Lakshmila ff episode 7 (epitome of sacrifice)


Urmila turned with hope to find lakshman, but it was mata sumithra she looked lovingly at her daughter-in-law. she had a diya in her hand .she said this is our prayer and the end of the river is god. Sumithra asked urmila “send ur prayers as diya to god ,surely ur prayers will come true”.urmila felt her heart racing fast but did not know the reason.

In the van
Sita called lakshman and asked him to get the required things from the forest . lakshman with a smile said “ji bhabhi” .he went and stood on top of the cliff to collect materials .

In the river
Urmila is holding the diya with trembling hands .she prays “god wat would I wish more than his good health” .urmila cont “but this time I wish to see him atleast once “.saying this she let the diya flow in the river in the hope of a dawn for her anxiety to meet him.
A small cliff was at the back of urmila.
the river reflected the cliff in the sunlight

She was gazing at the diya with blank mind .urmila’s gaze fell on a reflection of a person on top of the cliff. she cannot see the image clearly ,due to blur vision. she cleared her vision and saw it was lakshman she could not believe her eyes she thought that it was her imagination because she had a lot of dreadfull hallucination after lakshman left, but this time her eyes did not betray her .she was very happy and wanted to turn and see him. but the reality also striked her .without turning she saw his reflection and smilingly admired him.

In the cliff
Lakshman was on top of the cliff .then he saw the river down and unknowningly a smile decorated his lips thinking how he saved his mila from the gaint snake and saw a women’s reflection in the river his heart said it was his mila but his mind opposed the thought. he ran to the end of the cliff and clearly saw her . his soul confirmed that she is his mila .lakshman smiled at her for which she reciprocated. both saw each other through the reflection on the river. Urmila cried seeing lakshman ,.but lakshman gestured her not to cry. there was no words to express their happiness their hearts spoke ..

Both felt immense relief in their heart after meeting their love .they returned to their respective place with light heart ,confidence and courage to face any situation which they got through seeing the smiling face of their love. they were determined to live for each other, even when miles of distance is between them.
Fight with any circumstance to proclaim their love and atlast smile, for only their smile is each other’s medicine

Though they could communicate with words their heart spoke everything

Credit to: priya

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