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Hi dears…i don’t know how to thnk you for all the support you’ve given me.. Thnx alot fr commenting.. Hereby, I’m writing the last part of this lovely ff, which has been made more lovely by you all.. Please read and comment for sure.. Sorry fr any mistakes, spelling mistakes, typo errors, grammatical mistakes etc.. So here it goes.. I’m extremely sorry if its too boring or bad.. Coz its very very long…

Urmila shouts at lakshman.. You fool coz of you I got drenched..
L-wat is it?? Jus water na .. Dry I..
U-oo.. So u r taking revenge
L-does it ever happen that you calm down
U-first you drenched me then now u r blaming me fr it..
L-did I say anything wrong???
U-do you ever say anything right??
L-ooo.. What right do you say??
U-I say everything right..
L-okay ?..
U-ooh look at yourself.. It’s no use arguing with mad people..
L-coz of arguing with you I got drenched n I’m not saying anything to you.. You’re blaming me even when I agree with you.. Your sister is sooo calm and full of love.. You’re.. Opposite to her..
U-oh Ho.. U r a shadow of your brother na..
L-you can never ever talk meaningfully..
U-you’re ignoring my question oo
L-it’s good that we’re going back tmrw… At least I’ll be freed from your talks.. And unexpected collides..
Saying so, lakshman goes..

Urmila is standing in the middle of the ashram alone, as if a thousand arrows have struck her heart, her face drenched in tears ??? upon hearing the words of lakshman.. Lakshman as always realises that he has hurt Mila.. His heart knew he’ll miss those sweet fights.. He’ll miss their meets.. He’ll miss his Mila.. He stands alone in that afternoon whilst everyone else except Mila was taking a nap.. In that thunderous noon, Urmila was drenching herself in rain, knowing that she’ll be separated from her love perhaps forever… Or to reunite.. Engrossed in these thoughts.. She gets sick..muttering a few words…,lakshman.. And falls unconscious.. Lakshman hoping to meet and apologize to his Mila, and surely spend some quality time with her.. He comes to that place and sees Urmila lying down unconscious with her head burning like fire.. Lakshman thinks that he’s the cause for All this and seeing his Mila in trouble, he holds her and cries ?.. The state of Mila was unbearable for him.. Still trying hard to anyway pacify his mind, and take Urmila to get camp, where the princess born of nature, sita will cure her with her remedies..

With hopes in his mind, holding Urmila in his lap, making her comfortable, he proceeds towards her camp ⛺, despite of the harsh rains falling.. A big thunder is heard with lighting waking everyone and lo the rain ☔ stops.. Lakshman is standing in front of the camp with Urmila in his hands. His eyes full of tears.. Sita and the others come out of the camp and are shocked to see Urmila.. Lakshman tells sita how she fell in the rain.. It was all my mistake. Because of me ur sister.. Lovely sister fell ill.. You can punish me in any way.. Any way.. He couldn’t say anything more.. His voice vanished between tears.. Sita smiled n in her pure voice said.. O prince, the mighty son of Sumitra.. It was NT at all ur mistake as you’re thinking ?.. Neither it is the mistake of lovely Mila.. It isn’t anyone’s mistake, it was just the fate of you two.. You weren’t the only one to be rude, my sister was also rude.. Still I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for bringing this naughty girl back here, who else would have perished in the rainstorms.. Saying sooo sita asks Mandvi and sutkirti to bring herbs and water.. Sita grounds the herbs and puts a wet cloth on Urmilas head. Mandavi feels herself to be the enemy of Mila.. She admits how she’d shouted help…. Help…. And lakshmila has come out. She caresses Urmilas forehead asking for forgiveness.. Sita pacified her and Lakshman takes permission to leave and goes… Looking at Urmila..

Siya n her sisters together take care of Urmila who opens her eyes saying sumitranandan…. Sita looks at her whilst lakshman tells ram how bad he’s feeling being responsible for Urmilas condition. Urmila asks sita where lakshman is… Sita asks her to rest.. He’s in his camp.. It’s going to be night you have food and sleep ? now.. Dey ll b leaving tmrw or the other day nt now yet.. You take rest so we can go tmrw.. Pitashri has sent a letter to us.. Now that everything is okay here, we’ll go back mithila tmrw.. And it was u only na who wanted to go.. So rest now dear.. We’ll go to meet ma n pitaji tmrw. Good night ? tmrw pitaji kushadwaj will come to take us back sweetie… Urmila closes her eyes restlessly.. Mandvi n sutkirti also go to rest. Sita blows off the lamps..

Urmila feels to go back to Lakshman.. Trying to get up, just to say a thank you ?.. But the pain and suffering doesn’t allow her.. She feels that she could just once thank him.. She realises her love for him.. She’s unable to sleep out of restlessness.. She feels that she can’t live a moment without him.. She wants to apologize and thank him.. She wanted to talk calmly to him once.. Lakshman blames himself..
Finally at the middle of the night ? they sleep..

Urmila wakes up to find everyone else gone.. Did they go, leaving me alone?? Her eyes search for her sisters and… Her love.. She goes out of the camp and is relieved ? to see that her sisters are there, arranging for the departure.. Departure.. It reminds her of lakshman and she runs as fast as a horse ?, just NT to miss saying her sorry and thnx..
She goes in the hut, where lakshman is shaping his arrows..

L-princess Urmila.. Its nice you came here, I’ve to tell you something…
U-yes, even I’ve to say something, you na first listen to me..
L-no no, my one is more important than yours..
U-oh no .. Mine is more important, and I’ve come here first na.. So I’ll speak..
L-none can stop you mighty princess.. Speak your thoughts..
U-sumitranandan, I’m… I’m.. I’m really sorry.. I.. I always.. Speak to you.. Rudely, but now, I’ve realised how rude I’d been.. Im really grateful to you for you saved my life.. Thanks for that.. Can we talk properly today.. For perhaps we..we.. Don’t know wen.. I’ll talk to you again,,
L-princess, of course we can talk… Pray be seated..

Urmila sits down next to Lakshman who holds her hands,.
L-I wanted to say that….. That I’m really sorry for leaving you, speaking those harsh words to… You.. I.. I had no idea what I was doing.. If u really want to thnk me, you do by .. Forgiving me..
U-(holding his hands even more tightly)
Who said I was angry with you, I was never angry with you.. Never.. I want… Want to tell you that… Since I’ve met you… My life has changed tremendously… You’re like.. Like god for me.. I wanted to confess.. Confess something to you..
L-I want to tell you that you,..

Suddenly sita comes calling Mila… Mila.. Where are you… The troops are departing..
Urmila wiping her tears.. Sumitranandan lakshman.. I just want to say that I’m really grateful to you… They leave hands apart… Urmila says jiji I’m coming.. She looks at Lakshman and smiles ? teary eyed ?.. Lakshman slowly mutters Mila… Urmila goes away .. Lakshman goes to ram tellin him that the troops are departing.. Ram and Lakshman go there where the troops have departed.. Sita and Urmila look back and have a glance of their loves… They troops depart at full speed.. Lakshmila have a hope that they’ll surely unite again….

Hows it??? Was it too long?? Was it too bad??? Did you like it?? Pls tell through ur valuable comments dears… Love you..

Credit to: Vanshika

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  1. Very good and excellent dear.You are a great writer! Continue your writing…..

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    It was awesome. Lakshmila are so cute.

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    Wow i liked it very much dear and lakshmila is soooo lovelyy pls continue writing other ffs dear

  5. how could it end so ckuls not happend because they did not confess theur love for each other.

  6. Awesome?????

  7. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    awesome ending baby..I really enjoyed it…d ending was so sweet lik u….

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    It was just awesome vanshu…..??

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