Lakshmila ff episode 1


Guys I am really happy seeing ur comments so I want to make it a cont ff but I won’t be able to post cont but after Apr 11 sure I will update

Urmila stares at the sky which takes her doan the memory lane
Fb starts
Urmila with her sisters r doing preparation for sita marriage then their cousins need a come urmila does not like as she is always a show off that time laxman comes there to talk to urmila but neela sees him and just stares at him and ask at him urmila fumes at her laxman spots urmila and smiles at her neela thinks he is mesmerised seeing her runs to him and tries talking to him urmila runs from there laxman sees her and feels sad but don’t know y
Neela talk to him but he tries to escape from her and search for urmila but neela just keeps on talking to him ram sees this and his brother searching eyes and unattentive mind and release laxman by calling him laxman feels relived and ask ram wat happened he says sorry I called bharat and ram leaves smiling

Laxman without turning leaves from there he ask mandvi who us talking aid bharat at urmila mandvi smiles and tells she does not know laxman shows a weird smile and he leaves and urmila who is listening to this smiles
Fb ends

Credit to: Priya

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  1. really nice…


    HAHA REALLY…….. SUPERB……….. but pls check the typing mistake….. unable to understand………….. sorry…………. but really superb…………

  3. Pls bear my mistake as i could not check them pls after apr i will check

  4. Then their cousin neela it would have changed due to auto correct

  5. Sanjana(Sara)

    Hahaha di very nice .?

  6. Who is neela??
    Good to see so many people loving lakshmila despite them not being the leads.. 🙂

  7. An ff for siya ke ram too..?? bt its nice

  8. It was a bit confusing but i got it after reading twice….

    U r writing good

  9. Bit confusing but still good one .

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