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Recap : Episode 8

Laksh woke up yawning, when he found that they have to get down in the next stop. He started to search for his mobile, when Sekhar questioned him “ What are you looking for?”

Lucky replied, “I think I missed my mobile somewhere papa”

Sekhar took out the mobile from his pocket and exclaimed, “is this the one you are searching for??”

Laksh nodded his head and exclaimed, “When did I give it to you papa”

Sekhar exclaimed, “Not you, but some girl came here and gave it”

Laksh lost in deep thoughts and exclaimed , “Girl!!!, Who??”

Sekhar exclaimed, “Swara, she told that your mobile came to her while handing the baby, and she saw it at night itself to return you back but all of us were sleeping and in the morning she came and handed it to your mamma”

Lucky exclaimed, “Oh Ok.. but where are mamma and Dadi Maa??”

Dadaji exclaimed, “the baby was crying from a long time so both of them went there as your Dadi knows how to calm kids, as she has become expert with her age”

Lucky exclaimed, “oh is it!!!, Even I will go and see” and he left the place and went to Swara’s compartment… Sumi introduced lucky to Swara’s family. Swara’s father is Dp, mother Ap, sister parineeta and bil is Adarsh and they have a cute 3months old kid. Between their talks they came to know that they are Mathur family. Knowing this Sumi exclaimed “My friend’s maiden name is also Mathur, she is my neighbour and her name is Sujatha.

Hearing the name Sujatha, Ap’s eyes were flowing with tears. All the family members except Dp tried to console her. Sumi was stunned and apologised if she has spoken something wrong.

Ap replied, “No, Dp’s sister name is also Sujatha but she married someone again our wish, I miss her a lot, she used to be my good friend”

Dadimaa exclaimed, “Do you know anything about the man she got married”

Ap exclaimed, “we just know his name Ram Maheshwari”

Sumi, Dadi and Lucky all the 3 were stunned hearing Ram’s name. Lucky immediately took out his mobile from his pocket and showed them Sujatha’s pic. Ap was shell shocked looking at the pic and said she is our Sujatha.

Lucky exclaimed, “They are our neighbours, you can meet them. I will give you their phone number you can speak to them if you want”

Dp exclaimed, “No need of any phone number beta, we don’t have any relation with her anymore, she is dead for us”

Lucky was about to say something when dadimaa hold his hand and tapped him and murmured slowly “cool down beta, his still angry on Sujatha”

Ap exclaimed, “Even if we can’t talk to her, we are happy listening about her. How is she? Does she have kids”

Sumi exclaimed, “She is very happy, Ram is a gentleman, we are very good friends, she used to say me about you and her Bhai and she also told me that you were pregnant at that time when she left the house. She has a son of our Lucky’s age”

Ap exclaimed, “Can you show me his pic”

Lucky took out Sanky’s pic and showed it to Ap. Dp tried hard to look into pic without anyone’s notice but Lucky caught him.

Lucky exclaimed, “Uncle don’t take me wrong, forgiving someone gives you peace. When you have so much of love for your sister it’s Ok to accept her even if she did some mistake as she is even missing you people. I may not be so big to tell you what is right and wrong, but all I want to say is even they want relations. I saw Sanky many times upset as he has no relatives. He can’t go anywhere in holidays as his father an Orphan. Though her mother has a big family, she is not accepted. Me and Raagu used to stay back in holidays just for him so that he won’t feel lonely. He is gem at heart uncle. He would be happy if he knows that he has his own family”, tears started to role from Lucky’s eyes while saying everything. He immediately apologised if he had been rude and went away from the place and stood near the door wiping his tears.

He saw someone offering a kerchief, he turned to look at the person, it was Swara. He gave a fake smile. Swara exclaimed, “Still some tears are trying to escape from your eyes wait I will teach them a lesson now”, hearing that Lucky gave heartily smile.

Swara exclaimed, “Only smile suits your face, so Sanskar is your best friend!!”

Lucky exclaimed, “Best friend is very little word to say, I trust him more that myself”

Swara exclaimed, “He is very lucky to have such a good friend”

Lucky exclaimed, “No I am really lucky to have Sanky and Raagu again in my life”

Swara questioned, “Again in your life??? I didn’t get you”

Lucky shrugged himself and said, “I mean to say that , in childhood I was very naughty and had many fights with them but still they accepted me”

Swara, “Naughty and you!!! Ok… Who is Raagu by the way??”

Lucky exclaimed, “she is my cute little sister”

Swara exclaimed, “So she hasn’t come along with you, this time she stayed back to accompany Sanskar!!! Good friends, I would have been really lucky if I was among you”

Lucky exclaimed, “Even now we can be friends and exchanged their numbers”

Swara exclaimed, “I will try to make my father forget the past and accept aunty whole heartedly, till then don’t ay to anyone that you have my contact no, I don’t want my father feel that his family is going against him”

Lucky exclaimed, “Never I would tell to anyone, not even to Raagu and Sanky, it’s a gentleman promise”

Swara exclaimed, “I trust you Lucky” she smiled and left the place.

Lucky was lost in his thoughts, “Is Swara right??? Did Raagu dropped from the tour just to accompany Sanky. Did she lie to me?? Does she love Sanky???”. He immediately called Ragini.

Raagu exclaimed, “Lucky!! Where are you guys now??”

Lucky questioned, “Raagu I just called you to ask something, give me straight answer. Did you really had menstrual cycle or some other reason”

Raagu exclaimed, “Oh god , I was dying to tell you the reason from the day you left but I never got a chance. Lucky actually I stayed back as Sanky will be feeling alone, if both of us will go”

Lucky exclaimed, “Seriously!!! Raagu is thinking about Sanky!!!”

Ragini exclaimed, “Hey wait wait!!! I stayed back thinking about you, your face was dull when we have to leave Sanky and go, so you went to aunty to take permission to take Sanky along with us. But that buddhu Sanky denied to come saying that he has joined in some computer classes. Only for seeing happiness in your face I stayed back, not for Sanky just for Lucky”

Lucky thanked her and disconnected the call. He whispered in himself, “Raagu you may not be able to realise your love for Sanky, but I will definitely make you and Sanky together. Your relation is from births, this time I will make your love successful. I don’t know what’s the reason for your separation in previous birth, but in this birth I promise myself that I will make you guys one. I would complete my parents love story. Ameena and Krishna’s love story was not successful but in this birth your son would make your story successful.”


Guys hope you have now understood the relation between LakRagSan in previous birth. Just have to wait and see if Ragini is going to accept Sanky’s proposal as Lucky also wants the same… tc … have a nice day

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  1. Rafeee

    niçe but no ragsan scene?

    1. Ashrita.S

      Coming episode there will be RagSan scenes dear

  2. So ragsan r lucky parents

    1. Ashrita.S

      Yes dear in previous birth ☺

  3. Megha123

    Oh my gosh! U nailed it yaar!??? I am literally shocked??? coz I thought that lucky is ragu’s ex lover / bro .i never thought that he would turn out be her son ???. Anyways It’s really interesting ???& try to post nxt part ASAP plzzzzzz I’m dieing of anxiety ????

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot dear

  4. wow superb episode loved it

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot dear

  5. Akshata

    So the biggest mystery is revealed. This story is becoming interesting day by day. laksh is their child, but i have one question, how come laksh and sanskar are at the same age and standard? ( just a question out of curiosity ) But coming to the update its awesome as always.

    1. Rasha

      Before arshitha I just try to give a reply to u akshata.. it was the time of laksh birth they have been separate from laksh so by this depression rag hater developed & thr itself they dead, so as thr souls r still roaming thr only in the railway station whr they lost laksh & dead.. How come everyone guess that rebirth is symbol of love so ragsan is pair means then previous birth also they only pair so laksh cnt pair with rag..

      1. Akshata

        Thank you Rasha Dear 😀

    2. Ashrita.S

      Hmmm…. As per your pov SanLak should not be of same age that’s because I have not revealed the complete past, hopefully u would like it once I reveal the past story…. Thanks dear

  6. Varsha

    It’s awesome dear, btw it looks like Manam film of Telugu and awaiting fr their Union as I want to see ragsan swalak love n swasan raglak bro-sis relationship more

    1. Ashrita.S

      Yes dear, u will find the shades of manam movie and I am really sorry to say that SwaSan are not bro-sis… ? and fingers crossed about SwaLak love story

  7. wow what a surprise you gave really just nailed swalak though there was no ragsan but still this was just awesome as mystery revealed waiting for next part

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot dear

  8. hey loved your episode ………..i loved it?

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot dear

  9. Ragz_teju


    1. Thanks a lot dear

  10. Rasha

    Hi dear how r u? really am so busy now a days so for am not able to comment on ff r some time server problem is much to my highness.. I saw ur reply for my previous comment felt so happy that u remember me.. about today part u nailed it with different track out of my guess but still I felt so happy about my guess.. so really rag to loving sanskar but unaware about her feelings coz of the fear of separation.. wow this twist made me crazy about this track so anyhow laksh got to knw abt ragsan relation & planning to unite them was quite interesting but still I love in this ff was raglak bonding dear.. sorry if u missed my comment really am stuck at myself..

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot dear, I am doing good and ha not a prob… work comes first, that’s the reason y even I am irregular in posting updates, I can understand… don’t compel to comment dear, read in your free time and tc

  11. Nice but no ragsan scenes

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks dear… from coming episode it will be RagSan

  12. Superb one dear.more ragsan scenes plz

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks dear… from next chaps it’s RagSan

  13. Azure

    amazing as always

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks dear

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