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SanLak has completed their 12th exams and Ragini has completed her 11th exam. RagSan family has planned for 10days Dwaraka trip. When everything was set to go, Ragini has to back out of the plan as she has her menstrual cycle problem she has to stay back at the last moment.

Ragini went to Sanskar’s house calling out Sujatha.

Sujatha exclaimed, “ Raagu why are you shouting ,I am here in the kitchen”. She went into the kitchen.

Ragini exclaimed, “Aunty feeling very hungry, what did you do in the breakfast” , and she started to search the utensils.

Sanskar who was passing by saw her and exclaimed, “Maa I just wonder if she has atleast brushed her teeth or not. Look at her, as if she came running out of the bed”.

Ragini glared at him angrily and exclaimed turning towards Sujatha, “Aunty do I really look like that”

Sanskar replied, “just being with Laksh and me , I think u seriously forgot that you are a girl. Just look at her Maa she didn’t tie or comb her hair, wearing Laksh attires.”

Ragini exclaimed, “What’s your problem if I wear Laksh’s”

Sanskar exclaimed, “ Why should I have any, I am just saying you as everyone is laughing behind you”

Ragini replied, “I don’t care for others, it’s my life and I would live it in my way”

Sanskar replied, “Living in your way is good, but Lucky is not going to be with you always. I just want to see how you would be able to spend these 10days” saying that he left.

Ragini exclaimed, “ Aunty did you feel now a days Sanky is all the time finding ways to go out”

Sujatha exclaimed, “Ha he is going for computer classes na”

Ragini exclaimed, “How innocent you are aunty. Sanky is behind some girl that’s the reason why he has joined computer classes”

Sujatha exclaimed, “Are you serious Raagu… did u ever see her?”

Ragini exclaimed, “ No aunty, but I am sure , look at him how he is taking extra care in grooming himself”

Sujatha exclaimed, “ U might be mistaken Raagu, he is not like that”

Ragini exclaimed, “Aunty did you observe Sanky is eating less food and sleeping a lot if he is at home”

Sujatha exclaimed, “ Ha now a days he is not eating properly”

Ragini exclaimed, “Aunty then I am saying you that these are symptoms of love , go and check with him or else your son is not going to me yours anymore”

Hearing that Sujatha ran to Sanskar’s room and Ragini smirked. Sujatha ran to Sanskar and took his hand and kept it on her head and exclaimed, “Its a promise on me and just tell me the truth who is that girl”

He saw Ragini being her Maa and exclaimed, “ Which girl you are talking about, it’s Raagu na”

Ragini who was standing and eating idli, coughed out hearing Sanky. Sujatha was shocked and exclaimed, “What??? is it our Raagu!!!”

Sanskar nodded his head in Yes and exclaimed, “Yes it’s our Raagu only”. The left over idli came out of Ragini’s mouth hearing it.

Sanskar exclaimed, “Now I am sure that you can’t even eat idli also properly”. Sujatha turned towards Ragini and questioned her, “so you guys have hidden such a big truth from us”

Sanskar was looking at both of them questioningly and exclaimed, “What truth you are talking about”

Ragini exclaimed, “No aunty I don’t know anything about it. Trust me aunty” and she eyed at Sanskar angrily.

Sanskar was confused at her reaction and exclaimed, “Now why are you looking at me like that, what did I do now??”

Sujatha exclaimed, “ Now stop hiding Raagu, Sanskar told me everything that you love each other”

RagSan together screamed “What!!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “When did u say that I love her” in an angry tone

Ragini exclaimed, “Aunty don’t ever think in a dream that I can love your Sadu son”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Hello who is ready to run behind you. I can’t imagine you beside me even for a sec”

Sujatha was shocked looking at their fight and shouted, “stop it and just tell me then why did u tell that it is Ragini, few mins back”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Ragini was standing behind you and I thought you were asking about the person who is their on the door, so I told her name”

Sujatha exclaimed, “hmmm.. I should have known it before itself that how can a cat and a mouse love each other”

Ragini exclaimed, “Aunty do you means to say that I am a cat!!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “ How funny!!! Cat will do suicide , if it comes to know that you are compared to it”

Ragini tried to reply back when Sujatha interrupted and said “enough for today and go back and do your works otherwise my head will burst into pieces now”.

Ragini was about to leave the room when Sanskar questioned Sujatha, “Maa but why did you get a doubt I love someone”. Hearing that Ragini’s footsteps were stopped and she turned to sign Sujatha that not to tell about her which was caught by Sanskar.

Ragini ran to her house. Sujatha replied to Sanskar that she was just kidding and left from their hurriedly. Sanskar thought in her mind, now I understood who instigated in Moms head all this stuff and took his steps towards Ragini’s house.

Sanskar knocked the door. Ragini opened the door and looking at him he tried to close the door but Sanskar pushed it and entered the house and locked the door.

Ragini warned, “If you try to do anything to me, I will complain to Lucky , then you will get nice beatings”

Sanskar gave a sarcastic smile and said , “Poor Raagu, Lucky is not here , he will be coming only after 10days, till then u can’t do anything, you should just listen and do whatever I say as Lucky has given the whole responsibility of yours to me”

Ragini exclaimed, “ What if Lucky is not there , I will tell to aunty and uncle”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Why not just go and tell then I will tell them how you made my mom fool with your stupid talks”

Ragini throw a pillow on him and said don’t come near me. Sanskar grabbed her hand twisted it to her back and dragged her towards him, which made Ragini nervous.

Sanskar exclaimed, “I told you many times not to play with me” and he twisted her hand more and due to pain she shouted. He released her hand immediately and exclaimed, “Did it hurt you”. She gave a sarcastic smile and exclaimed, “You are a big fool”, and ran to open the door when Sanskar pushed her towards the wall and pinned her cupping her hands with his. He neared her to warn to be careful with him when his heart started to race feeling her breath. He left her and went away without uttering a word which confused Ragini

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  1. oh god can’t wait for next part plz upload asap plz plz
    love ur ff love rags so much

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  2. I think sanskar already start getting feelings for ragini and ragini also like him but she haven’t realized it yet

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      Thanks for commenting dear and yes u may be right 😉

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks dear 🙂

  3. Akshata

    you made me wait so long, but worth it. today’s update is hilarious. loved sanskar’s concern towards ragini. next time update soon 🙂

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      I am really sorry dear for making you wait, I was busy.. Glad u liked it dear… I will try it dear

  4. Shana98

    Awesome can’t wait for tmorrw a episode ❤️❤️ Ragsan are just ????

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  6. superb yar, want to read more and more, plz post asap

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  7. Pammy

    Awesomee……luvd ragsan dey r hillarious espescislly naughty ragini…nd my cute caring sanky…am jz luvng it….

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  8. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved Ragsan scenes and their fight
    Their were just so adorable
    Waiting for the next one………..

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  9. Amazing.loved ragsan fights & i want more ragsan scenes.eagerly waiting for next part

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  10. Varsha

    RagSan cute figth dear, want to see more of their nok-jhok, update soon

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      Thanks a lot dear and you would find many more… as it will be the start of new phase

  11. Ragsan is so cute.. love it.

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  12. Megha123

    Missed it dearly … Anyways It’s really amazing luv ragsan …………plzz try to post nxt part

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  13. Amazing… Looking forward fr sanskaars pov..

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