, bhaiyya is calling me, okay bye, will meet some other time. He goes n turns to see her. She smiles ?. Lakshman goes away. Siya laughs on having witnessed the scene.. Urmila forgets the reason she was running, she forgets sita and teasing her, she forgets that she’s alone in that land while the face of Lakshman comes in front of her eyes ?. She thinks that was sumitranandan lakshman, ma told me about him and his love for his bhaiyya ram.. Sita cooks food and calls Urmila.. Urmila is engrossed in her own dreams.. Sita says o Urmila dear, this shine in ur eyes ? looks like… Mandavi teases her. Urmila shies away and then suddenly a silly thought comes in her mind. That.. That prince clashed into me and.. And was asking me to apologise, he said I bumped into him, how egoistic behaviour.. Hw does he manage to love his bro, I’ve heard he’s always very angry ?.. N I don’t love him.. Her face is red with anger and she realises that she can’t love such egoistic person. Sita gives her plates of food and asks her to give them to ram and Lakshman both. Give these to Raghunandan and his brother Lakshman. Urmila hesitantly takes the plates from the hands of her beloved sister and goes away. She finds ram and Lakshman practising fighting with vishwamitra. Urmila looks at them and thinks what to say. Ram looks at her. U r the younger sister of janaknandini, am I right?? Urmila? How come u r here?? Urmila shows him the plates.. Jiji sent food for both of you. You must be hungry ? and tired ?. Ram and Lakshman sit to have food while ram enquires.. Do u know how to make food ? like your sister?? Urmila opens her mouth while lakshman replies, of course bhaiyya, she makes chilli filled food., Urmila stares at him while ram sweetly says Lakshman …. Lakshman smiles and says I was joking about that…
Urmila looks at him and his smile ?.. He called my food full of chilly, now I’ll show him what I make. She greets them and goes to sita. Jiji, today evening I’ll help u in making food okay ?. Siya says okay bt.. Mandavi says she wants to cook food for.. Kirti says Mila jiji, make something sweet.. Urmila smiles mischievously and says sweet.. ??

Precap–lakshman coughs.. Urmila brings water for her.. Siya hopes to meet ram soon. Sita n the sisters r sleeping. Urmila wakes up and gets out of the hut.

Please tell ur opinions about this ff through your comments dearies,.
Love u al..

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