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Guys, Sorry for the late update.. Just few more epis. from next part it will be a journey to past birth. Hope you will like it. Thanks for your support. Not a proof read. Tc 🙂

Recap :

Ragini went to her room and was about to sleep when she felt another kick from the baby, she kept her hand on the stomach and cried out “Maa!!!”

Sumi ran inside along with others and questioned, “What happened Raagu?”

Ragini exclaimed, “Maa, baby is kicking maa”. Sumi kept her hand on her stomach and everyone started to feel the movements. Ragini went to SwaLak and asked them to feel the baby, both of them felt happy looking at Ragini. Sanskar came to her and saw her very happy.

Ragini’s expression changed as soon as she looked at Sanky, she left the place immediately. She used to be very careful and used to keep herself away from Sanskar so that he would not be able to reach her baby. She became over possessive towards her baby.

After 2months, it was Ragini’s 8th month suddenly one morning she was not feeling baby’s movements. She screamed at Sanskar who is sleeping in the same room, “Sanskar, I am not feeling baby’s movement. He is not moving. I am very afraid”, she started to cry. Sanskar worried hearing her.

Immediately they went to hospital doctor checked her and said, “May be we have to do Ultrasound to confirm”. After Ultrasound they confirmed that baby is not moving and they have to operate and take away the baby or else it will be dangerous for mother. It was almost 10am. All of them were very worried. Sanskar with heavy heart agreed to the doctor. Ram went to in – house temple to pray god. Just then Ragini screamed, “The baby is kicking”. His sight fell on the digital clock which is on the wall. It was 10.23am.

Doctor checked again and said, “All I can say is it’s a miracle”. All of them were happy in tears. Suddenly Sanskar remembered his mobile which was ringing from past 30mins from some unknown numbers. He just rang to the number back.

The person on the other side with disheartened tone exclaimed, “We were calling you from past 30mins but there is no response”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I am sorry, I am not able to recognize you”

Person exclaimed, “I am Mr. Laksh Gadodia’s colleague, he met with an accident”
Sanskar stumbled hearing that and exclaimed, “How is he?” All of them looked at him. Ragini questioned, “Who was that?”

Person exclaimed, “You need to come here, it’s serious. We know that his sister is pregnant so we didn’t call to his family. We informed to Swara’s parents also. I am really sorry” and he hanged the call

Sanskar felt as if ground is sliding from his foot. He understood what the person has meant, something very bad has happened with Lucky. He had no guts to inform at home but he has to say if he has to go to Delhi. He decided he has to inform. He calmly went near Sekhar, holding him he said, “Uncle I need to go to Delhi. I got a call from Lucky’s Office”

Ragini was puzzled, “Why did they call you?”

Sanskar replied, “He met with an accident, so I need to go there now”

All of them were shocked, their happiness has not lasted even for a minute. All of them poured questions at a time while Ragini called Lucky’s number and tried calling but there was no response. She was afraid, still she tried calling again. Call got connected when Ragini shouted, “Why can’t you pick my call for the first time itself and why did Sanskar get a call from your office that you met with an accident. Are you fine?” Sanskar ran to her

She heard a nervous voice, “Is that Mr. Laksh’s sister? I have his phone with me”

Ragini shouted, “What are you doing with his phone, give it back to him”, Sanskar grabbed the phone from her and hanged the call. Doctors came and said, “Just now her baby started to move again, she should be careful”, hearing that Ragini became silent and questioned Sanskar, “What happened to Lucky? How is he now?”

Sanskar replied, “His treatment is going on, he had a leg injury so they need someone to come there”. Sekhar, Sumi and Ragini exclaimed, “Then we will go”. Sanskar exclaimed, “Its 8th month for Ragini and it is not good for her to travel, so I will go and bring him here”. Everyone agreed. Sumi went to Sanskar and said, “Make him talk with me once you reach there”. Sanskar with heavy heart said, “Ok maa”. Ragini observed all his expressions and something stroke her that he is hiding from everyone. He left to Delhi immediately.

By the time he reached Delhi, he saw Swara’s parents crying in hospital. They were waiting for formalities to be completed so that they can take her body back home. He was taken to Laksh. He was lying on the bed lifeless. Sanskar broke down looking at him like that. He doesn’t know how to face his family who are eagerly waiting for Laksh’s arrival. His phone rang it was from Ragini. He was afraid to pick the call but he did it at last.

Ragini exclaimed, “Bring my brother home safely with all his belongings, last week he purchased a white shirt, he would be happy if we do his final rites along with it”. Sanskar was dumbstruck, tears rolled down his eyes and he cried out loudly.

Ragini exclaimed, “Sanskar don’t break down, now only we 2 should manage the whole family. I heard everything when papa got a call from Dp uncle. I have to take care of my parents, I can’t be weak. If I become weak and something happens to me, then what would happen to my parents, what would I say to Lucky that I was not able to take proper care of maa and papa”.

Sanskar was puzzled to hear her, he didn’t expect it at all. He was afraid of Ragini’s behaviour because he knows that Lucky is more than World for her, but hearing Lucky’s demise she can’t be like that. He exclaimed, “Ragini cry out!! It’s not good for you to burden yourself with grief. Let your pain come out”, he pleaded her. She replied, “Maa doesn’t know anything, papa doesn’t want to tell her anything now. First bring my lucky home carefully” and she hanged the call.

Ragini went into the washroom and broke down. She screamed, “Why did you leave me lucky? How could you go like that? I can never forgive you.” She heard a knock on the door. She wiped her tears and exclaimed, “Yes, I am coming”. She opened the door and found Sekhar.

Ragini exclaimed, “Papa!!! Where is maa?”

Sekhar with misted eyes, “I know that, you came to know about Lucky”, his eyes were welled up and were ready to drown any moment. Ragini hugged him and said, “Papa be strong, Maa!! I don’t know how she would take it!!”

Sekhar wiped his tears breaking the hug and said, “No your maa doesn’t know anything, she is just thinking that it is a small accident and he would come back home. She is in house temple with a wrong belief that her son will come back to her” saying that he wept.

Ragini went to Sumi who was deeply immersed in prayers along with Dadi, Dadaji and Sujatha. She called out Sumi and said, “Maa I am feeling hungry, can you give me something to eat” None responded to her.

Sanskar questioned the office staff about the accident as Lucky did spoke to his parents at 7am. They told him that, at around 9.30am Lucky, Swara and Rishab went to take some universal measurement near the railway tracks. Swara was talking to her parents in phone and started to walk near the railway tracks. Lucky who observed that ran to her but was already hit by the train. He stood there dumbstruck when he was blown away because of the train’s speed and fell on the rocks. He started to bleed, Rishab called the ambulance immediately and of the railway guard has tied a cloth to his head to control bleeding. He had difficulty in breathing but by the time we reached hospital, doctors declared that he was dead.

Sanskar has to wait for the next day till all the police and hospital formalities has to be completed and returned back to Mumbai with Laksh’s body. Sumi cried out and cursed god for taking away her son. She scolded everyone for hiding such a big truth from everyone. She hugged Lucky and was inseparable with much difficulty they completed his last rights and bid an adieu to Lucky.

After few days Sumi found Lucky’s death certificate and cried loudly. Sujatha took her into the room. Ram took the death certificates and his eye sight fell on the time of his last breath. It was exactly 10.23am. He was shocked and puzzled. Looking at him dadaji questioned him. He said, “Papaji, I don’t know if its coincidence or what, but the baby’s movements has started exactly at the time when Lucky’s soul left the world. Hearing that dadi went to Ragini and kept her hand on her womb and exclaimed, “Sumi, your son did not go anywhere, he came back in Ragini’s womb. My pota is in her sister’s womb. Now I understood on that day why lucky was insisting to keep the baby”

Sumi remembered that day when Lucky was explaining them that who knows why baby has come in Ragini’s womb. She ran to Ragini and said, “Yes Raagu, that day Lucky was saying what was Baby’s mistake, he didn’t ask them that he want to come in this world but if he was sent here that means there should be some reason. Don’t let Raagu abort the baby. Who knows why he is in Ragini’s womb. Don’t let him go maa”, she exclaimed, “I remember each and every word of him, from today I won’t cry again for him. He is always with me.”

Ragini felt the kick and thought in her mind, “Is that really you my Lucky!!!!” Sanskar looked at her reaction.

Precap : Ragini delivers baby boy. Sekhar’s old friend Visits his house after hearing of Laksh’s demise and reminds Sekhar about Laksh Veduri who was a carbon copy whom he forgot long back.

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  1. Lovely7

    I never expected​ this kind of twist

    Crying mode, emotional part yar

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot and sorry for making you cry

  2. Rasha

    episode was absolutely extraordinary.. feeling very sad for laksh disappear… so laksh truth coming out but his real birth true

    1. Ashrita.S

      Tq Dr.. Laksh will be there all through my next updates though his character was killed.. laksh’s past birth will be updated in the next part

  3. So emotional….waiting for next part

    1. Ashrita.S

      Tq Dr.. uploaded it today

  4. Follybraverl

    Extremely tremendous story hats off

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot dr

  5. Akshata

    fantastic episode, no wrods…. just loved it. so history is going to repeat again. laksh is going to born again as ragsan child like his previous birth. wow awesome twist Ashrita, way to go.
    i cant wait, update soon.

    1. Ashrita.S

      Yes absolutely correct Dr, he is going to born again as RagSan child.. thanks a lot

  6. Asw

    U made me cry ? extremely amazing keep going

    1. Ashrita.S

      Sorry for making u cry Dr, thanks for commenting

  7. Silent_writer

    Ahhhhh i thought only gayu can make me cry but here u also does that and thats soo bad i never thought that laksh will die i thought that RagSan will find past birth through laksh only like he left them something like this but urghhhhhhhh he died *crying but he is coming again as ragsan child just lovd it not enough words to describe also its fabbbbb

    1. Ashrita.S

      I am really sorry Dr but I had already told in the prologue itself that Lucky is going to die as he is RagSans child, he would get all that love which he has missed in his previous birth. There is also a reason why he was born as Sekhar’s son, u ll get to know in the next update… Really glad u liked it

  8. Keerthu

    Ragsan r lucky to have their baby back dr………… Feeling bad for lucky and swara………… Who will find their Past birth secret dr………….

    1. Ashrita.S

      Yes, lucky parents.. RagSan would find out everything their journey is on go.. thanks for commenting dr

  9. Awesome

  10. Asra

    fabulous dear….what a twist yar….ohh my laksh died…noooo am crying dear….ragini conversation to Sanky….u nailed it dear….eagerly waiting for their past….tkcr dear….

    1. Ashrita.S

      Tq for ur lovely comment Dr… Apologies for making u guys cry … Lots of love

  11. Lahari

    Im crying like hell..very emotional dear

    1. Ashrita.S

      Tq Dr for commenting

  12. awesome dr

  13. Aarzu

    OMG….. I m a silent reader but today I was forced to comment…. It was really good… I never expected such twist…. I just Love it…. Hope u’ll post soon

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks for breaking ur silence and commenting Dr, I feel overwhelmed when someone says that.. tq once again

  14. A.xx

    amazing loved it and post soon xx

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot Dr.. yes I already updates hope it will be posted soon

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