lakshmila first meet and then love 2


The epi starts with Urmila mischievously saying sweet.. Oo angry man now b ready for somethin sweet and yum. She smiles n asks mandavi to bring rice. I shall make kheer. Siya smiles and taunts her. For whom r u being so grateful? Urmila stares her and smiles and hugs sita. Jus for my cutie dear sister. Sita asks her to stop the buttering. There is sooo much work other than this foolish fight and buttering. Mandavi brings rice and kirti brings sugar. Urmila gazes at the platter in siya’s hand and sees spices. She thinks oo egoistic man be ready for something delicious ?.
It’s evening and a beautiful scene is set all round. ??? Urmila and her sisters are sitting altogether. Siya cooks the food whilst Urmila diverts her attention and asks her to look there..jiji c there a bird was flying, blood was dripping. Sita goes and mandavi follows. Urmila asks kirti to bring some nuts for garnish. Kirti laughs and goes away. Urmila picks the platter and hides some spices in her dupatta. Siya returns and asks Urmila where the bird ? is. Mandavi says this demoness fooled you. Sita looks at Urmila. Urmila says she might be dreaming, anyways the kheer is absolutely ready. Sutkirti brings nuts and offers them to Urmila. Urmila garnishes the kheer and asks siya to taste it. Siya appreciates her. Awesome. Go and serve the food to… Urmila says okay alright I’m going. She takes the plates and gives them to ram Lakshman. She next takes bowls of kheer and takes out the potli of spices. She puts spices in one bowl and mixes it. Now have something which resembles you. She takes the bowls?? and gives them to the two princes. Mmmm.. Ram appreciates the food while Lakshman tastes the kheer and coughs. What’s this⁉⁉ ram tastes the kheer and finds it nice. Hey Lakshman are u alright??

Bhaiyya this kheer.,, ram says its awesome., superb.. U r also nice cook like your sister whilst Lakshman continues coughing.. Urmila gets tensed and goes to bring water. She fills water from a pot and gives Lakshman.. She makes Lakshman drink the water. Lakshman asks Urmila what u made, r u mad ?. Ram says it was so nice what r u saying Lakshman?? L-bhaiyya this kheer is spicy. If u don’t believe me taste it. Urmila is afraid. She gulps.. Mandavi says she’ll go n c what’s wrong with Urmila. Mandavi goes n sees the serious situation. Ram takes the bowl from lakshmans hands while Mila is tensed. Seeing her face Mandvi understands everything. Oo.. I’ve 2 do something.. She comes with a fury and pushes Urmila who collides with lakshman. They share an eye lock. Urmila stares at Mandvi angrily bt in real she’s glad. Mandvi apologises. Actually I heard some voice of demons sooo.. The kheer falls on lakshman’s clothes. He’s frustrated and scolds Urmila. Urmila gets angry ? and they argue.. Meanwhile sutkirti has joined and seeing their sweet fought

L-what did u do. U r jus blind
U-it’s not my mistake.. U didn’t hold the bowl tightly.. Foolish
L-oo really princess, u hv made my clothes dirty.
U-they’re normal clothes and u r bothering like they’re made of diamond ?.
Lakshman picks the bowl of kheer and puts the milk on Urmilas dress
U-what did u do
L-what u did
U-who made u a prince.. U r jus too much!
L-shut up.. First made my clothes dirty…
Mandvi -o Ho stop fighting, it’s my mistake, I’ll clean this mess. She picks up the bowl and goes.
U-I dint make ur clothes dirty.. What’s it?? Jus milk n rice na? Wash it up.
Siya thinks why they’re taking so long. I must go and see.
L-washing is ur job not mine..
Ram-o the princess of mithila, I’m really sorry for my brothers behaviour. Lakshman just stop fighting. Come with me
U-egoistic man see ur brother and learn something from him.. Bhai Prem dikhate hai, bhai jaisa kuch h bi ya Ni
Ram pulls Lakshman and they leave. Sita comes there and sees Urmila her clothes and understands everything. Now come with me. The sisters go and have food.

It’s night. Urmila is unable to sleep while the three our sleeping peacefully. She thinks that she should apologize to lakshman for her behaviour. But it was his mistake.. No no.. It’s my ego.. No he’s egoistic.. O lord m confused terribly. Her inner self told her that she should go.
She steps out of the camp whilst demons hv attacked the ashram once again..
Ram and Lakshman are fighting..

Precap-Lakshman is hurt whilst siya gives some herbs to Urmila. Urmila applies them on lakshman hand.. Later Urmila scolds siya for giving food to Lakshman first.

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Credit to: Vanshika

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  1. Amrita

    Very beautiful. Keep it up. And pls continue this ff. I’m eagerly waiting for the ff.

  2. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    nice epi..den when s d next epi

  3. Nice… I love it

  4. Padmaja

    Wow vanshu dear ur off us just awesome loved the cute fight btw lakshmila?

  5. Padmaja

    Pls vanshu dear update the next epi soon ..

  6. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Thnx alot for the love u hv given me I’ll post nxt part tmrw dears.. Thnx fr support… I’m glad u loved the fight… I jus wish u like next one,.. Tmrw u’ll get ha pakka love you ?

  7. Waiting for your next part of lakshmila.
    It is really toooooooooooooo good dear???

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