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Recap : Episode 26

After few days, Ragini woke up screaming that Lucky was trying protect my baby from evil forces. Sanskar exclaimed, “What are you saying Raagu?”

Ragini exclaimed, “Yes Sanskar believe me, something trying to capture me while he was trying to stop it reaching me. He was shouting on me, Raagu you should go to hospital, don’t neglect”, saying that she got up from bed and stepped towards her parents room. Sanskar observed blood stain on her night dress, he immediately turned towards the bed and found blood stains even on that.

He ran to Ragini, by that time she woke up Sumi and Sekhar. Sanskar exclaimed, “Maa, Raagu has blood stains on her dress”. Ragini and Sumi were frightened hearing as it meant something bad for the baby. All of them fled to Hospital. Doctor checked her thoroughly and said that it’s a false delivery alarm. After a week she gave birth to a baby boy and they named him Laksh. Everyone has forgot about RagSan agreement but their distance has not decreased.

One day Sekhar’s friend Raghu visited Sekhar house after hearing about Laksh demise. Raghu after looking at Laksh photo exclaimed, “He reminds me of someone, I am not able to recollect”. He fell in thoughts till he left their house. On the way to his house he remembered, who the person was and so he returned back to Gadodia’s house and said, “Laksh Veduri, cousin of Maruti Chitilla, now I remember very well Sekhar, he is a carbon copy”

RagSan who were near Sekhar were stunned hearing Raghu. After Raghu left their house, they questioned Sekhar about Laksh Veduri, Sekhar recollected how he met Laksh Veduri and told them, “Yes our Laksh exactly looks like Laksh Veduri, I used to think lot of times but I had never been so keen of knowing all these things, Even he was 26yrs old when he died”

RagSan were astonished hearing from Sekhar, they have read in books and heard from people that there will be seven people in the world who are look-alike but they never believed, but now whatever happened with them, they are lost if they have to believe their mind or ears.

Sekhar continued, “It was around 1980, when I went to Raipur in search of a job. Raghu was working in the city and he told me to come to his place till he get a job. Raghu’s friend Maruti was his roommate, both of them worked in the same company. Maruthi’s cousin Laksh also used to stay along with them, he was a kind-hearted person. He always used to give all his money to the poor. He was an Orphan, he had no parents but he hired lot of wealth of his ancestors, before his death he wrote a will that Maruti will be hiring half of his property and the rest he donated to Orphanage”. Sekhar’s eyes were misted while recollecting about Laksh.

RagSan listened to him carefully while Sekhar continued, “Both of us became good friends as we used to stay at home and roam together, Suddenly one day, Laksh started to vomit blood, so i took him to hospital and came to know that he is in his final stages and Laksh already knows about the deadly disease which he had. 26days I was with him in the hospital taking care of him till his last breath.”

Raagu exclaimed, “Papa, why did you name Lucky as Laksh?, was he the reason?”

Sekhar replied, “I don’t really remember what made me to keep his name to Lucky, Lucky was born in the year 1991, by that time I had almost forgot about him, but when our lucky was growing, I felt as if I know this person, later I recollected whom does he looks like”

Dadaji exclaimed, “Sekhar, now I understood everything, our laksh was indebted to you in his previous birth, so he was born as your son for whatever service you have done while he was on his death bed”

Everyone lost in their thoughts and left to their rooms. In their room Ragini started to feed milk to Little Laksh and looked at Sanskar and questioned, “Are you thinking the same whatever I was thinking about?”

Sanskar replied, “I am wondering, if it is true whatever dadaji and papa told about Laksh’s past birth”

Ragini exclaimed, “Sanky I need a help from you, I know I won’t be able to do anything alone, I need your help, whatever happened between both of us I want to forget all those things and want a fresh start again. I already lost Lucky now I don’t want to lose anyone more”

Sanskar went near her and questioned, “Why don’t you cry Ragini? Let your grief come out. I can feel that your heart is burdened”. Ragini’s heart was heavy while Sanky was speaking to her, she was not even able to gulp. Her throat was heavy as if she is not able to bring a word out of it. Yes she misses her Lucky a lot, but she also knew that her parents would fell weak if she becomes weak.

Ragini kept silent. Sanskar doesn’t want to force her. So he questioned, “What kind of help do you want from me, I am ready to do anything”

Ragini replied, “We shall find about Laksh Veduri”

Sanskar exclaimed, “The same thing was running even in my mind, I just want to know, if really our Lucky and Laksh Veduri are connected”, saying that his eye sight fell on the little Laksh who was smiling at him and Ragini. He took him in his lap and questioned Ragini, “How about our little prince?”

Ragini exclaimed, “We shall take him along with us, wherever we go”, both of them played with him for a while.

The next day they went to Raghu’s house and asked him the details of Maruti Chitilla. Raghu said that he is not in touch with him but he would definitely try to get his details. After few days Raghu called them and informed about Maruti, who is currently in Japan now along with his children, but when I told him about you guys and Lucky, he said he can give each and every minute details whatever he knows. He also asked me to give his number to you and can call him at his daytime any day.

RagSan called Maruti and spoke to him regarding Laksh Veduri, whatever Sekhar told them about Laksh even he said the same and also said that he was not taken proper care by his family members. He was left orphan though he had his grandparents. My father and Lucky’s father were cousins. My father used to take care of him whenever he used to visit his home. He never got anyone’s love in his life. I have all his photographs in my home. You guys can go to Visakhapatnam and I will inform my cousin about your arrival, he can show you all his memories and we can have a video call, once you guys reach to my home”

RagSan decided to go to Visakhapatnam in order to get more information about Laksh. When RagSan reached Visakhapatnam, Sanskar felt as if he knew this place. They travelled towards Andhra University which he felt to be very familiar. He asked the cab driver, isn’t this place called as “Waltair”. The cab driver replied him patiently, “yes it used to be called so, but long back it has been changed to Visakhapatnam”. Ragini was surprised with his questions and she questioned, “Have you read all the history of this place?”

Sanskar exclaimed, “No Raagu, I feel there is some connection with this place”. He took little Laksh in his lap and started to play with him till they reached the destiny. Ragini understood that something was disturbing Sanskar but she quietly observed him carefully. They were passing by the beach road when Sanskar asked the driver to stop the car suddenly. He got down from the cab and walked on the pavement and started to search for something running here and there.

He went to cab driver and questioned, “There should be red hills nearby beach right?”
Cab driver replied, “Oh Sir which beach you are talking about? Red hills are near Bhemili beach which is far from this place”
Ragini questioned him back ,”Sanky are you ok?”
Sanskar replied, “No Raagu, I don’t feel so, I think we have to go from this place asap. I feel as if something is haunting me”. Ragini was worried looking at him and she said, “Let’s go back home Sanky. No need to know anything”

Sanskar assured her, “We will go back as soon we complete the work but not leaving in the middle”. Finally reached their destiny. Maruti’s cousin opened the door with the spare keys and they started to search for the photographs. They got an album and they called Raghu immediately.

Maruti showed all his family members photo and finally they stopped when looking at Laksh’s photo, He looked almost similar but a light beard. Little laksh was laughing looking at Laksh Veduri’s photo. Ragsan were surprised as they seem to be carbon copy. Ragini took a copy of it and turned the album when her sight fell on one photo. She screamed, “I know him, his eyes… his eyes its very familiar”. Sanskar looked at the photo and said, “Calm down Ragini” and he asked Raghu whose photo it belongs to. Maruti exclaimed, “This is Laksh’s father, Krishna Veduri, because of heavy consumption of alcohol his health degraded and died when Laksh was around 6yrs, he always used to carry his photo along with him, but he never knew how his mother looks like”

RagSan questioned, “What does that meant?”

Maruti answered, “I don’t know much about his parents as my parents never spoke anything about them, but all I know is Laksh’s father married a muslim lady when he went for his advocate studies in Secunderabad and he married her going against his family. Even Laksh doesn’t know about his parents. He always missed his mother’s love.” RagSan eyes were welled up. Little Laksh started to cry holding Ragini tightly as if he is not ready to leave her.

Precap : RagSan decides to find about Krishna Veduri, where would they land up… A journey to past birth starts now!!!! Finally finding and falling in Love on the way 

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