Lakshmila ff (Intro)

Hi guys I am going to write a very small ff on lakshmila
Hope u will all like at

A dark room filled with paintings and few diya litted the air is chilly it was surely midnight a lady is sleeping in her bed she could not sleep her eyeballs move due to a bad dream she wakes up in shock and takes lakshman name her face is not shown her sleepless swollen eyes r only shown slowly she gets up from the bed and moves forward to the interior part of her chamber she sees a painting and lost in thought it was a handsome prince painting it was lakshman her beloved lakshman

A tear escaped her eyes she went to the balcony and the moon light reflects her face her face is shown it looks like a lotus it is r urmila
her voice sweeter than honey as only she could hear wat she tells even the moon looks dark and the stars fade when u r not near me she closes her eyes and again a tear she says to herself everybody say I reflect u then I am u
U r in me then how can I cry my dear I cannot lose u even in my tears and star at the sky

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  1. Nice. I liked it very much.

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb yaar I love the intro pls update next one soon.

  3. Hey Priya do u comment in Skr page
    Nice ff
    Try to make it lengthy
    Hope you’ll continue

  4. Nyc one….keep it up priya dr

  5. Sorry guys there was a mistake in title it is just 1 shot but i will update a complete ff when my exams complete it will get over by apr 11 i am having public exam so till that wait or i will try to continue from it

  6. Its soo awesome pls continue
    All the best for ur exams

  7. Nice. I liked it very much……. It is gd….
    Waiting for next part…….

  8. Very nice.. Plz continue….

  9. Tysm priya 4 writing dis ff coz I luv lakshmila

  10. Nice ff, hope u’ll continue 🙂

  11. Guys than for ur love
    But 4 u guys I updated next part

  12. Gus thanks 4 ur love
    I have updated the next part also


    wow really ncy…….

  14. Sanjana(Sara)

    Really nice intro di. Loved it.

  15. Very nice , truly beautiful

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