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Hi guys as I told I am back after my exams
I wanted to name this ff to avoid any confusion because there is another ff also on lakshmila so tell me some suggestions pls

So lets start
It was a hot sunny day urmila is working for sita marriage fixed wid ram . she was personally happy wid this marriage as she was the one who fought for ram as groom for her sweet sister sita . she was in a hurry with flower basket in her hand as she was walking she collided with someone and was abt to fall down .
When two strong hands hold her from falling down she opens her eyes to sees laxman looking at her he made her stand properly and says did mata gargi teach u to walk well and mocks at her she was abt to argue wid him when someone called out to laxman name . she turned but laxman identified the voice and started walking without noticing the person it was neela who had crush on laxman . she called out ”laxman ji laxman ji ” but he left . urmila saw her and went to her. neela asked did u speak good abt me to laxman
urmila let a sigh and said yes I told him abt ur good habits and said abt ur qualities .she hugged urmila and said i love u didi and left. urmila felt sorry for lying to her sister but she could’nt help as she knew laxman never liked her with this thought she came down the stairs she collapsed and again laxman comes and holds her . he says everytime when u see me do u fall . she says sorry and says I never saw u .
he ask her r u spying on me . urmila denied laxman thought wish it was true while again they were disturbed by a voice someone called urmila both turned
it was one of the king who came for marriage both laxmila looked puzzled

he asked her can I talk wid u for sometimes she says sure and ask his needs . he says can I talk alone . urmila sees laxman who is just staring at him . laxman interrupts and says no . urmila looks at him he says u can say whatever u want here itself
the king said the time I saw u in sita swamyvar I fell in love wid u I want to marry u

urmila was shocked by his proposal but laxman started laughing aloud . he says king ur mistaken if u think she is like my bhabhi sita u r wrong she is actually right opp to her she is stubborn ,angry . the king ask him to stop and ask him whether he knows how to talk to a girl he ask him not to badmouth abt urmila and he leaves . laxman feels guilty and turns only to see nobody there . he knew where she would be . he ran to the river he saw urmila sitting there and starring at the river and crying silently .

laxman feels heart broken he goes next to her and urmila sees him and ask him y he hates her so much . he says not like that she gets up to leave when he says the reason is because I love u so much that’s y I got jealous when he asked u for marriage urmila exclaims jealous . he says yes he says I love u so deeply that I cant see u with someone

he says that’s y I wanted him to hate that’s y I spoke like that she says its ok . laxman smiles he ask her opnion for his proposal she blushes and ask him to call her mila and she runs laxman smiles and runs behind her and catches hold of her

their forehead meets she says I love u they smile and they promise not to leave each other

suddenly this is all interrupted by ram voice then laxman came to the reality he was in van clothes this was all his dream he composed him self . ram said where have u been sita was worried for u . laxman turned and gave a fake smile and said I am coming ram turned . laxman saw the carving of urmila on a stone to whom he was talking so long like mad person . ram knew his brother’s sorrow he came to him and patted his shoulder and asked him to smile for her and live for her . he said just 1 year more then we can go to ayodhya

so guys pls suggest name for this ff
1.lakshmila the unspoken language of love
2.lakshmila the epitome of sacrifice

Credit to: priya

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  1. nice epi.2nd name suits best.

    1. Thank u for ur comments they mean a lot to me

  2. Awesome and 2nd option is nice for this

    1. Thanks haripriya i will see which receives highest hopes for the best

  3. Sanjana(Sara)

    Nice story di. 2nd name is best for the ff

  4. Supreetha (Soups)

    Such a lovely story dear…I would go for the 2nd one too 🙂 Lakshman and Urmila are always and will forever be known for their Sacrifice and love

    1. Yes for me too lakshmila r my fav then siya ram

  5. Pls continue the lakshmila. It’s my favourite.

    1. Yes sure i will cont dear

  6. Precap
    Urmila a day in palace

  7. History lover

    This was really good. So I went back through the pages searching for the first 2.
    Second name suits this more

    1. thanks for taking time to read my ff

  8. Hi di…u’r fanfic is nice…i like the first name 🙂

    1. thanks for voting sri

  9. It was really nice and 2nd one suits this ff.

  10. Thanks anjali and i read ur ff it is cute and nice cont it

  11. Its lovely…. Plz update regularly….
    N I liked both the names. Can’t chose one.

  12. Both options are great BT more great is ur article loved it

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