Lakshman Urmila kids

Urmila is painting a scene of Sita and Ram with their kids. Lakshman says – what if they
have twins,just like I and Shatrughn.
Urmila – it would be great, hope so
Lakshman – what will we be said, chacha chachi or mausa mausi
Urmila – Chacha and mausi are more attached
Lakshman – it’s up to them
Shatrughn – Ram bhaiya has called, Lakshman bhaiya
They leave.
Urmila feels uneasy. She runs to washroom.
Mandavi comes.

Mandavi – what happened
Urmila – I was feeling uneasy
Mandavi – you rest, I will call vaid
She enters with others.
Kausalya – daima, plz check, what happened
Daima – it’s good news, you are going to become grandmother
Sita – it’s great news
Sumitra – we congrats and bless you, they bless her
The brothers enter.
Lakshman – what happened mother
Kaikeyi – what is the good news in the palace

Lakshman – Sita bhabhi is pregnant
Sumitra – what if you get the same happiness
Lakshman – it means
Kausalya – yes, bless both of you
Every one congrats them
Ram – ma, we should leave
Kausalya – yes, let them congrats each other
They leave
Lakshman – thanks, you have given me the biggest happiness
Urmila – thanks to you also
Lakshman – my sons will become even more powerful than me
Urmila – but, hope they they don’t get get your temper
They smile and hug
Urmila – but, how do you know they will be twins
Lakshman – so that, we both have a child in our hands
They hug.

After 8 months, Lakshman and Urmila gave birth to twins – Angad and Chandraketu.

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  1. Jayani

    Dis ff was soooo cute aman bhaiyya… After reading dese ffs, I seriouly wish dey (skr) cud showed deir (Bhardavi, Lakshmila & Sharshru) kids also in d serial…

    Jai Siya Ram

  2. Inu

    Nice ff.

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