laksh maheshwari ke hasin sapne (one shot)

hii guys i am here miami here -so lets start this one shot but before that you should read my new ff those are pyaar kiya toh goli maar dungi and tere bina dil naa lage and if anyone wants to have swasan , raglak , swalak and ragsan ff or one shot – i am here i will make them right now the trio (including this) i have make raglak but tere bina dil na lage has ragsan scenes too very much but those are just started hehe

laksh maheshwari ke hasin sapne
this is a hilarious thoughts of mr.maheshwari -just like mungerilal

lets start
laksh start to love a girl name ragini
laksh always thinks about her he planned then
laksh pov
kya karu mei mei usse kitna chata hu ki voh soch bhi nahi sakti , kya usko ganna sunao yaa phir usko poore school ke samane propose kru kya karu yaa haan usko ek jagah le jaata hu bahut sundar si magar aaj kal ladkiya bhi pagal hai nahi nahi voh pagal nahi hai pta nahi hai -chalo mei usse poore college ke samne propse karung ho gya teh umm haan ab kya hoga ab dekhte hai mei jab usse propse karunga tab voh sharmaegi aur shayad shock mei pad jaegi toh mughe bahut acche se sochna hoga ok ok uske baad mei usse shaam ko kahi le jaunga ,jab propse karunga tab naa voh mere paas aaegi mughe gale lagaegi aur uske baad bolegi tum sach mei mughse pyaar karte ho mei apna sir hilaunga aur bolunga khud se bhi jaeda

voh mughpe phida ho jaegi uske baad mei usse bolungi ki aaj shaam milenge acchi si dress pehna vo sharmate hue sir hilaegi aur sab log clap ker rahe honge hamare liye
uske baad shaam ko mei apni honda bike pe usse launga lake side le jauunga aur usko surprise karunga mei vaaha decorate karunga aur uske baad mei sharukh khan ke style se apni baahe kholung aaur voh mere paas bhaghi chali aaegi aur uske baad meri baho mei bas jaegi mei kahunga -i love you voh kahegi-i love you too aur uske baad ham ice cream khane jaege aur uske mei tickets book karunga romantic waal movie is the best
then we will watch moon on hill side – kitna maaza aaega , mughe yeh sab kal hi karna hai i will do it

laksh ragini ke paas gya
laksh-mughe tumse kucch kehna hai
ragini-pls say …………….
laksh-ko baat nahi kal keh dung a

laksh pov
mei aaj karke rahunga i will do it …….. today

in the canteen where whole school is there
laksh goes in middle and shouts for ragini ragini turns and see laksh on knees and gets confused
laksh shouts a little (raise voice)-miss ragini gadodia mei aapse bahut pyaar karta hu kya aap meri pyaar banana chahengi
everyone looks at him
ragini has no expression
laksh start to think about the date and stuff
ragini come near him and say-you mahan -tum itne dino se yeh kahna chahte the yaar propse voh bhi pure school ke samne kyu bola besti kyu apni
ragini-i am alredy dating abhijeet stupid
and she goes away saying this
a girl came to him-how losing ……..
ragini best friend and say-tumhe pehle staus check karna chahiye jis din tum last time puchne aaye the us hi din usne after school propuse mara u r mad ab saare sapno ka tay tay phis

(moral) 😉 -kabhi bhi propuse marne mei late nahi hona chahiye aur specially jab girls hot hoti hai

so how do you like it , maybe boring maybe khali maybe dumbo but pls give me comments pls tell how is it and don’t feel bad for laksh because just after that he proposed another girl but always liked another girl-HIS RAGINI

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  1. pinkChocolate

    Lol Amazing?Especially the moral?Really good?

  2. make a swalak fff …

  3. Very nice

  4. pls make a swasan.. coming to OS it was awesome

  5. Its sooooooo funny. i was laughing madly…

  6. yrr make swara entry plzzx want swalak yrr

  7. Ok guys i will wait for more comments for a poll of couples ? So thanks alot for ready them i am very happy to see so good comments .. And pls also read my other ff
    1. Tee bina dil naa lage
    2. Pyaar kiya toh goli maar dungi
    Thanks a lot for reading .. As mor comments will come i will decide on which couple i will make ff / Os

    1. Hi Miami
      can you provide the link of ur second ff, pyaar kiya toh goli maar dungi.

  8. Lolll ??? Its aswesome yaar very funny ???????

    1. But plz make it raglak only yaar ……. Plz plz plz

  9. nyc …

  10. Nice 🙂

  11. Hii guys i just saw that my second pyaar kiya toh goli maar dungi is not posted anywhere i will resend or maybe we need to wait till 8. Hours so lets see actually it was a prolouge so if it wont be there i will resend of course and thanks for these comments

  12. was really funny

  13. Please make a swasan os plz

  14. Omg thanks everyone for commenting i think tat second ff didnt work so i will make it new so it will be prolouge beacause it has twists so …. Fine i see the are many fans of swalak and swasan so lets see the competition is between swasan and swalak lets see who wins and in next hour we will see whose ff it should be

  15. Its a tie guys swalak 2 points and swasan 2 points and 1 raglak so i am going to make swasan first and then swalak both will be os so that all will enjoy
    And i will make one os whe there will be both couple
    So guys pls like my ff and bye and yes pls read my other ff too

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