LakRagSan [email protected] – A Journey to Past Birth

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It has been 5days Ragini’s family left to Dwaraka. After their visit to Dwaraka they were on the way to Tirupathi. It was around 11pm when Lucky woke up and found that the train has halted in some station. He saw that everyone are sleeping and all the lights were off. He went towards the washroom and after that he got down the train and went to take a water bottle then he read out the station name “Secunderabad”.. the station name disturbed him. He took the water bottle and ran to the train, as announced for its departure. Once he got into the train he heard someone calling him. He turned to see that person. He was stunned looking at her.

He whispered “Raagu!!!, What is she doing here and that too in a saree??”. She was looking older than her actual age. Ragini was searching in every compartment. She was screaming his name but not Lucky. She was calling him by his actual name, Laksh.

Laksh exclaimed, “Raagu, I am here. Get inside.”, but Ragini least bothered him. Laksh wondered what’s happening and he was not able to understand. The train started to move when Ragini cried out and started to run along with the train and Lucky extended his hand to take Ragini inside.

Ragini did not take his help but still running and Lucky started to shout come on Ragini, but she was not reacting to him and just screaming Laksh. Lucky went to pull the chain, so that he can stop the train, he heard a familiar voice going towards the door. He turned to look at the person. He was shell shocked looking at the person. Ragini shouted at the person “U can’t take my Laksh away from me”.

Lucky slowly went towards the person and faced him. He resembled exactly like Sanskar. Lucky whispered “Sanskar!!! What are you doing here”. The man hasn’t replied him back.

Sanskar was looking at Ragini and exclaimed, “You have come here too??”

Ragini exclaimed, “Don’t dare to separate me and Laksh”

Lucky exclaimed, “what happened to both of you, why did you start fighting once again?”

RagSan did not care him but were seriously immersed in verbal fighting. The next sentence realised Laksh that they are not RagSan.

Ragini pleaded in front of Sanskar, “Please don’t do that with me Krishna, I can’t live without Laksh. For Allah sake don’t separate us. He is my life.”

The man replied, “I would never allow even your shadow fall on Laksh. Don’t ever show your face to us Ameena.”, saying that he closed the door over Lucky. Lucky was stunned looking both Krishna and Ameena who are Xerox copy of Sanskar and Ragini. He was not able to believe his eyes. He just wondered are they real or it was his dream because he was not even able to touch them. He bent out of the door to look at Ameena, she fell on the ground and crying miserably calling out “Laksh….. I hate you Krishna. You have separated me and Laksh. Even in the next births I can just hate you”

Lucky turned towards Krishna and saw him murmuring, “I love you Ameena, but what you have done is not right, whatever it is I can’t hate you Ameena as I just love you, love you to the core and I will miss you badly. In every life I just want you Ameena, if there is another birth, I want that we should be a happy couple… I will always love you my dear”

Flashes was running in front of Lucky’s eyes where he visualised Ameena jumping on to the track taking away her life. Lucky shouted “Raagu” and he immediately called Sanskar.

Sanskar was sleeping and he woke up because of Laksh’s call. “What happened Lucky is everything all right and u called me at this time”

Lucky’s voice was trembling, he whispered, “Raagu!!!”

Sanky exclaimed, “She is fine sleeping in your house, if you want to talk to her I will go and give her phone”

Lucky exclaimed, “No Sanky, let her sleep. I don’t want to disturb her”, he paused for a sec and again said , “Sanky she is not bothering you right!!! And even if she does pls excuse her on my behalf”

Sanskar exclaimed, “What happened to you now. Why are you saying all these. I told you earlier that I would not hurt her at any cost, don’t you believe me”

Lucky exclaimed, “Nothing like that Sanky, I don’t know why but something is bothering me, I am getting some weird feelings”

Sanskar exclaimed, “You can share with me lucky, I am always there for you”

Lucky exclaimed, “I know that Sanky, it’s you with whom I can share everything”

Sanky exclaimed, “Hmm.. so till where you people have reached”

Lucky exclaimed, “Just crossed Hyderabad by tomorrow we will get down in Tirupathi”

Sanskar suddenly exclaimed, “ohh these power cuts, going on and off from past 1hr”.

Lucky exclaimed, “Is there any problem with power”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I think some work is going on and they are taking out the power” saying that both SanLak screamed together “Oh god!!! Raagu”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I will call you back”, cutting his phone he ran to Ragini’s house.

With an extra key he opened the door and saw Ragini at a corner of the room and crying vigorously. She saw Sanskar coming towards her and ran towards him and hugged him tightly. Sanskar was stunned, the keys and the phone got dropped from his hand due to shock of her reaction. It was the first hug. He knew it was not due to love but just out of fear she hugged him, but his heart started to race and felt a volcano going to explode in his heart.

He released the hug cupped her face and exclaimed, “Raagu I came, now don’t worry”. She just beat him and cried out, “how could you forget me like this”.

Sanskar knew that she is afraid of dark. Even with her growing age, her fear for darkness has never decreased. SanLak always used to be with her when there is no power , they used to sit along with her all the time. Sanskar apologised but she was not listening to him and beating him continuously and crying. He dragged her immediately and hugged her. Ragini was stunned as she didn’t expect from Sanskar.

Ragini believes Sanskar that he would never take an advantage out of any girl. Though they are friends/ enemies whatever they feel for each other as per their mood, both of them know their limits. She knew he was just trying to comfort her, so she hugged him back and hurried herself on his chest. Sanskar slowly kept one hand on his shoulder and the other on her head and exclaimed, “I am really sorry dear, trust me I would never leave you again like this”.

Sanskar’s phone rang and they broke the hug. It was Lucky. Ragini immediately picked the call and exclaimed, “Lucky!!!”

Lucky exclaimed, “Raagu how are you??? You know Sanskar ran to our house immediately when the power was gone”

Ragini looked at Sanskar who went to light the candle. She knew that Sanky is very caring. She replied back to Lucky, “Yes Lucky , I am fine but he had a nice beatings from me for leaving me like this.”

Lucky exclaimed, “So you people have started your cat fights again. I warn you now don’t do anything till I come back. There should be someone who can stop you both.”

Ragini exclaimed, “By the time you return back you will be just wondering”

Lucky exclaimed, “ Raagu, my dear, take care of yourself and don’t bother Sanky anymore” and he cut the call.

RagSan went to Sanskar’s house locking Gadodia’s house. Lucky murmured in himself are Ameena, Krishna really true??? Or just my imagination. Do they have anything to do with Raagu and Sanky…. and he tried to sleep

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