Lakshmila ff episode 5 (epitome of sacrifice)


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In the palace

Urmila is making garland for the pooja .she is deeply involved in making the garland that she fails to listen to the screaming voice of shutikirthi .

Shutikirthi screams “didi didi!!!”. but it does not reach urmila ears .then shutikirthi keeps her hand on urmila shoulder to which she jerks and turns .urmila sees shutikirthi panting .she gets worried and ask the reason. shutikirthi smiles wide and says “rajarishi janak and maa r come” .urmila exclaim “true” to which shutikirthi nods yes.

The smile on urmila’s face fade thinking something. she ask shutikirthi to go to which she obeys .urmila looks down on her sanyasi dress and rewinds her past

It has been 1 week since laxman left to van the whole city is flooded with sorrow people r mourning due to the depature of their fav ram. everything was quiet.
At that time urmila father and mother came to meet her.

Urmila room

Urmila is holding lakshman jewels and crying then she hears the message abt the arrival of her parents.she did not want to show her sorrow to sunaina as her mother will breakdown thinking abt her life and her father will curse himself for getting married his beloved urmila to a person who is less concerned abt his duties towards her .so she wiped her tears and prayed to god to give her courage then she went to the garden.

In the garden

Janak and sunaina r standing waiting for their daughter. urmila came there with a smile on her face. she was trying hard to conceal her sorrow .but a mother’s heart is such which easily finds out any problem that lies in her children heart .sunaina knew her sorrow and sobbed silently turning . urmila came to janak and got his blessing

Whatever tough the situation was there will be a smile on janak face, which was admired by the people. but today that smile vanished in the ocean of sorrows . urmila knew what was going on in her parents minds.

Silence filled the garden

Urmila broke the silence by asking “how r u ma?”. Sunaina replied “how could a mother be fine if her daughter is living in hell”. urmila acted to give a questioning look she said “who is living in hell we all 4 r fine” .sunaiana came near her daughter and said “don’t try to hide ,ur sleepless swollen eyes are evidence to ur sorrow” .

Urmila trying to hide the fact says “no ma u know right I sleep less”. sunaina replied “yes even in mithilia but I did not find this swollen eyes there”. sunaina says “let out ur sorrows to me” and this was little soothing to urmila’s heart. but still she did not give up
All the while janak was witnessing the sorrowful scene between his wife and daughter then he spoke” will not say to ur father” and his pleading eyes made urmila break down and cry

She hugged janak and cried it was like someone was stabbing his heart he felt immense pain. sunaina said “no need anymore come with us to mithilia u can stay there till lakshman returns” janak nods yes. urmila says no she remembers what responsibility sita didi gave her while going to van. she said “no papa I cant come “.sunaina asked y. she says because this is my family now I have to take up the responsibility of bahu. I have to repair the broken family .sunaina and janak stayed numb. urmila continues “this is only my life dharma pls let me do that”. janak came to urmila patted her head saying “I proud that u r my child” which brought a smile on her face

Fb ends

Mata sumithra and urmila r going to mata gauri temple .urmila is singing in the temple .lakshman is near ,he hears her voice and was abt to go but something strikes his mind and he stops.

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  1. awesome it was really really nice there was always been a true and pure love between lakshmila which i always love and loved this too

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  3. Awesome priya and the precap is nice too

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