Lakshmila ff episode 6 (epitome of sacrifice)


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Urmila comes to present .she walks to the garden where her parents r waiting .
This time she is seeing a determined parents. they r not like before whose eyes were filled with sorrow, thinking all this she came near to them.

Urmila got blessing from her parents and hugged her father rajarishi janak .
Janak was well pleased with his daughter, there was few formal talk between them then they left .

When leaving sunaina whispered in urmila ears “don’t worry we wont make u weak by our tears and now I see u as a determined women” she smiled after which they left.

Urmila was thinking abt all this incident, when her thoughts was shattered by mata sumithra voice .urmila turned and gave a wide smile to her .sumithra said “urmila will u accompany me to the mata gauri temple “.urmila said “sure”.

Urmila and sumithra were walking ,urmila felt unknown happiness in her heart she felt like she is going to see something which she longed for ,with all these thoughts she reached the temple.

Everybody respected them and gave way for them

Sumithra and urmila had heartily talk with god .they presented all their prayer and offered their thanks for their life . after prayer sumithra saw urmila thinking .she asked her “wat was she thinking” .urmila smiled and said “here only for the first time I and lakshman met but at that time I didn’t know my future”.

Urmila eyes welled up remembering those moments. sumithra saw her sad .she wanted to turn her attention. so she asked “urmila please sing”, though it first she resisted, later she sang god’s song to sooth her mind.

She started singing song, her voice was sweet as honey .anybody would fall for her hearing her voice .even it can convert a stone heart .her voice was so mesmerising that everybody closed their eyes and heard. but no one knew that she was sobbing while singing, her voice was trembling .but her voice spread like fire through the van.

In the van
Lakshman is sharpening his tools he hears a distinct voice ,due to curiosity he moves forward. as he moves more forward he hears the voice clearly .he drops his tool he knew that it was his mila as he thought this song to her and was lakshman was abt to go but reality striked him he steped backward .
But in his heart he want to meet his mila. but he was determined not to meet her because he would feel weak at her sight and her sorrowful eyes is enough to kill him . he also had the responsibility to take care of his bhaiya and bhabhi.
But he wanted to see his mila at least from far away. so he weeped and prayed to god.

Urmila atlast she completed her song and opened her eyes. her eyes are red and her eyelashes are drowned in tears.
She wiped her tears and went and sat near the river.

She felt a touch on her
precap – lakshman and urmila meet

Credit to: priya

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