Lakshmila ff episode 2


Guys i am so sorry for mistake they r due to auto correct pls forgive me for my mistake and sorry guys after this i can post only after 11 apr pls forgive me

Guys do u remember during tadak kill sita and her sis where in forest because in todays epi fb it will be shown

Urmila walks inside her room there she feels thirsty and drinks a cup of water then some memory flashes in her mind
Fb starts
Sita in the forest is cooking food for the people that time she need some water so she ask her sister urmila then sita thinks abt urmila safety and sends mandvi and shutikirthi along wid her

Urmila mandvi and shutikirthi r walking in the forest suddenly urmila shouts snake snake mandvi and shutikirthi both jump then they ask her where is the snake urmila laughs loud which angers mandvi and shutikirthi and they leave her and mandvi says urmila beware there r many asur in the forest and runs away with shutikirthi before urmila could ans back
Urmila says to herself she is not afraid of any asur but inside something tells her this is gonna change her before she could proceed she hears some foot steps she then turns to her shock she finds a asur standing before her she closes her eyes in fear and starts chanting mantra suddenly she hears a bang sound she open her eyes and find a handsome prince standing before her she just stare at him he shakes her and ask if she is fine she looks down and finds asur dead she then sees him and stammers she tells her name urmila to him he leaves there without uttering anything lost in his thought she comes back from the forest thinking abt him then she remembers wat sita sent her for she then takes a stick from the ground and calms herself and gains some confidence to go to the forest again as urmila was walking again she hears footstep this time she gain some anger and without looking the person she hits him she hears a AHHHH sound .
She opens her eyes it was the prince who saved her she felt guilty he thanked her for giving such a wonderful gift and says nice reward for saving her she aids his wound then he tells his name laxman
Fb ends

Urmila goes to her bed then sleeps

Credit to: Priya

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  1. Guys actually i am little scared abt writing ff abt sita and ram because they r gods
    And some may not like it so that is the problem

    1. Yeah,RAM and SITA are my favorite Gods..I don’t like ppl writing own stories about ramanyan.there are so many other serials to cook imaginary stories,but don’t do in this.

      1. As u wish narmatha


        no narmatha di…….. dont consider this as ff….. its just our feelings about it could have been………….

  2. Precap-laxman entry in the story his point of view abt urmila

    But only after apr 11 i will post guys

    1. Sanjana(Sara)

      Ur stories are awesome di


      wow that sounds great……

  3. Nyc dr…..


    really awesome…………. loved it to the core…….. all the best for ur exams dear……….

  5. Silpa k sivadasan

    Nice update Priya

    v wil wait till april 11 anythng 4 u & our lakshmila

  6. Very beutiful ffs Narmatha di. Keep writing.

    1. Anjali sorry to say this ff was written by me priya

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