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Recap: Part 11

First day of college for Ragini. She entered into the college along with Lucky. She found many people forming groups in different places.

Ragini exclaimed, “Why are these groups formed over everywhere”

Lucky heard someone calling him and so he turned back and asked Ragini to stay at that place and would return back. Ragini obeyed him and he left

A guy came to Ragini and exclaimed, “Haven’t ever seen you here. Which year?”

Ragini was tensed and murmured, “2nd year”

Guy exclaimed, “Which department”

Ragini replied, “CSE”

Guy exclaimed, “CSE!!!!! Kidding?? Even I am 3rd yr CSE”

Ragini was choked, now she don’t know how to escape, “Excuse me, my friend is calling me”, and she was about to move when a big group has surrounded her.

A girl exclaimed, “She is our sub junior yaar and that too CSE, common guys don’t leave the opportunity”

Ragini exclaimed, “My brother is in same college, 2nd yr, Civil department, his name is Lucky”

Boy exclaimed, “So you are Lucky’s sister!!! “

Ragini exclaimed, “So can you leave me now”

Girl exclaimed, “Actually no… now the actual masti would start”

Lucky who came there saw that Ragini was about to get ragging. He reached till Ragini creating a way. He whispered, “Sir she is my sister, leave her”

Boy exclaimed, “Lucky don’t worry, u know that we are not going to leave anyone, as she is your sister a small ragging, not much”

Sanskar who was passing through was been dragged by someone and he saw RagLak surrounded by all but kept quite as he knew that they are not going to hear him and it would moreover increase her difficulties

Boy exclaimed, “Not so soon” .and he turned towards Ragini and exclaimed, “You have to kiss one of your senior boy except your brother”

LakRagSan were stunned. Lucky exclaimed, “She is not going to do that”

Boy exclaimed, “Lucky you are no one to interfere in our department. Stay out of this”

Lucky exclaimed, “She is my sister”

Boy exclaimed, “Outside college, but here she is our junior”

Kavita who was in the group went to Sanskar and said, “Lucky and You are friends right!!! But you never told me that he has a sister”

Sanskar replied, “We never had that discussion, she and I are like north and south poles which would always repel”

Senior boy exclaimed, “Ragini listen to us now, this college will have intense ragging and it’s not so easy to escape, just do it and go away or else” his sentence was not completed when Ragini went towards Sanskar and planted a kiss on his cheek.

All were stunned. Kavita was staring at Ragini angrily. Lucky wondered. Sanskar was still in the shock and just stood there like a rock without any expression.

Ragini exclaimed, “Sir I did whatever you said, can I go now?” and she left the place holding Lucky’s hand. Both of them left to their respective classes.

Lucky in the break time went to the senior boy and exclaimed, “Thank you Sir for helping me”

Boy exclaimed, “Anything for you Lucky, but how do you know that she would kiss only Sanskar”

Lucky smiled and replied, “We are friends from childhood, I knew that she trust Sanky after me if she is in some problem, so I told you to make Sanky part of it somehow”

Boy exclaimed, “Thats all Ok, but did your plan work”

Lucky exclaimed, “No sir.. haven’t yet, but thanks for everything” and he left from there. He murmured in himself, I thought this Kiss would make them remind about their past Birth but nothing like that happened and Raagu she was acting normal after kissing him, I should go to Sanky.

Lucky saw Ragini going towards Sanky who was standing in the corridor along with his friends. Ragini went to them and excused them saying that she wants to talk with Sanky.

Sanskar exclaimed, “Are you not happy now!!! Common is there something else left”

Ragini exclaimed, “Sanky what happened to you, why are you talking like this, I came to say sorry to you. When I saw you there I just knew that only you can save me, so I did it, but not to hurt you”

Sanskar exclaimed, “We can talk at home, go now, if some senior catches you again I don’t know what they would ask you to do again”

Ragini was about to leave, when someone stopped her and exclaimed, “Ragini Gadodia!!! First day of your college became a notable person by a kiss, wow!! The way I heard about you, you are much more beautiful, I can’t move my eyes away from you”

Ragini exclaimed, “Sorry!!! What the hell are you talking”

Boy exclaimed, “Not hell, you seems to be a goddess from Heaven, call me Veer”

Sanskar and the group who was looking at them were a bit nervous as they are not sure how to handle the situation. Ragini turned towards Sanskar for help but no one was there and she saw Kavita dragging him away from that place”

Lucky who was standing far away saw that Veer stopped Ragini and he knew that, he always talk rubbish with girls. He ran towards them when a group of boys stopped him.

Ragini exclaimed, “Lucky!!!”

Veer exclaimed, “So this Lucky is your brother!!, I would leave your brother if you kiss me”

Ragini slapped him shocking everyone. Veer kept his hand on the cheek and exclaimed, “for today I would think this as your kiss and will leave, but when I am back, I need it in real” and they left leaving Lucky.

Sanskar jerked Kavita and exclaimed, “I can’t leave Ragini like that” and he ran to her and found that Lucky side hugging Ragini and taking her from that place. Sanky ran to them and exclaimed, “Ragini, how r u !!!!”

Ragini’s eyes were red and hold his collar, she cried out, “How could you leave me and go Sanky”

Sanskar was about to give explanation when Lucky interrupted, “Just move on Ragini, if someone has become blind it’s waste to talk with them and to expect, Sanky has changed a lot in this one year. He is not our old friend. He is bothered only about his friends and Kavita” and they left him alone


Very very sorry for the late update guys, I thought I could complete at least half of the story by this time and was not able to, When i started the story I thought that on Rakhi I would post a very bonding epi, but was not able to reach till there, so keeping that in mind I will try to write an OS and would post it tomorrow which I have planned to be a part of this story. I am really sorry again haven’t visited the page from past one week and thank you everyone for your wonderful wishes, comments and your never ending support. Tc…. Always stay happy and keep smiling ☺

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    Now rag is angry

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        Ragini is stubborn

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    Awww…..ragini z dammm good nd sanky..nooo he z not so good in dz epi nd luckys dialogue was jz awesome nd bit emotional overall its good….bt its damm short dear….i didnt expect such short update from u….anyways come back soon nd if u dont mind plz post the next part of dz ff tmrw rather than OS… srry if it hurts u bt i cant wait nd as u r bzy idk when u will update nxt so….am srrry again..

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      Nd dear who z playing the role of veer? I think vatsal seth would be apt…what say???!!

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        Oops!!! I already posted the OS dear, but don’t worry I would come up with next chap on Friday itself. Even I thought the same about Sanky’s behaviour, he should have gone for her rescue but did a mistake. You caught me dear, yes it was short, actually I was waiting from long time to write an OS on siblings, I planned for a nice epi in this story itself but haven’t reached till that point so have written an OS , as I was on leave today, and started with the next chap also, which would definitely be completed by Friday and hope it will be bit long than today’s one. I am not at all hurt dear, I respect your views as you does mine.. don’t be sorry and coming for veer role, seriously haven’t imagined anyone and vatsal would definetly suit, I don’t know how long will he be in the story??… haven’t thought anything about veer’s and Kavita’s role yet… thanks a lot that you guys love this story so much and supporting me

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      Thanks a lot dear… I would try dear, but seriously struck up with work…. I would atleast try to post regularly on weekends atleast, and one time in other 5 days, very thankful to you guys for supporting me

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