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Recap : Episode 13

Sanskar went towards his friends as if he hasn’t heard anything. Ragini told to senior that she would complete the task by end of the day and headed towards Sanskar.

Sanskar and the batch were about to leave for the class when Ragini came there and interrupted, “Sanky I need to talk to you about something, can you come aside”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Miss Ragini how many times I have to tell you that I am not your friend but a senior so I need my respect”

Ragini murmured in herself, “Respect should be earned not by …” when one of them caught her and said, “Guys this girl has got attitude, first we have to break that”

Sanskar smiled at Ragini and said, “Its not our home Raagu dear, it’s college, so be careful about whatever you say”

Ragini looked at him helplessly when others started to rag her. Sanskar silently skipped from that place, where Ragini searched for him. After sometime they left her and she started to walk towards Sanskar’s class. She saw him and he was listening to the lecture.

Ragini quietly stepped into his class and interrupted the lecture and exclaimed, “Sir just now I got a call from Sanskar’s house that her Dadi is in hospital and she wants to meet Sanskar, and his mother also told me that Sanky was annoyed with his Dadi”. Sanskar was shocked as Ragini was cooking up some stories.

Professor exclaimed, “Why would she call you?”

Ragini exclaimed, “Sir I am his neighbour and he is not picking the call as he is in the class”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Sir I don’t have any Dadi and she is lying”

Ragini exclaimed, “Sir see what he is telling now, it’s Ok to be angry but his Dadi is in hospital and still he is behaving childish. His mom is very upset sir”

Professor exclaimed, “I don’t want to hear anything more from anyone of you, and Sanskar pls get out of my class now, I don’t ant any disturbance”

Sanskar left the class unwilling. Ragini who was waiting at the door exclaimed, “So you are finally out”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Idiot this is my favourite class, and he comes just once in a week”

Ragini exclaimed, “What should I do if you are not listening to me!! And the Seniors are behind me saying that I have to propose u”

Sanskar acted in front of Ragini, “What the hell?? U go and tell them that you have proposed go”

Ragini exclaimed, “No they would not agree and they have kept an eye on us. U should come to them and tell that you accepted my proposal”

Sanskar exclaimed, “No way, if I do so then officially they would make us lovers in front of everyone”

Ragini exclaimed, “So what, let them do whatever they want, I don’t have any problem”

Sanskar exclaimed, “What no problem? If I or you fall in love with someone else then what shall we do?”

Ragini looking at him exclaimed, “ So you don’t love Kavita”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Of course not. Who told you??”

Ragini exclaimed, “Everyone in the college say that she loves you and even you”

Sanskar stopped her and said Seriously, “I don’t love her”

Ragini observed his anger and exclaimed, “Ok Ok cool down, but now pls help me”

Sanskar replied, “Not so easily, you have to win my heart and only then I would agree”

Ragini exclaimed, “I wonder if you really want me to fall in love with you”

Sanskar shrugged and said, “Love and you!!! See I am your senior, and how did you expect that I would agree to you so easily, even I need some entertainment”

Ragini exclaimed, “Are you serious Sanky!!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I already told you to call me ‘sir’ in college” and he left the place.

Ragini tried to stop him but he already left, she lost in her thoughts, “What is Sanky up to? I am afraid that he would easily find out that I have some feelings for him, what should I do now. Good thing is he doesn’t love Kavita, but why I was so happy when he told me that he doesn’t love her. Did I really fallen in love with him or its just an infatuation. No god it’s just infatuation, if anyone among SanLak would come to know, then their friendship will break just because of me and I don’t want to happen that.

Ragini always wanted to join in the same college were SanLak were studying, the first reason might be lucky but the hidden feeling was for just Sanky. She wanted to stay in front of his eyes. An year back when Sanskar scolded her so much so was devastated as she already started to had some feelings for him, but she was not sure if this love would become villain for SanLak Friendship. She is no more that Ragini who used to fight with Sanskar, she always wants to hang out around him but she was very confused if it is really love or just an infatuation and a hidden fear of breaking their friendship.

One year became a hell for her when Sanskar stopped talking to her, but she don’t know why he avoided her, to come out of that she used to always dig into books and even used to stay away from Lucky as he will caught her easily. When she came to know about Kavita, she was very jealous but hidden it front of anyone. It’s not so easy to know what is running in Ragini’s mind for anyone, even for Lucky sometimes.

She remembered the day when Lucky asked her whether you have stayed back for Sanky, but she said No I just stayed back for you. After hanging up the phone she just exclaimed “I am sorry Lucky, I lied to you. I don’t know the reason but I want to be with Sanky always, and I stayed back for you. When I am around with Sanky I feel some kind of tickling in my heart. Is it Love!!!!”, she came out of her thoughts when someone tapped her shoulder.

Ragini turned back and saw a girl she was smiling and asking her “I am new here can you pls help me out where is 1st year civil block”

Ragini exclaimed, “Are you a fresher!!”

The girl exclaimed, “Yes I am”

Ragini exclaimed, “Hey, even I am, my brother is also in Civil department but 2nd yr. I will introduce you to him, he would help you”

The girl exclaimed, “That’s so nice of you, even I have a friend in 2nd yr Civil, yesterday I came along with my family to Mumbai. By the way my name is Swara”

Ragini introduced herself and questioned her, “if her friend knows that you have come”

Swara exclaimed, “No, he actually doesn’t know about my arrival, I just want to give him a surprise” and she took out her mobile to call Lucky and she spoke to him but Ragini was unaware of whom she is talking with as Lucky never discussed with anyone about Swara.

After she hanged up the call, she told to Ragini that he is coming and on the way.

Ragini exclaimed, “So meanwhile it’s better if we go somewhere else and sit, u will be have a rough ragging here”

SwaRagini started to walk quickly when Swara’s phone rang and she informed the place. Ragini asked her to sit here for sometime and she would come back quickly. Ragini went back to see where is Sanskar so that he can help Swara and take her to Civil block easily.

Lucky reached the college and went where Swara was sitting. He was shocked looking at Swara and exclaimed , “How come you here?”

Swara exclaimed, “I got admission in civil department and I wanted to surprise you”

Lucky exclaimed, “Are you serious!!! Not kidding right??”

Swara exclaimed, “ No dear. Why would I!!”

Lucky exclaimed, “How do you know about this place”

Swara exclaimed, “I got introduced to one of the girl and she helped me, I forgot her name, she asked me to wait her and she will come back”

Lucky exclaimed, “Ok will wait for sometime and if she doesn’t come back then we have to move”

Ragini didn’t find Sanskar anywhere and he is not picking her call, so she silently went back to Swara. Ragini saw a boy sitting along with Swara as she can only find his back. When she started to move towards them Swara saw Ragini and waved her hand, seeing that Lucky turned towards Ragini and both of them were shocked looking at each other.

Sooooooo sorry guys for the late update, I told that I will update on Sunday itself but got struck. Not a proof read. Guys don’t be sorry if you are not able to comment as I know u guys might be busy. Many of you think that I might be feeling bad but really not as I am also irregular???… Be happy, Stay healthy and always keep smiling.

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