lakshmila first meet and then love 4

Recap -Lakshman saves Urmila from demons. She applies medicine on his wounds. Next day she scolds siya fr serving Lakshman first.
Lakshman listens to Urmilas words and feels sad ?. Siya notices his face and takes Urmila away from the spot. Are you mad ? Urmila dear.. Why are u always concerned about hurting the prince Lakshman? See how hurt he is and he’s also now not eating his food. You know na his love fr his brother. You share the same relation with me. Still you’re taunting him who cn give his live for his brother. What’s happening with you?? Now you go and apologize to him. Till then I won’t allow you in the camp. Sita goes hoping that Urmila learnt a lesson. Urmila looks behind and finds lakshman missin. He’d taken the plates. Now Urmila felt miserable. She never controlled her mouth. Worried, she tries to roam in the ashram hoping to see Lakshman who’s going fast as a cheetah. Urmila shouts Sumitranandan lakshman is that you?? Lakshman stops under a tree and Mandvi and sutkirti are very glad that their plan went well. They’re excited ?.

L-hey princess of mithila, Urmila is that you..
U-no it’s just a small dream of yours.
Mandavi tells sutkirti in a whisper that they never stop fighting and show symptoms of love. And see sita jiji, she always keeps smiling ?.
L-no no princess ?., actually I was overwhelmed by the kindness showed by you,
U-I’m more than what you see o prince..

L-really.. He pulls Urmila and they share an eye lock. Sutkirti says lovely.. Di pull the rope. Mandavi says ya wait.. You pull it I’ll do something else.. She takes a twig and pushes it from behind the tree into Urmilas legs. Urmila is baffled by this and Shouting falls down only to be caught by Lakshman. Mandavi and sutkirti look glad. Sutkirti pulls a rope hangin out from the tree. Flowers fall onto the romantic couple. Urmila dances seeing the flowers ?.
Mandvi thinks of including sita in the scene and asks sutkirti to divert her attention to this place so that she can also see her sister’s love ?. Sutkirti goes and clouds make roaring noises just then, indicating a coming rain ☔. Mandvi thinks that god also wants them to romance… Siya comes with kirti….

Urmila runs hearing the clouds.. It’s gonna rain ☔.. I’ve to dry the clothes. They’ll get wet.. Lakshman thinks that princess wanna dry clothes… Wat abt makin her clothes wet.. No I should help her or… Anyways I’ll stand in the same place where bhaiyya is.. Oho.. Where r the food plates. He begins searching frantically fr the food plates(which have been already stolen by mischievous Mandvi).. By the time siya and sutkirti arrive they find lakshmila missin oh…. Mandvi goes to Lakshman.. Here r the plates
L-hey the daughter of prestigious kushadhwaj, is That you?? Where did you get this plates princess ???
M-Vo…oh..umm…hmm..hey…a..actually na..Vo..yes.. Urmila took the plates mis,….tak…en…ly..
L-why r u stammering???
M-ohhh…ac..tua..lly.. Demoness..
L-demoness…which one…
M-no..Vo.. Urmila
L-what??? Is janak’s daughter a demoness……actually… nickname is demoness…
L-then.. Did that demon curse you to stammer
M-arey nahi nahi.. Actually she.. Na.. Frightened me badly…
L-okay okay I’m going the food is already cold… Bhaiyya mus b waiting,.
M-okay ji..(she was abt to say jiju.. Lol ?)
Lakshman goes..
Lakshman gives the food to ram..
Ram appreciates it.. It starts raining heavily…boom the clouds burst.. Boom the clouds rain..
Lakshman hears some noise (it’s made by naughty Mandvi.,) help…… Help…
Lakshman and Urmila hearing the sound come out.. Sita is meanwhile keeping the clothes and ram is eating food..
Lakshmila collide in the dark rains ..
L-was it you who was shouting rakshasi
U-no no .. N frm which point of view I look a rakshasi???
L-ask ur sister
U-Mandvi…. She’s mad ?…..
L-you’re mad.. See how u collided with me always
U-shut up.. It was you who dint see.. Blind
L-what did u say demoness…
U-anyways… No point in arguing with silly people…
The rain stops and lakshmila r fully drenched in water..

Precap-lakshman tells sita n Urmila that since tadaka is killed, they’ll leave.. Urmila cries..

Hi dears I’m really sorry fr the late update as I’m a bit busy so next epi updated on…. Friday morning or night… Sorry fr the inconvenience caused by me..the last part on Friday…

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  3. Fantastic ff Vanshika. Thanks for this ff. Actually the part which I loved the most in siya ke ram was this ashram sequence only. That’s why I requested you to write about it. Thanks once again. And one request more please write one ff about ayodhya princes and mithila princesses childhood also. Sorry for bothering you.

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