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Recap :

Ram shouted, “Sanky what are you doing, when RagLak are studying”. Ragini eyes were sparkling in happiness looking at the situation.

Sanskar was choked and exclaimed, “papa I was …”

Lucky exclaimed, “Uncle actually all 3 of us were playing till now”. Ragini was dumbstruck hearing Lucky, all her plan went in vain and now it started to eat her brain that they also has to face the consequences. Her face was faded away which was observed by Lucky.

Ram exclaimed, “ All the 3 go and stand in the sun and study science for 30 mins, that is your punishment”

All the 3 silently went out and stood there with books in their hands. Sanky exclaimed, “I was telling you guys that we will play after completing the work but you haven’t listened, now see what’s happening”

Lucky exclaimed, “ Yes Sanky I should have objected Raagu”

Ragini looked at SanLak making a pout face. After few mins their legs started to burn. Ragini said , “I can’t stand anymore , my legs are burning now” and she got on to the small wall which is just back to them and sat on it

Sanky whispered, “Raagu get down now, if papa comes and sees you, u will get another punishment”

Raagu replied, “ If someone comes then I will jump down and no one can caught me”, she winked at him, “ don’t worry about me, I know many tricks, I am used to it”

Lucky exclaimed, “ Sanky its waste to tell her something as she would finally do what she wants”

Raagu got down immediately and said, “ Lucky I will never do anything if you don’t like it”, but Lucky was also feeling the burns and said , “ even I am not able to resist, we will sit for few mins and then we will get down” and both RagLak sat on the wall

Sanskar exclaimed, “ I think it’s better if we go and apologise to papa, he would forgive us”. All the 3 went inside and to their dismay, didn’t find Ram anywhere and left the place and went back to stand in the hot sun.

Ragini exclaimed, “I will sit till uncle comes back” and she sat and along with her Lucky too sat. After sometime Sanskar was also not able to resist the heat and quickly got on to the wall and sat along with them.

Ragini immediately got down and dragged lucky along with her and all happened in a fraction of seconds. Sanskar was not able to understand what was happening around him. Ram who was passing by that way saw that Sanky sitting on the wall.

Ram came over their and without hearing to anyone he just took Sanskar inside holding his ears. Ragini burst out in laughter looking Sanskar. Sanskar glared at her angrily.

Lucky exclaimed, “Raagu did u see uncle coming?, Now don’t lie to me, few mins back u told me that you will not do anything which I don’t like.”

Ragini exclaimed, “yes lucky I saw uncle coming”

Lucky exclaimed, “come lets go to uncle and tell him everything”

Ragini exclaimed, “let it be lucky, I don’t want to come”

Lucky exclaimed, “He is my best friend Raagu, how can we do like that with him.” And he ran leaving Ragini.

Ram was about to beat Sanskar when Lucky went in and said all 3 of us were sitting on the wall as their foot was burning.

Ram exclaimed, “ R u trying to hide your friends mistakes Lucky??”

Ragini exclaimed, “ No uncle, it was me who actually sat first. Sanky told that we will apologise to you and we all came inside, but we didn’t find u anywhere and so went back” and told him everything.

Lucky was very happy as his Raagu for the first time ever agreed her mistakes, at least for his sake but Sanskar was fuming in anger as he understood that it was all Ragini’s plan to push him in trouble.

Ram exclaimed, “Sanskar I am leaving you only because Raagu darling was telling otherwise I would not believe you both. She is princess of both our houses”. Ragini was very attached to Ram and Sujatha, and both of them believe her. She shows her craziness only when Sanskar is around her or else she is a very cute little girl, whom everyone would love.

Ram and Sujatha are very attached to her and make her sleep at their home sometimes while Sanky sleeps in Lucky’s house. Ragini is darling daughter of both the houses and both the families became very good friends in very little time.

In the night, Sanskar tried to recollect all the incidents that happened after meeting RagLak while sleeping, he slowly got the links and it cleared everything that it was Ragini who was trying to trouble him intentionally all the time. He remembered Lucky’s words that, how Ragini can identify any persons footsteps from long distance. He understood that Ragini was the one who is trying to create situations so that he would be caught before elders. He then remembered how Ragini was wandering near his cycle in the morning on the day when he has to carry all the bags in that heavy rain.

He murmured in himself, “So Raagu you wanted to play pranks on me right, so now you will see how I will play with you. Making me a fool and playing with me every time. Let’s wait and see what I will do with you now”, he smirked thinking about his plan and then slept peacefully as he knows what he has to do now.

The next day LakRagSan started to paly hide and seek with other kids. Sanskar whispered in Lucky’s ears that he had some good place to hide and don’t share with anyone. Ragini who saw them went to lucky when Sanky left the place.

Ragini exclaimed, “What was he telling you?”

Lucky told her the place and said not to tell it to anyone. Ragini who was enthusiastic to know about the place and went over there and saw a room and went inside and suddenly she heard someone locking the door. She cried out to help but no one came out for her rescue.

After an hr. Sumi came to Lucky and exclaimed, “come home and bring Raagu and Sanky along with you, Dadaji and Dadi came back from pilgrimage”.

Lucky asked Sanky if he saw Raagu somewhere. He replied back that he did not see her from long time and said that she might be in his house along with his mom. So they both went back home.

Dadaji and Dadi bought some gifts to the kids and handed it to them and they questioned where is Ragini. Lucky ran to Sanskar’s house to enquire if she has come there but he got negative answer and left the place and ran to the playing area and started to shout Raagu.

Seeing lucky tensed, Sanskar ran behind him and said, “Why are you getting worried , she might be here somewhere, she will come back”

Laksh exclaimed, “No Sanskar, it has been an hr I haven’t seen her and she would never leave me like this even for a minute. I don’t know why I am feeling that she is in some danger”

Sanky exclaimed, “Don’t worry she is safe and I kept her some where”

Lucky exclaimed, “Where did you and why didn’t you tell me earlier, come we will go and bring her back”

Sanky exclaimed, “She has a habit of playing pranks with everyone, so let her be in that place for sometime, then she will not do it again”

Lucky exclaimed, “now I understood why you told me about that place as you know that she would definitely ask me about it” and he ran leaving Sanskar behind.

Sanskar too ran along and trying to convince him to let her be in that room for some more time. When they reached the place lucky opened the bolt and when he went inside they saw that Ragini fell down on the floor and was sweating. Sanskar became worried looking Ragini’s condition and he ran to bring some water.

Lucky went near Ragini and took her in his lap and started to beat on her cheeks in order to wake her. “Raagu wake up, ur lucky has come”

Sanskar came back with water and drizzled it on her face. Ragini woke up and started to cry holding Lucky tightly “Lucky someone locked me here, I am very afraid” and she was sobbing continuously not able to talk properly, her words were breaking due to fear.

He hugged her tightly and said, “ Don’t worry Raagu your lucky, your brother has come now, calm down, nothing will happen to you” both of them were crying vigorously in each other arms. Sanskar eyes were welled up looking at both of them and realised his mistake of locking up Ragini in that dark room.

Lucky slowly made her understand and with much difficulty he took her back home with the help of Sanskar, after reaching home he told that Ragini was locked in a dark room, then Sumi carried Ragini in her arms and took her into the bedroom.

Sanskar took lucky out and said ,”I am sorry Lucky, I just thought her to teach her a lesson”

Lucky cut down his words and exclaimed, “I know Sanskar that you are very angered on her as she was playing pranks on you but you should have not done like this. She is phobic to dark rooms, what if something has happened to her. She is my sister Sanskar. I agree she is mischievous but she never played such a deadly games with you.”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I am really sorry Lucky , I don’t know that she is afraid of darkness otherwise I would have never done that”

Lucky exclaimed, “ Sanskar if you want that we should remain good friends then you should accept Ragini along with my friendship however she is, because I can’t leave her at any cost and I want you too, now it depends on you if you want our friendship to be continued or have to break it.”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Lucky I promise you that I would never create any problem in her life again though she troubles me”

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    ragini is very mischievous but sanskar’s prank was really bad anybody can get scared. but then his realisation and apologies to laksh and then his promise, is really appreciative

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      Yes he would never do anything again which would hurt her or lucky, but if she crosses the limit then don’t know what he would do… from next part they will turn as teenagers… Thanks for commenting dear 🙂

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      Sanskar will develop a soft corner for Ragini after this incident, the next part will be LakRagSan turning out to be teenagers, a real hate story would start…

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