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Recap :

Ragini ran to Sanskar’s house calling out Sujatha early in the morning, “Aunty where are you”

Sanskar came out of his room with a puzzled face hearing Ragini’s voice, he silently went to her yawning and questioned, “What the hell are you doing here early in the morning”

Ragini replied, “If I will tell, then you will jump in excitement”

Sanskar with a sleeping face exclaimed, “First tell the news and will decide if it is excited or not”

Ragini exclaimed, “actually 2 news, 1st news is yours and Lucky’s entrance results are out and both secured good marks and mostly can get the seat in the same college”

Sanskar sleep was totally broken now and with ebullience he lifted Ragini. Ragini exclaimed, “I told you right that you will relish the moment but there is another news, if I will tell it then you will be on cloud 9”

Sanskar looked at her questioningly. Ragini exclaimed, “Lucky is going to return today itself”

Sanskar lost the balance hearing Lucky is coming back and Ragini fell down. Ragini exclaimed, “Why did you dropped me like that, and why are you upset I thought you would be happy as Lucky is coming before itself”

Sanskar stammered, “I am happy but 2 more days are left so I was a bit shocked”

Ragini exclaimed, “Ha that’s true, he called me at n8 and told me that his darshan was over and he was missing both of us, so he booked flight ticket and will be returning in another 3hrs”

Sanskar exclaimed, “How about your family then?”

Ragini exclaimed, “As per the plan they will come after 2days and Ok inform aunty that Lucky is going to come and I will go as Shiny is alone and she would curse me if I stay here for long time” and she ran back to her house.

Sanskar was lost in thoughts, “Oh no, if Lucky is going to come back today itself then I have to propose Raagu before he arrives or else I won’t be able tell her and he would find out easily, I want Raagu to accept me without anyone’s pressure.”

After 2hrs he got ready and with a present in his hand, he went towards the mirror and whispered in himself, “this day will be the biggest day in my life which I am not going to forget ever in my life, hope u would accept my proposal Raagu, I don’t know how I fell in love with you but its a wonderful experience, I can’t delay anymore. All the best Sanky”, he went towards Ragini’s house and stopped at the window of Gadodia’s house when he heard Ragini and Shiny’s girly talks.

Ragini exclaimed, “I will propose Sanskar”

Sanskar was on seventh heaven hearing Ragini, yes the girl whom he is loving is also loving him and this the best moment of his life. His eyes were misted with happiness. He has built a paradise for her in his heart, now she will come and reside there forever. He was about to go to her when his footstep were stopped hearing Shiny’s question

Shiny questioned, “Are you sure, this is going to work out”

Ragini exclaimed, “Just shut your mouth and listen to me now without poking me in the middle”

Sanskar with all ears is now waiting to hear how she would try to propose him. He knows that he should not peep into someone’s secretive talks, but here it’s all about him and his life so he can’t keep himself away from him. Eagerness was increasing in him. The lady love is going to express her feelings to him without her notice.

Ragini replied, “When Sanskar agrees then the real story would start”

Sanskar was puzzled “Real story!!! May be our story, so she is confirmed that I would accept her proposal. Not so easy Miss Ragini Gadodia. I would make you wait and will cherish all those moments how you are running behind me for my love”

Shiny exclaimed, “How about Lucky?”. Sanky was bit confused and curiosity increased in him that how she would convey her feelings to Lucky.

Ragini exclaimed, “hmm. Let me tell you dear when Lucky return backs from the tour, he would see that I am crying and my dress is torn then he would directly come and punch Sanky, and a rift will be created between both the friends because of Ragini, and Lucky would not believe Sanky at any cost.”

Sanskar had a big jolt hearing to Ragini’s confession. He was dumbstruck. The gift which he had in his hand fallen on the floor, he silently went back to his house and locked himself in the room. His heart was broken. The only thing that was going on his mind was Ragini hasn’t changed, she can go to any extent to break their friendship. He murmured, “I hate you Ragini.”

Shiny exclaimed, “Your story fabulous one dear, but how would Ragini realise that her true love is Sanky itself. If Lucky and Sanky knows that you are using their names for our play they will kill us.”

Ragini exclaimed, “I know both Lucky and Sanky, they will support me but till now I was able to write the story but after that how would lucky realise about Ragini’s truth and Sanky’s love for Ragini, this story should be built by Sanky. So now we will go to Sanky and will take his help, he will guide us”

Shiny exclaimed, “Are you sure will he help us”

Ragini exclaimed, “I know about my Sanky, he would never let me down”

Shiny exclaimed, “My Sanky!!! What’s the matter , Do you love him??”

Ragini widened her eyes and exclaimed, “Shut up, no love nothing. He is my good friend that’s it. It’s Ok you said to me but don’t dare to say the same in front of Sanky he would kill you”

Shiny silently followed to Sanskar’s house along with Ragini. Ragini directly went to Sanskar’s room and was knocking the door.

Sanskar replied , “Maa I am not hungry, I will come later”

Ragini exclaimed, “Sanky it’s me not aunty”

Hearing Ragini’s voice he was burning in anger as he was thinking of her cheap trick to break their friendship but he never knew that they were selecting the topic for a drama and Ragini used their names just for convenience.

Sanskar shouted, “Just let me live peacefully, my duty for you is over, I am happy that Lucky will be back and my responsibility towards you is completed”

Ragini’s eyes were misted over hearing Sanskar and she exclaimed, “Am I just your responsibility in Lucky’s absence nothing else between you and me”

Sanskar again shouted , “What could be between you and me and don’t use your crocodile tears in front of me, I am not going to come in your words”

Ragini exclaimed, “ So you were acting in front of me just for Lucky, Are we not friends??”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Friend and you????? For you the whole world is just Lucky and please go away from here, if Maa knows anything she would be depressed and I don’t want anyone to know anything just leave the place, she might be returning from temple at any time. For God sake just leave me alone for sometime, I would come once Lucky come back home and will keep your hands in his safely”

Shiny took Ragini from there and Lucky who just returned back heard Sanky’s and Raagu’s conversation from back door. He was broken and whispered, “For what I was afraid the same thing has happened, why is Sanky behaving like this with Raagu. What did she do, there would have been some reason or else he would never behave in that way. I can’t ask anyone of them and he stepped towards his home when his foot felt on something hard. He lifted his leg and found some box packed out beautifully with red cover with love symbols all over it, it’s written “To my Lady Love, my Life”

Lucky whispered looking at it, “This is Sanky’s writing…” and he opened it and found a chain, there was a pendant which has the letters R & S beautifully inscribed in a Love Symbol. “Sanky loves Raagu” but what would have happened that he doesn’t want to meet Ragini and why this box is here.

He went to his house and saw Ragini crying holding Shiny. Lucky went near her and exclaimed, “Why is my doll crying and who made you cry”

Ragini instantly wiped her tears and exclaimed, “Lucky when did you come back” and hugged him tightly. Lucky asked her for the reason but she hasn’t replied anything and she said that she was missing him badly.

After sometime Sujatha returned from the temple and took Ragini along with her to her house and asked Laksh to get fresh up quickly and will have lunch together. Shiny told that she will be leaving now to her house. After everyone left Laksh followed Shiny and asked her to tell her what has happened. Shiny told him everything form the start.

Shiny replied, “Bhaiyya I really didn’t understand why Sanskar shouted on Ragini, there was no reason truly speaking, we just knocked the door and he started to shout”

Lucky exclaimed, “Did anything happened before that”

Shiny exclaimed, “No bhaiyya nothing has happened, both of us were at your house and discussing about the story for the paly that we have to participate in college”

Lucky exclaimed, “What kind of play it was??”

Shainy told the story and said that Ragini was telling me the story using your names and we were able to build the story till Lucky would misunderstand Sanskar because of Ragini’s plan and after that we got struck so we went to Sanskar to take his help, but don’t know his anger bar has increased hearing Ragini’s voice.

Lucky now understood the reason and thanked Shiny and told her not to tell anyone that she told me about their fight. Shiny promised him and left the place.

Lucky was lost in deep thoughts, “So Sanky would had heard them and misunderstood but I will not clear their misunderstandings, if I do it for them every time then when would they start trusting on each other, God show me someway so that they would never get separated”

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Credit to: Ashrita.S

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