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Recap : Part 15
Days were passing on, Sanskar and Swara became comfortable with each other and used to freak out with each other. After knowing that Swara is her niece, Sujatha had no bounds to shower her love towards her. The same happened with Sanskar too, but Dp was not ready to accept Sujatha. In this process of bringing the families together gap started to form between RagSan relation. Lucky used to be like always with SwaSan, but Ragini’s insecure feelings has increased.

One day Lucky questioned Sanskar about when he is going to tell about his love to Ragini and did he found a way to make her his pen friend.

Sanskar replied, “Lucky at this stage of my life, my mom’s relation with her brother is important to me than my love. Lucky at this point iI can’t even give time to the person whomever I love.”

Lucky exclaimed, “Do you mean that you don’t love Raagu anymore?”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Lucky I love her but I don’t want the relations become more complicated at this stage, let everything get settled then I would propose her”

Lucky even made up his mind that it’s not the right time as everything is so disturbed in their lives.

Veer who used to degrade girls around him turned out to be a nice guy because of Ragini. Sanskar warned Ragini many times to stay away from Veer but she refused saying that he has changed now.

Veer and Ragini became very good friends. Ragini used to study along with him. Veer actually used to be Sanskar’s senior but was debarred twice , hence became Ragini’s classmate. Ragini and Veer are same batch and had many things in common.

Lucky observed all the things that was happening around him, though was not able to do anything as he realised that he can’t force anyone.

SanLak has graduated and got jobs and working in their respective professions. SwaRagini were in final year when Swara’s family and Sanskar’s family met unknowingly in a mall. RagLak who came for shopping along with Sanskar’s family saw Dp’s anger towards Sujatha.

Sujatha tried to talk with Dp but he turned his face ignoring her. Ragini who saw the whole situation made Dp realise that how much Sujatha values him. Dp forgave Sujatha and accepted Ram and her relation whole heartedly.

After few days Dp proposed about Swara and Sanskar getting married with each other in front of everyone. Swaragini SanLak all 4 were shocked hearing his proposal and all the 4 dispersed from the place. Sujatha exclaimed, “ Bhaiyya, I don’t want to hurry up without asking Sanskar, I want to talk to him personally and then will let you know.

Swara and Lucky met each other on terrace. Swara’s eyes were filled with tears and looking at Lucky she exclaimed, “ Lucky you know that this marriage can’t happen”

Lucky exclaimed, “Swara, even I wish that this marriage should not happen and I am sure that Ragini and Sanskar love each other”

Swara exclaimed, “I don’t know about them but I Love you Lucky”

Lucky was shocked hearing her revelations, he just said, “ this can never happen”

Swara questioned, “Why can’t?”

Lucky answered, “as I don’t love you, not only you, I don’t have love in my life”

Swara went near Lucky and exclaimed, “Lucky don’t try to hide from me, your eyes speaks everything, I knew that even you love me, don’t lie to me Lucky”

Lucky exclaimed, “ You have mistaken my friendship Swara, I have no love for you in my heart”

Swara exclaimed, “If you don’t love me why were you keeping my ear ring in your pocket safely”

Lucky was stunned. Swara hugged him and said, “ I know Lucky that even you love me, but something is bothering you from accepting the truth, I don’t know what it is, but I would always support you in whatever you do, but just don’t lie to me that you don’t love me”

Ragini who just came to meet Lucky saw both of them and stood there on the steps and heard their conversation. She saw that Lucky was trying to reciprocate the hug but stopped himself. He had tears in his eyes but wiped it without Swara’s notice.

Lucky released the hug and exclaimed, “ Swara I think you had some misconception and handed over the ear ring saying that I just thought that I would make you please to give back your ring, but you took wrong meaning out of it. Love is not part of my life, I am not right for you, someone really good is made for you” saying that he left the place.

Swara was shattered hearing his confession. Ragini who saw Lucky coming towards her tried to hide from the place when someone pulled her into a room locking the door. She was about to shout when she felt a hand on her mouth and out of fear she closed her eyes. She heard a voice and slowly opened her eyes and found that to be Sanskar and he removed his hand.

Ragini exclaimed, “Sanskar you!!!! And what were doing here?”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I want to tell you something very serious Ragini”

Ragini was puzzled that what he wants to say to her, her thoughts were interrupted when Sanskar questioned, “Will u marry me!!!” and he turned towards the other side

Ragini was facing Sanskar’s back, she was very excited and was about to hug him, when he started saying that, “I know it will be hard for you to marry me, but I was just behind you when Swara and Lucky were talking with each other. I don’t know why lucky is not accepting that even he loves her. If we both get married then we can make SwaLak together, you don’t worry about anything, we can apply for mutual divorce and can get separated”

Ragini was shell shocked and became motionless. Sanskar turned towards her and jerked her, “Ragini only you can help me and Swara now from getting tied into this unwanted relation, speak out something”

Ragini replied, “I am ready to do anything for Lucky” and she went into her room and locked the door and cried out remembering why Sanskar wanted to marry her

Sanskar went to his room when Sujatha came to him and questioned, “Sanky I don’t want to force you on anything, just tell me if you are ready for this relation”

Sanskar replied, “Maa I can’t marry Swara as I love Ragini”

Sujatha came to him and put her head on his head, exclaimed, “I knew that from long but wanted to hear it from you. Does Raagu also loves you??”

Sanskar just shook his head as he don’t know what Ragini actually feels about him as it’s just a contract for them to get married to settle down their best buddies lives. He hugged Sujatha and said, “ I love her very much Maa, and I can’t imagine my life without her”

Sujatha pampered him for few mins and then went to Ragini’s house. Sumi exclaimed, “So Sanskar agreed for the proposal?”

Sujatha exclaimed, “ I came to talk with Raagu… where is she?”

Sumi exclaimed, “Dont know what happened to her, she locked herself in a room and was not coming out from her room from the time she came from your house”

Sujatha knocked her room and exclaimed, “ Ragini open the door quickly, I came here to talk with you something urgent”. Ragini opened the door and Sujatha silently went inside and questioned, “ Do you love Sanskar?”

All of them were puzzled hearing Sujatha ‘s question. Lucky who just came in was surprised. Ragini remained silent keeping her head down. Sujatha slowly lifted her head, whose eyes were blo*dy red. Sujatha exclaimed, “ So you both love each other so much and didn’t even think us to tell even once”

Lucky was very excited and went near Ragini and hugged her, when did you both propose each other, and you guys have not even told me. Ragini was just listening to everyone who were really happy for this alliance but she was totally broken from inside as she knew that this marriage is not going to last forever as it’s just a deal between both till SwaLak become together.

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