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Recap : Part 12

At night Sanskar sat alone on the terrace thinking what he has done when Ragini was in need of him. He should have opposed Kavita but haven’t, is his ego dominating his love for Ragini. His thoughts were interrupted when he saw Lucky on the terrace. He went to him and said, “Lucky, are you angry at me?”

Lucky questioned, “Who I am to be angry on you Sanky?”

Sanskar replied, “Am I nothing to you Lucky”

Lucky exclaimed, “What was your answer when Ragini questioned you the same”

Sanskar was shocked, “Did Ragini say you ?”

Lucky exclaimed, “The way you are hiding from me, she is also doing the same. Raagu even doesn’t know your problem, then how could she tell me”

Sanskar questioned, “What do you mean to say Lucky, I don’t have any problem with her”

Lucky exclaimed, “Don’t try to hide it from me Sanky, I know my best friend. No need to tell me anything, I can guess what is running in your mind.”

Sanskar exclaimed, “If you know your best friend would you have believed me if something went wrong between me and Ragini”

Lucky exclaimed, “I know about what you are talking Sanky, you are mistaken that day about Ragini and just trying to develop hatred in your heart for her”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Which day you are talking about Lucky and I don’t understand why I would develop hatred for her, when she is no one to me”

Lucky questioned, “Don’t you love her Sanky?”

Sanskar was choked by Lucky’s question. He nodded his head in disagreement, his words were stammering, “U have mistaken Lucky.”

Lucky took a chain from his pocket which Sanky was about to gift Ragini an year back. “I know everything Sanky, only one thing I would say you, whatever you see with your eyes cannot be always true, there might be something hidden truth in it which you haven’t seen” saying that he handed the chain to him.

Sanskar took the chain from him and broke down, “True Lucky, I love her, even now I am just thinking about her”

Lucky exclaimed, “ Why don’t you just confess your feelings to her”

Sanskar exclaimed, “No lucky now I don’t want to tell her, she should feel for me like I does for her”

Lucky exclaimed, “Are you mad Sanky, if you don’t tell her, then how she would know it”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I agree with you Lucky. Sanskar and Ragini always had a bitter relation. I would get close to her, but not like Sanskar Maheshwari as Varun Kapoor.”, he looked at Lucky who was listening to him carefully, “i don’t know why but till now I used to get some mysterious dreams were Ragini and I studying in the same college and our love story started with letters. We used to sit in the same class but still we never spoke with each other but only through letters”

Laksh was amused to listen and he murmured in himself, “U r dreaming all those as it really happened in your past Birth, I remember that uncle saying how your love story started and you were getting it as your dreams”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Lucky what happened?? where are you lost?? I forget to ask you, don’t you have any problem with my love?”

Lucky hugged him and exclaimed, “I am dying to hear from you that you love Maa…Raagu”

Sanskar questioned, “Maa!!!!”

Lucky exclaimed, “I said Raagu, u might have heard wrong”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Lucky I want to tell you something, don’t tell this to Raagu, I want to win her heart by myself but not because of anyone’s force”

Lucky nodded his head in Yes and said, “Be careful, she can catch you easily, so don’t write anything with your hands but just use technology”.

SanLak went back to their respective houses after their usual friendly talks. Lucky found Ragini sleeping peacefully in her room.

The next day Ragini got ready and found Lucky still sleeping so she woke him up, but he replied that he will be coming late to college and so she should leave alone. When she was leaving from the home she saw Sanskar also leaving at the same time. He smiled at her but she ignored him and started to walk quickly to catch the bus.

Sanskar stopped her and exclaimed, “Raagu listen to me once”

Ragini exclaimed, “Why should I listen to you Sanky, did you bothered about me when you left me alone with that stupid Veer. I was thinking that you would come for me but you were going with your friends”

Sanskar exclaimed, “No Ragini, Kavita dragged me from that place otherwise I would have not left you like that, and I was bit angry on you at that time”

Ragini exclaimed, “Who is this stupid Kavita in between? Do you love her?”

Sanskar was stunned and stammered, “What???”

Ragini murmured, “Why am I asking you this question, that’s your personal and I have no right” and she started to walk in a jet speed without looking back

Sanskar ran to her and exclaimed, “She is just my friend and I am clarifying you that I don’t love her”

Ragini exclaimed, “I don’t want to know your relationship with others and even though you love her, it’s your problem not mine”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Seriously it won’t bother you”

Ragini turned towards him and exclaimed, “But why should it bother me??” and she got into the bus. Sanky looked at her angrily and murmured in himself, “this girl is very tough to be handled, I should not try only being Varun Kapoor but also Sanskar Maheshwari” and he got into the bus.

After reaching the college, super seniors surrounded Ragini and told her to propose Sanskar and he should accept your love and tell him clearly that we told you to do this. Finally Sanskar should come to us and tell that he accepted your proposal by end of the day. We don’t know how you would do this, you can bunk your classes too and no one is going to ask and make him also bunk the class if you want but don’t forget that one of us will be keeping an eye on you all the time.

Ragini was puzzled as she don’t have any idea whether Sanskar would co operate with her or not. She called up Lucky and informed him everything. Lucky asked her to do whatever Seniors told her as they would not leave her at any cost.

After hanging up the call, Lucky smiled in himself, finally my plan has executed, now we will see u Raagu how u would not talk with Sanky.

Ragini was dumbstruck as even Lucky was not supporting her and now she is a bit worried as she knew that Sanskar is not going to accept so easily as she was angry on him and he would definitely take this as an opportunity to make her talk with him.

Ragini silently stepped towards Sanskar who was sitting with his group of friends , “Sanskar I need a help from you”

Sanskar was stunned as Ragini came by herself and talking to him very politely and he understood that seniors might be ragging her. He stood up and went near her and said, “ Miss Ragini Gadodia, I am not your lover or friend to call me by my name, I am ur senior, so learn respecting elders and call me Sir”

Ragini’s eyes were widened hearing him. He turned towards his friends and exclaimed, “Guys she is our junior and not respecting anyone of us. How should we punish her?”

Ragini exclaimed, “This is not fair Sanky, we are friends right”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Are we seriously???”, he looked at her who is nodding her head, went near hear and whispered in her ears , “then what to that friendship when I was apologising you”

Ragini cried out, “What happened to that friend when he left me alone and went away” and she left the place.

Sanskar was disturbed hearing her, “Yes whatever anger she had for him was genuine, he was shattered looking at Ragini who was crying near a tree”. He slowly stepped towards her when he found that Ragini was trying to get rid from someone, when he neared them he found that it was none other than Veer.

Sanskar went to them and he quietly released Ragini’s hand from Veer’s. Veer shouted at him, “How dare you”.

Sanskar replied, “Listen Veer from the day1 of our college I opposed you whenever you misbehaved with a girl. This is college and I don’t want to fight with you, and it’s my warning to you don’t dare to go near Ragini. When I can save Kavita from you, Ragini is my childhood friend, then just imagine how much careful I would be towards her”

Ragini was stunned looking at this angry avatar of Sanky. She never knew about it. She was amused looking at Sanky when he was warning Veer. She was having some pride in her heart, “Sanky cares for me a lot”.

Veer left the place. Sanky exclaimed, “Raagu are you fine?”. Ragini replied, “No need to bother about me Sanky”. Her ego was dominating.

Sanskar understood that she is still angry on him and he started to leave the place quietly when one of his senior stopped Ragini and exclaimed, “Did you propose Sanskar or not?”

Sanskar’s heart raced hearing that Ragini came to propose him. He was on cloud 9.

Guys I am really overwhelmed with your continuous support though being regularly irregular. I would try to post the next chapter by tomorrow. Thanks for your love and always stay happy. Keeping smiling everyone☺

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