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Recap : Episode 14

Ragini exclaimed, “You never told me about Swara”

Lucky exclaimed, “Raagu she is actually Sujatha aunty’s niece. We got introduced to each other when we went to Tirupathi.”

Ragini exclaimed, “That is fine but why you never said to me about her”

Swara exclaimed, “Actually it’s me who told him not to tell anyone of you about me. I wanted to bring my dad and his sister together again”

Ragini exclaimed, “Does Sanky know about it?”

SwaLak exclaimed, “No”

Ragini exclaimed, “Ok you both stay here and I will go and tell him”. SwaLak agreed to her. Ragini went in search of Sanky and found him. She went to him and Sanskar exclaimed, “So ready to impress me”

Ragini exclaimed, “I have an important message for you”

Sanskar exclaimed, “The same message whatever you told to professor only na. Common Ragini play some other tricks”

Ragini exclaimed, “Sanky if I will tell you that I came to know about your mom’s brother, then what would you say”

Sanskar stood up from his place and exclaimed, “What are you telling Raagu”

Ragini exclaimed, “I know his daughter, she is my friend , when I was talking to her, I came to know about her aunt who is your mom, don’t you want to meet her??”

Sanskar exclaimed, “R u serious Raagu??, Not trying to fool me right!!”

Ragini exclaimed, “No Sanky, I can even tell her name, it’s Swara”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Swara!!!! I heard this name somewhere… ya Sumi aunty was telling to mom after returning from the trip, Raagu pls make me meet her”

Raagu exclaimed, “Why are you so excited!!! If you want me to make your work then you should accept that I proposed to you and you have agreed for it”

Sanskar exclaimed, “So trying to take an advantage of the situation!!!! Seniors are around but you haven’t proposed”

Ragini exclaimed, “I would propose but you should agree at the instant then I would make you meet Swara. It’s a deal”

Sanskar looked at her for a moment and agreed for the deal and Sanskar asked come along with him and he started to walk when Ragini stopped him holding his hand. Sanskar turned towards her and with an expression he questioned why she stopped him.

Ragini exclaimed, “Whatever I am going to say you now, listen to it carefully till I complete it, pls don’t interrupt me as it took days for me to speak my words out with much strength. The day when I won’t see you I feel as if someone is trying to take away my life”. Sanskar listened to her carefully, he was amused to hear her, which he himself was longing to hear.

She again exclaimed, “I was not having sleeps at night and I feel it to be longer without your presence, I just take a chance every time to meet you somehow”, Sanskar’s heart started to race now, this girl is making him crazy.

She was continuing, “My whole day just runs away when you are near me, I feel the days have become shorter, when I see you along with some girl, just my heart knows how it curse the girl who is gaining your attention.”, Sanskar was lost hearing her, his dreams were coming true.

She continued, “I don’t know if I am correct for you or even don’t know how you are going to react when I will tell you the three words which my heart is pushing me to break the silence, yes Sanky, I don’t know when I have fallen in love with you, I love you Sanky”, Sanskar was astonished to hear the three magical words from his lady love.

He moved near to her and exclaimed, “What did you say, tell it again”

She repeated, “Yes Sanky, I love you, everything around me seems to be beautiful after falling in love with you”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Why did you take so much time to tell me Raagu, I love you too”.

Ragini shouted and jumped in happiness and exclaimed, “Senior sir did you hear properly, Sanky has accepted my proposal”. Sanky was stunned, he was thinking till now that it’s true, but his dreams were broken, but he didn’t show up anything and exclaimed, “Why were you saying such a big passage”

Ragini exclaimed, “Seniors told me that it should be like cinematic, not a direct proposal, so said all this”but she was talking in herself that “Whatever she said was all from her heart and she really mean it as she started to Love him”. Seniors came to them and said your task is completed.

Ragini took Sanskar along with her to SwaLak. Both of them were surprised looking at RagSan. Sanskar exclaimed looking at Swara!…

Lucky exclaimed, “Raagu u told to Sanky”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Why you guys had hidden from me about Swara?”

Ragini exclaimed, “Oye Sanky, even I came to know about it just 30 mins before and soon I came o tell you about the same, but this Lucky know her from long time and didn’t share it with us”

Swara exclaimed, “Actually it me who insisted Lucky not to share it with anyone, and even by mistake Ragini came to know about it today”

Lucky exclaimed, “Now everything is fine as you both came to know about Swara and now we should plan how to bring the families together instead of fighting along with them”

Swara exclaimed, “ That is not so easy Lucky, papa is not going to accept Sujatha aunty so easily”

Sanskar exclaimed, “But we can’t sit quite and just pray. We have to move our mazes accordingly”

Ragini exclaimed, “But how it can happen, if uncle doesn’t even look at Aunty”

Lucky exclaimed, “SwaSan can do that together”

SwaSan exclaimed together, “How!!!”

Lucky exclaimed, “Uncle saw Sanskar’s photo in my mobile, so he would easily identify him, but Swara still you introduce in your home that Sanky is your new friend along with us, slowly the gap will decrease”

Ragini exclaimed, “In the same way Swara can come to Sanky house, it will be fun now, as I became alone all these years with these two guys, now I will have good company”

Sanky exclaimed, “Be serious sometimes Ragini… U always need fun in everything you do”

Ragini became upset and left the place, Lucky followed her and asked Sanskar to take care of Swara and he would come back along with Ragini.

Sanskar became worried for Ragini. Swara observed it and exclaimed, “Are you Ok??”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Yeah I am fine, I don’t understand why Raagu suddenly became upset, I didn’t mean to hurt her, I said to her casually as we always do, Ok leave about her now. Where are you staying now?”

Swara exclaimed, “Recently we shifted to Mumbai from Ahmedabad. Maa will be very happy to see you, she would always talk about Sujatha aunty a lot”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Same with Maa also, she will be on cloud9 if she come to know that you are her Bhai’s daughter” and they continued there normal talks.

Lucky went to Ragini and exclaimed, “What happened to you suddenly?”

Ragini exclaimed, “Lucky tell me one thing , do I always find fun in everything?? I was just trying to change the topic as I thought that it will become like filmy serious scene”

Lucky exclaimed, “No dear, Sanky saw his own person for the first time , So he was excited and want to meet all of them but you poked in the middle by the name of fun, so he became a bit angry”

Ragini exclaimed, “Swara came just today, but we were with him from long time, are we not important to him. What if one day due this relations he will move away from us totally”

Lucky questioned, “What are you thinking about and why are you frightened”

Ragini exclaimed, “No Lucky why should I be frightened!!! He is your best friend not mine”

Lucky was surprised to see the other side of Ragini which he never found in her, he can easily find out that she is a bit insecure but trying to confront that she is not.

Lucky exclaimed, “Raagu don’t you think that we have to help Sanky to meet his family. Don’t you want your fav Sujatha aunty to meet her brother”

Ragini exclaimed, “I want Sujatha aunty to be happy as I saw her crying many times remember her brother and sister in law. Sanky will also be very happy and he would forgive me for all those which I had done to him in our childhood.”

Lucky exclaimed, “U r my lovely sister”

Ragini exclaimed, “Sister!!!!”

Lucky exclaimed, “Hmmm… u always wanted me to call you as sister right !!!!”

Ragini exclaimed, “Very true, I used to run behind you to make you call so, but now I love the way whatever you call me.. I love the way you call me Raagu” holding his hands. Swasan who just reached the place were amused looking at RagLak bonding

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