Lakshmila ff episode 4 (epitome of sacrifice)


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Next day

Ram ,laxman, sita in the van

Ram is meditating and laxman is performing archery. sita is cooking in the hut house .
It was a chill evening . everything was quite in the van except the sound of leaves which is dancing according to the tunes of the wind

A lady with pot belly ,cross eye and uncurved body is walking in the silent forest. she is surpanakh after being betrayed by her brother she is walking in the forest sadly.

On hearing the sound made by the arrow while reaching its board as it comes through wind and the sound of a person chanting mantra she follows the sound and reaches their place.

She hides behind a bush and looks at ram who is meditating she is awestruck to see his masculine body and is smitten by his charm without wasting a minute .she moves to him. on hearing footsteps approaching, ram opens his eyes and sees her.

She expresses her feeling of lust to him which made ram to give a straight forward ans to the widow . he pointed out to sita his young wife and said that I am deeply in love wid my wife which has forbidden me to even see u and asked her to go.

Though ram was angered by her desire. he expressed his love for sita in calm manner.
But surpankh could not go on with her failure .she left the place in rage and ram continued his meditation

The next day
Ram was again meditating he was guarded by laxman .
Surpanakh dressed in a palatial costume saw laxman she was also impressed by him .this proves that it was not her love but just lust .she approached laxman and danced infront of him

Laxman was filled with the thoughts of his wife so her dance did not affect him . he continued to guard ram after being neglected by laxman . she wanted to break the matter .she went near laxman on seeing her, he bent down and asked her problem. she told him abt her desire .though laxman was the most angered one among the brothers he calmed himself and went near a statue which was covered with cloth he took the cloth it was urmila’s statue.

Laxman continued this is my wife to whom I am in love and loyal .she is waiting for me in the palace. I promised her myself, I belong to her, I have dedicated my love only for her, and my love for her wont change even if the sky comes down

Surpanakh enraged wid devastation wanted to give a final try she said I agree with ram because his wife is here. but wat for u your wife is in palace only na . lakshman eyes became red and shouted her to get lost .

In the palace

Urmila was getting everything ready for pooja .when shuthikirthi asks her which flower u want and shows her 5 types of flower .urmila touches all the flowers and says we will take this. shutikirthi ask her y this one? urmila smiles and says because this wont dry soon .shutikirthi ask how u know ?urmila smiles. shutikirthi left.
Urmila sees the flower and rewinds the past
It is just 1 week since she came to ayodhya .everybody r busy including her sisters. sumithra asked her to select flowers for the pooja so she left to the forest.
She saw a number of trees with different flowers .she was very confused .when she felt a touch on her shoulder. she turned and saw lakshman smiling .she expressed her confusion lakshman gave her assuring smile and touched all the flower. urmila gave a questioning look to him. he said yes this flower will be perfect .she asked how?. he said see this is a little thick and rough so this will not dry soon. she said really .lakshman nodded yes .he hugged urmila.
urmila asked him to leave her but he said urmila this is a forest no one will see us and u r my wife .urmila said no first leave me. he did not leave her .he said remember urmila the one who suffers the most will be the happiest at the end. urmila said softly ur words r true swami and both enjoyed each others presence she got out of her fb by sumithra’s call for pooja

In the van
Later surpanakh saw sita coming after washing utensils. she was jealous and lost her cool .she goes near her. sita smiled at her and asked her need .supanakh said ram. sita was shocked before she could think and react .surpanakh tried to attack her ,but lakshman stopped her and took his dagger and sliced her nose .supanakh was angered by his action and vowed to take revenge.

Guys I know there was only little abt lakshmila, hope u loved it .
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