lakshmila first meet and then love 3

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Recap-Urmila mixed spices in Lakshman kheer. He coughs and she gives him water. They fight. At night Urmila gets out of her camp ?
She laments on getting out of the camp.. Oho oho oho Mila.. Wat did u do,.. Demons hv attacked.. I must go in a safe place. Bt madam Urmila is a bit late.. She runs on top of her speed seein a demon chasing her.. Bt her saviour has already seen her and they again start fighting while running..
L-hey princess ? don’t u hv sense?? U come out like this in deep night ?. Jus wait now stop running so foolishly,.
U-oho oho egoistic guy… U want to kill me aha.. If I stop this demon will kill me
L-are u jus mad ???
U-yes I’m.. Do u hv any problem..
L-ufffo.. Be aside so I can shoot an arrow ?.
U-to kill me
L-to kill a demon chasing u egoistic lady
U- how dare u.. She stops and looks at him.. I’ll save myself jus go away.. I don’t need ur help
L-ooh really.. Then save urself.. I don’t care.. Saying sooo he goes away..

Urmila realises that she had been so rude.. Bt she had to do something to save her life. She runs and suddenly falls down.. She shouts aaaaa…. N Lakshman hears it and gets worried.. His inner senses tell him that he ought to save the princess somehow., fights aside and duties aside,. Hoping that he doesn’t get late he runs in the direction of the voice whilst the demon attacks Mila.. Siya having heard her shout gets tensed upon finding her missing. She wakes up Mandvi and sutkirti. Urmila closes her eyes worried and gets unconscious .. While Lakshman shoots an arrow and kills the demon. He’s shocked tu see Urmila lying unconscious.. He picks her up and apologizes for fighting with her… Siya and her sisters reach there n see lakshmila..
Lakshman goes inside the camp and puts Urmila on the bed.. Siya keeps her hand on her forehead. Lakshman is about to leave while sita stops him. Urmila opens her eyes ? .. Sita thnx lakshman fr saving Urmila. Urmila realises that Lakshman has saved her.. Lakshman says its okay ? mithila princess ? and leaves.. Urmila notices the wound on his hand.. She’s worried about lakshman bt he’s gone by that time.. Urmila tells siya that Lakshman was hurt.. Seeing her worried expressions mandavi taunts her. Ooh.. Y r u worried abt that ego… Bt a voice comes.. It’s Urmilas.. Mandvi shut up okay.. He saved my life.. Is natural to… Sutkirti – aha ha ha ?.. Saved my life… These words… Siya –stop teasing my sister.. See her blushing like a bride ?. Siya meanwhile grinds the herbs and gives them to Urmila. Take this beloved sister.. Go and.. Bt Urmila has already taken the herbs and rushed out in her worry.. She sees lakshman sittin alone and is glad NT to see ram there.. Now no problem.. She goes to Lakshman and sees his hand bleeding profusely.. Oho.. What r u doing here alone on this abandoned place at midnight??

Lakshman glances at her shocked on listening her kind words ??.. He holds her hand and pulls her. Urmila looks at him.. L-why so kind words all of a sudden?? Has a kind fairy bestowed some blessing on you…
U-not a fairy bt a prince..
L-what?? Oho what u talk?? Anyways why r u here in the middle of this night ???
U- I saw that u were hurt sooo
L-oo.. Y so kindness for this egoistic man ha?? Princess I’m afraid on seeing ur concern..
Urmila is confused ? bt pulls his hand and applies the herbs mix on his arm. Lakshman shouts.. U-even brave princes become like cowards when they’re hurt.
L-oh really.. I’m NT a coward.. U r intentionally hurting me.
U- u can never change.. Poor man.. I’m helping u and..
L-okay okay now don’t show off.. Urmila continues applying the herbs.. Wen its done Urmila seeks the permission to go. U-now I must go.. My sisters must be waiting.. L(mutters)-sisters ..
Urmila narrows her eyes ?.. What?
L-nothing princess ?.. Have a good night ? (and don’t come in my dreams) Urmila smiles and goes away. Siya’s sisters r laughing on siya NT able to meet her Raghunandan.. While Urmila enters blushing and smiling ☺ ☺.. Finally after a good taunting they all sleep ?..

———–IT’S MORNING ?? ———–
Sita cooks the food and goes to serve in the ashram. She finds lakshman there..
S-where is ur brother?
L-o u haven’t met bhaiyya yet na.. Sry bt he’s not here.
S-oh (keeps the plates) okay so here’s his plate and yours.. Have the food
L-I hope your sister hasn’t made the food..
S(smiling ?)-no she hasn’t..
L-then its okay ?..
Urmila comes there just then and scolds siya .. She whispers in her ears. Jiji why you gave food to him before ram.. It could have given you a chance to meet ram and teach this egoistic man a nice lesson.. Lakshman listens to her words..

Precap-flowers fall on our sweet lakshmila… Later they are talking.. Mandvi and sutkirti look on..

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Love you and Lakshmila

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow vanshu dear it is awesome… Ur writing was sooo nice dear…. Pls continue it and update the next epi asap.. ???

  2. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    vanshu u pls write more abut sira also bcause I like lakshmila bt I need sira also.. pls its a request frm ur di….I know tis ff s abut lakshmila bt I love sira more dan dhem so can u do disss…sry if I hurt u..i mean I like mila nd laksh also epi was fabulous

  3. Superb writing.. @vanshika sis

  4. Very nice ff. Thanks vanshika for fulfilling my wish once I asked on some ff page to write about vishwamitra ashram and lakshmila part over there. Thanks once again. Keep writing. And I have one more request sorry for bothering you if you could write one ff about childhood of ayodhya princes and mithila princesses.

  5. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Thnx alot fr commenting
    Okay srinithi di I’ll write Siam love also
    Skr fan u din borrow me bhai I’ll write this one also..
    Padma n Anil bhai thnx alot
    Love u all ?

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