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Recap : Part 16

Marriage date was finalised and it’s after 1½ month. Sanskar was working as a software engineer in Pune. Lucky was a civil engineer working in Delhi. Ragini and Swara planned to do MBA after graduation which is going to complete in a month.

Finally a week before marriage Sanskar was lost in thoughts. I didn’t even try to speak her atleast once after the marriage proposal and I don’t know what she is thinking about me. I don’t want to get separated from her, this marriage is a bridge to fill the distance between us. I should make her realise that I am perfect for her and I hope this marriage would tie us forever in this relationship.

His thoughts were disturbed by a call and it was Ragini, he picked up hesitatingly not knowing how he should speak to her. This was his new experience.

Ragini in the other side just thinking that why he is not picking up the call. She was determined to tell him today that she want to give a chance to their relation. She wanted to tell him that loves him and this relation is not a burden but was awaiting from long time.

Ragini’s phone rang and she picked up instantly looking at the name flashing. She replied, “I was waiting for your call”

Sanskar was surprised as he didn’t expect that she would be waiting for his call and exclaimed, “Sorry Raagu, my phone was on silent, something urgent”

Ragini replied stammering not knowing what would be his reaction so she said, “Sanky I just called you to say that I got admission in Pune itself, do you have any problem if I do MBA after marriage”

Sanskar replied, “Raagu why are you asking me such a stupid question, I am your friend first than going to be husband so no formalities, u r free to do whatever you like. I will always support u.”

Ragini was super excited by the word husband, now he is her fiancé and very true now no one is going to come between them and soon he will her husband. She had tickles in her stomach. Sanskar exclaimed, “Ragini u there!!!”

Ragini replied, “Thanks Sanky!!! I wanted to say one more thing to you and I don’t know how you would react”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Don’t be formal Raagu, just tell me whatever you want to say”

Ragini exclaimed, “I want to talk to you about our marriage”

Sanskar’s heart started to race. Many thoughts were running in his mind now. He is not sure what she is going to talk now. His thoughts were disturbed when he heard some voice from other side talking with Ragini. He could recognise the voice easily as it’s none other than Veer’s .

Veer exclaimed, “Ragini did you tell to Sanskar that I love you”

Sanskar heart beat skipped hearing Veer’s words. Is this what Ragini wanted to talk with me. So she wanted to say me that she is in love with Veer and wanted to confirm about the agreement.

Ragini replied to Sanskar , “Sanky I would call you back in another few mins, I have some urgent work” and she hanged up the call.

Ragini turned towards Veer and said, “Veer I already told you that you are just my friend and nothing else”

Veer was not in a mood to listen her and tried to grab her hand, when Ragini shouted on him and said, “Why can’t you understand that I don’t love you”

Veer questioned, “If not me then for whom you were buying cards for every valentines day?”

Ragini replied, “I don’t need to reply you but still I will say it to clear your misunderstandings that I love Sanskar, he is my life and I can’t think my life without him”

Veer laughed at her sarcastically , so you have fallen in love with that body guard. Ragini was shocked to see his real avatar coming back. She was stunned looking at him.

Veer said, “I had been wasting all my time to behave as a good boy in front of you so that you would fall in love with me, but that Sanskar ruined everything, still don’t worry, I am not going to leave you so easily” and he went near to her

Ragini slapped him hardly and said, “Sanky warned me many times to stay away from you but I never cared his words and thought that u have changed but I haven’t realised that u r similar to dog’s tail which would never be straight whatever efforts you put” and she left the place.

Veer kept his hand on the cheek and murmured, “You have to pay for this slap Ragini, I am not going to leave you”

Sanskar who was frustrated after hearing Veer’s words has lost his senses. He was lying on the bed thinking about Ragini. He has planned that he would propose her on the day of their sangeet, but all his dreams were shattered. He started to think that even Ragini loves Veer.

He got a call from Ragini but he didn’t pick up the call. After few hrs he got call from Sujatha. He picked up the call. Sujatha exclaimed, “Have u started?”

Sanskar forgot that he has taken a leave of 15days for his marriage, his bus was missed. He calmly replied back , “Maa I can come only a day before marriage, I got some urgent issues to fix”

Sujatha was furious, “How can you do that Sanky, u r telling us on last moment, and that Ragini was curiously waiting for you to complete her shopping, I don’t want to hear anything from you now. You already had applied for leave and just tell your boss and leave from their. If you are not going to reach by tomorrow morning I would not be eating anything till u come here” and she hanged down the call.

Sanskar had no other option rather than packing his luggage and going back to Mumbai. By the time he reached home he saw Sujatha happily welcoming him into the house after doing his Aarti. Sanskar calmly went to his room. Ragini who came to knew that Sanskar has reached she jumped happily and went to his room.

Sanskar was in towel and was about to go to bathroom when he saw Ragini getting inside the room and locking the door. Ragini turned to him and was shocked to look him in towel and she immediately closed her eyes telling him to wear something and how can he be so shameless .

Sanskar adamantly said, “This is my room and I can wear anything whatever I like”

Ragini exclaimed, “But this room is soon going to be my room too, so keep an habit of being in good clothes”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Dont you have manners to knock the door and get inside”

Ragini exclaimed, “From childhood I never had that habit, then how would I get it suddenly, I am not getting into some unknowns room but it’s Yours”

Sanskar moved closed to her and pinned her to the wall and said, “If you are not going to make it as your habit then I can do anything with you”

Ragini tried to move away from the locked position but she was not able to move even an inch as he has totally captured the area and she seemed to be a rat in front of him. He neared more close to her this is making her mad and felt that she would loose her control. She closed her eyes and her lips were shivering now.

Sanskar saw her innocent face and was mesmerised. He smiled looking at her. He could feel her heart beat racing when he approached her. He was afraid now that he might kiss her if he move more close to her but something pushed him more towards her and was about to plant a kiss when he was disturbed by his mind saying that she loves Veer, not u. He immediately went back and questioned her why she has come here.

Ragini was relaxed when she understood that he moved back, she replied, “I just came to ask you when shall we go to buy our bridal dresses”

Sanskar’s anger was increasing as she is not telling about Veer. He just questioned back, “Why are you so excited when you know that this marriage is just a deal. Ragini, I love Kavita”

Ragini was shocked to hear that Sanskar loves Kavita. Her dreams were broken. She came to tell him that how much she loves him and wanted to give a chance to this relation, but now she felt that there is no use to say anything as he has cleared out the air saying that loves Kavita and now she has nothing left to say. She just replied him, “Yeah even I am not interested in all these but just to make our parents happy we have to act in front of them” and she left the room.

Lucky who heard their conversation was stunned to know that Sanskar is loving Kavita but not Ragini. He was lost in deep thoughts as he didn’t understood then why they both have agreed for the marriage.

Swara who came by that side saw Lucky very disturbed and questioned him about the same. He replied her, “I think RagSan are forcing themselves to get married and they don’t love each other”

Swara was puzzled, “But why would they say to everyone that they love each other”

Lucky exclaimed, “I am sure that they love each other but don’t know what they are hiding their feelings from each other and trying to be in love in front of others”

Swara exclaimed, “Then we have to stop this marriage lucky, it’s better they don’t get tied up in an unwanted relation”

Lucky exclaimed, “No Swara, they should get married, whatever happens this marriage should not be stopped and I need your help in this”

Swara questioned, “Even after knowing everything why are you doing this”

Lucky exclaimed, “I want to tell you everything Swara but not now, I would definitely tell you the reason when the correct time comes, if you trust me just helm me”

Swara said, “I trust you more than my life Lucky”

Lucky smiled and exclaimed, “I know Swara that you love me very much and you trust me a lot but I am not a right person for you, you have a bright future.”

Swara interrupted, “I don’t want to talk about us now, just concentrate on RagSan”.

All the 4 went to shopping to buy bridal dresses and returned back. SwaLak were making plans to bring RagSan closer but was firing out every time. Marriage was completed with all the rituals but SwaLak were not able to fill the gap between RagSan and they easily found out though others were not able to find it.

Thank you guys for you continuous support, I would be back with the next chapter by Friday or Saturday, until then tc, keep Smiling ☺☺☺
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