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Recap :

Sanskar was spellbound hearing to Ragini. The next weekend Sanskar’s family had arrived to the house next to RagLak’s . Laksh was very happy as he had Sanskar as his new neighbour but Ragini was fuming out in anger after knowing that their new neighbours were none other than Sanskar.

Ragini went to their house along with Sumi and Laksh. The ladies were having formal introduction with each other. Sanskar’s mom introduced herself as Sujatha and her husband’s name is Ram Prasad. Sumi greeted them and invited them for lunch at their house as they have to still unpack the luggage.

Sujatha exclaimed, “Thanks sumi ji for your concern but don’t worry Sanskar’s papa will bring something from hotel”

Sumi exclaimed, “There are no good hotels nearby too, it’s just a matter for one day, Sanskar and Lucky are friends also, they will be feeling good”

Sujatha hesitated but Dadi came in and exclaimed, “What’s the need of neighbours when we can’t help each other”

Just then Ram and Sekhar came in together and said, “ We will have lunch together”

So all of them had lunch and men were chit chatting and women were helping each other to arrange Sanskar’s house. Even SanLak were helping their moms but Ragini sat along with her father.

Sumi exclaimed, “Maa look at your poti she is sitting like a queen instead of helping us and look at this boys how they are helping us”

SanLak started to laugh looking at Ragini. Ragini kept a pout face when Dadi replied back, “She is my princess and no need to work”.

Sumi exclaimed, “I am telling you Maa she will become lazy because of your pampering one day”

Sujatha exclaimed, “Let her rest na, she is too young to do all this things”

Laksh exclaimed, “Yes aunty I would not let my little sister do anything. She is my doll”

Ragini was very happy as her brother was supporting her, that is what all she actually need. Laksh went back to work along with Sanskar. Ragini was feeling jealous as she was finding that Lucky moving close with Sanskar and her mind started to say that Sanskar is going to take away her place in Laksh’s heart.

Ragini ran to SanLak and said that even she would help them and started to work along with them. Sanskar was carrying white flour when Ragini intentionally put her legs in his way and he fell down immediately with all flour on his head.

Everyone started to laugh looking at Sanskar when Sujatha ran to him and exclaimed, “Sanky are you all right” and she helped him.

Ragini exclaimed, “Sanky!!! Is that his pet name”.

Ram exclaimed, “Yes beta as your Dadi call you her little princess and your Lucky call you doll in the same way we call Sanskar as Sanky”

Ragini with a pout face exclaimed, “Everyone have a good pet names but I don’t have”

Sekhar exclaimed, “Your Dadi calls you princess, so that’s your pet name only dear”

Ragini exclaimed, “Its not, you and mamma calls me Ragini. See uncle and Aunty call Sanskar as Sanky and you call Laksh as Lucky then why don’t I have one.”

Sekhar exclaimed, “Ok then we will call you Ladoo”

Ragini exclaimed, “No… I don’t ant to be called like that. Laksh is Lucky, Sanskar is Sanky like that Ragini also should have something”

Laksh exclaimed, “You are my Raagu”

Ragini exclaimed, “Raagu… how pretty!!! And you are my Lucky” ran to him hugged him and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Sanskar looked at her and murmured in himself, “She is a drama queen. It’s better if I stay away from her”

Laksh wiped his cheek and said, “ How many times I have to tell you that don’t kiss me”

Ragini pulled his cheeks and said, “I love it Lucky”

Sumi exclaimed, “This brother sister love is OK but what about studies, you have your monthly exams in another month, if you are not going to get good marks this time I will send you to Nani’s house”

Ragini exclaimed, “Mamma u can ask me anything from Lucky’s syllabus I would answer you”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Is it!! Really!!”

Laksh exclaimed, “Yes Sanky, she can answer as she reads only my books not hers”

Sanskar exclaimed, “ok then I will ask you something” pointing towards Ragini

Ragini exclaimed, “ask me anything whatever your teacher taught you till date”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Ok I will ask you on fractions. What is the answer for 2/3 + 3/3”

Ragini exclaimed, “i need a paper and pencil”

Laksh brought it and gave it to her. Ragini did some calculations And said it’s 5/3”

Sanskar exclaimed, “ Your answer is partially right. I want it in exact form”

Ragini haven’t understood and said I am right. Sanskar said “5/3 can still be written as 1 (2/3) and you don’t know exact form as you haven’t learned properly.”

Sekhar exclaimed, “Yes Ragu , You have to learn properly only then u would remember, by hearting always doesn’t work.”

Ragini eyed at Sanskar angrily and went to her house without uttering a word.

Ragini was talking to herself, “this Sanskar is not a good boy. He is always trying to find faults in me. Now I should do something. First I should get good marks” and she took out her home work book and started to do the assignments.

Laksh who came inside following her saw that she was busy completing her assignments. He went to her and exclaimed, “Is this my Ragu!!!”

Ragini cried looking at Lucky and exclaimed, “I don’t like that Sanky, he is always trying to make me down. I hate him and he is trying to take you away from me”

Lucky wiped her tears and said, “My dear Ragu no one can separate us. U are my cute little sister.” and hugged her and exclaimed, “I saw that you intentionally made Sanskar fell down”.

Ragini giggled and said, “so u caught me again, I wish I could do something else”.

Days were passing by and in the first monthly exam Ragini scored 1st rank which surprised all her family members.

Sumi exclaimed, “how did this miracle happened. You never get any ranks”

Laksh exclaimed, “Yes mamma even I am surprised, I was studying so hard and I got only 2nd rank and this Ragu she was playing all the time with her friends and would not study more than an hr”

Ragini exclaimed, “Papa only told na by hearting will not work, so I was concentrating on whatever my teacher says in the class but who got 1st rank this time lucky, u always get it right”

Laksh exclaimed, “This time Sanky got it”

Hearing Sanky’s name she fumed in anger but she silently left the place without uttering a word. She went into her room and was murmuring in herself “Why this Sanky is taking my Lucky’s place. I have to do something so that my Lucky will always be first in his class.”

Credit to: Ashrita

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    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks dear ☺

  1. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! But Ragini Ki Possessiveness Kam Ni Hosakti Kya!

    1. Ashrita.S

      Ha ha… not so easily dear, she has some insecurities it’s all because of previous birth☺

  2. yar just love ur ff
    this is so much diferent and unique concept
    love rags

    1. Ashrita.S

      Really glad that u liked it dear and thanks for commenting☺

  3. Snehahari

    superb and i like this ragini

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot dear☺

  4. Superb episode dear….nw wt rags will do to poor sanky????…but must say dat rags charecter is really unique☺…

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot dear … he he he.. she will not leave an occasion dear ?

  5. ragini jealousy is nice but don’t show negative vibes in her character, loved it

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks fr liking it dear and don’t worry she will not be -ve, all these are happening only because of previous birth relations

  6. Sindhura

    Her jeouy was awesome but i hope it wont bring any hurricane in their lifes that they start to hate ragini

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks for commenting dear. Lucky is there so he would mange everything and is not going to effect the family, it will be just bw LakRagSan☺

  7. Rafeee


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      Thanks dear☺

  8. It resembles a film .. Jzt my doubt.

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks for commenting dear☺..Which movie dear, I would love to know

  9. Megha123

    Awww……..ragu again too naughty
    I wonder if they’d ever become friends
    Looking forward for nxt episode.

    1. Ashrita.S

      RagSan and friends!!! Don’t expect it dear??.Thanks for commenting dear

  10. Ragz_teju

    Superb bonding b/with rag and lak was awesome

    1. Ashrita.S

      Glad u liked it dear.. Thanks for commenting☺

  11. What is she going to do now….interesting

    1. Ashrita.S

      She would play another prank ?

  12. Superb update.your amazing dear.i had never read this kind of story before.loved it. Eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot dear ☺

  13. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Loved Ragini’s possessiveness and jealousy
    Waiting for the next one……..

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot dear ☺

    2. Thanks a lot dear 🙂

  14. Akshata

    ragini is so cute, actually cuteness overload. really different and amazing story. loved this possessive and jealous ragini. i am so excited to see what will ragini do with sanskar.

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks a lot dear… she is going to play pranks with him which will definetly irritate Sanskar at some point of time ☺

  15. ragini so cute ..i love ur story .
    its totaly different …

    1. Ashrita.S

      Thanks dear ☺

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