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Guys thanks for your lovely comments and support . Don’t worry Ragini’s antics will not create any problems. LakRagSan will solve everything internally. The reason why I am showing much of childhood is as it is related with previous birth, when we start travelling then we would know the reason behind Ragini’s behaviour towards SanLak. Her possessive nature towards Laksh and her insecure feelings when Sanskar around with them is also because of some solid reason, I will try to correlate, as the past deeds are not going to leave us so easily.???. There is a saying that “Anything you lose comes round in another form”. Tc guys. Have a nice day ☺☺☺. Sorry again not a proof read


Sekhar exclaimed, “I will buy a cycle to Raagu as promised”

Ragini exclaimed, “Thanq papa, from now on I and Lucky will go on cycle. So when are we going to buy cycles”

Sumi exclaimed, “Not cycles only one cycle as Lucky didn’t get 1st rank. We will get him when he gets”

Lucky exclaimed, “Ok mamma. Next exam I will try hard to get 1st rank”

Sumi and Sekhar exclaimed, “Thats like our good boy”

It did not went well with Ragini so she exclaimed, “till then my cycle will be Lucky’s cycle, we will share with each other”

Sumi exclaimed, “Oh my darling is growing up!!!”

At Sanskar’s home Ram and Sujatha also promised to buy a cycle for him. After they got new cycles, the first day to school by cycle, Lucky and Sanskar were happy but Ragini had some other plans in her store.

When they were about to start as Lucky had no cycle he has to walk and go but Ragini asked him to ride the cycle and she will sit at the back.

Laksh exclaimed, “Raagu it’s a girls cycle and both of us won’t e able to fit with our bags whatever the cycle is. Not a problem I will walk and you go by cycle”

Sanskar who was about to start questioned, “ What happened Lucky??” and Lucky explained him everything

Sanskar exclaimed, “Both of us can go on our cycle”

Lucky exclaimed, “with bags it’s not possible and it’s raining too. U people go and I will come by walk”

Sanskar exclaimed, “How can we leave you like that or else even I will come with you”

Ragini exclaimed, “I have an idea, all three of us can go by cycle”

Lucky exclaimed, “How??”

Ragini exclaimed, “Lucky you and I can go by my cycle and Sanskar will bring our bags along with him on his cycle”

Sanskar exclaimed, “ Not a bad idea, we can do that way.”

Lucky exclaimed, “ok we will cover the bags with polythene and will start or else we will miss the class”

Ragini exclaimed, “Lucky u drive the cycle, I will sit at the back as it’s upstream”

Lucky agreed and arranged their bags on Sanskar’s cycle. Ragini exclaimed, “we will have race” and they agreed.

Sanskar was going quickly when Lucky overtook him and Ragini observed sitting at the back that Sanskar got down from the cycle and was shouting “Lucky stop the cycle”

In that heavy rain, Sanskar’s voice did not reach Lucky’s ears and Ragini was shouting in his ears come on Lucky fast. Ragini smirked looking back at Sanskar and murmured in herself, “Now he would know that it will be better for him, if he stays away from us”

She was smiling remembering how she loosened the back wheel tire valve of Sanskar’s cycle when they reached school.

Lucky exclaimed, “Why are you smiling Raagu… Ohh I got it as we reached first right!!”

Ragini nodded her head in agreement and said come let’s go to class, otherwise my teacher will give me punishment.

Laksh exclaimed, “Let Sanskar come, he has our bags right, then how can we get into the class without our books”

Then it got struck in Ragini’s mind, how foolish idea was hers and now she has to take punishment for this. Lucky started to get worried as Sanskar has not yet reached the school as the prayer also got completed and now the school gates will be closed in another 5 mins.

Lucky exclaimed, “Why would he take so much time Raagu. I think something might have happened and we should go and help him”

Ragini exclaimed, “Lucky I think he is not good at riding cycle. He will come don’t worry”

Lucky exclaimed, “It has been 15mins and now the gates are also closed, its raining heavily too, I guess he should have struck in some problem, u be here I will go and see”

Ragini exclaimed, “ No Lucky if I stay here and principal sees me she will give me some punishment, I will also come along with you and will go back home”

Lucky and Ragini started to go back when on the way they saw Sanskar carrying all their 3 bags by walking in that rain.

Ragini was very happy looking at his condition. Lucky exclaimed, “Where is your cycle and why are you carrying all our bags??” and he took the bags from him

Sanskar exclaimed, “I don’t know Lucky how it happened, while riding I observed that the air is coming out of the back wheel and the valve was loosened. I was shouting at you people to wait, but you guys were not able to hear me. So I went back home, kept the cycle and coming back”

Lucky exclaimed, “oh god!!! Now it’s waste to go back to school, watchman has locked the gate also” and all the 3 returned back to home.

After reaching home, lucky went to Ragini and exclaimed, “Did you do something to Sanky’s cycle?”

Ragini cried out, “Lucky even I missed the class, why would I do that?”

Lucky exclaimed, “U can fool anyone but not me Ok, I knew that you don’t like Sanky and I saw that you were enjoying when I was worried for Sanky.”

Ragini exclaimed, “ Sorry Lucky from next time I would not do anything” just to please Lucky.

Lucky exclaimed, “Ok. But if you repeat it again I will tell to Mamma and papa”

Days were passing by and Ragini did not try to do any mischief till she gains Lucky’s confidence back on her and was waiting for a right time.

SanLak used to do combined studies and Ragini used to sit along with them and study. Dadaji and Dadi went for pilgrimage. Sekhar and Ram went for work. Sumi and Sujatha gave some assignments to the 3 and went out for buying groceries. All the 3 were studying in Sanskar’s house.

Ragini exclaimed, “Now I am feeling bored, shall we play something for few mins”

Sanky exclaimed, “No.. we have lots of work to do”

Ragini exclaimed, “Lucky please just for few mins and after that we can study again”

Lucky agreed and asked Sanskar just for few mins we will play video game and then again we can study back. Raagu can identify anyone by their footsteps who it is, so don’t worry Sanskar”

Sanskar finally agreed and all the 3 started to play together. After few mins Ragini exclaimed that I have a doubt in maths and started to ask few questions to Lucky and he was helping her in solving the problems while Sanskar was busy playing Video game.

Lucky was shocked as he saw a person approaching them and turned towards Sanskar, when the person shouted, “Sanskar what are you doing, when RagLak are studying”

Sanskar was choked looking at the person and exclaimed, “Papa!!!” and Ragini smirked looking Sanskar.

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        I have doudt after becoming griwn up do rag and san will be pairs or this ff is not a love story

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        I don’t know why the reply link was missing to ur comment dear so replied back to my prev comment itself. RagSan will be pair and a hatred to love story

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    Btw After growing up laksh will die right ?as u said in promo
    Em being lil sad thinking it ????

    1. Ashrita.S

      Yes dear he will die, but he would be the final reason for RagSan, and there will be lucky again in fb… and with a little surprise too… Tc dear

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