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Guys Ashrita here, back with another ff. Hope u will like it and enjoy your day ?? and going into the plot. Sorry guys not a proof read.

Sekhar was wandering outside the labour room, his foot steps were stopped when he heard a baby’s cry. Nurse came out and handed the baby to Sekhar wrapped in a white towel and exclaimed “Congratulations it’s a boy!!!”. Sekhar took him in his arms and planted a soft kiss on his forehead. Dadi, Dadaji everyone took him in their hands. After few days they named him Laksh Gadodia and everyone used to call him Lucky. After 2 Years Sumi gave birth to a baby girl named Ragini Gadodia.

Sumi exclaimed, “Lucky where are you, Ragini is crying for you”

Laksh exclaimed, “ Maa I am afraid to take her out along with me. She is just like a doll and very bubbly. All my friends pull her cheeks and she will cry sitting there. I can’t see anyone hurting my doll.”

Sumi exclaimed, “Lucky she is not your doll, she is your sister”

Lucky exclaimed, “For me she is doll”

Lucky turned 4yrs and started schooling, Sumi and Sekhar were not able to control Ragini in Lucky’s absence and started to cry vigorously. Sumi and Sekhar stopped sending Lucky to school for Ragini. Sekhar requested principal to admit Ragini also in the school, with much pleading Ragini also used to go to school without crying as she knows Lucky is along with her.

Teachers started to complain that Ragini is not leaving Laksh even for a minute and needs him all the time and even if she goes to bathroom she needs only him. It became a headache for Sumi and Sekhar, they tried to convince Ragini, and she finally accepted after explaining her daily.

Sekhar received a call from school and principal exclaimed, “I need you and your wife immediately in the school.”

Sekhar and Sumi ran towards school and then principal exclaimed, “We can’t tolerate Ragini anymore, today she did bite a girl as she sat next to Laksh. Intolerable”

Ragini has to stay in home for other year and when Ragini turned 4 she got admission in some other school and made Lucky to join in the same school. Finally as she started to grew she understood that they should be in different classes and made new friends. She was happy with her friends but always needs Lucky’s attention else she would run to his classroom and starts to cry.

Ragini was in 3rd class and Laksh was in 4th class. The annual exams were started and when the places were shuffled 4th and 3rd grade students were made to sit together. RagLak had to sit together and teachers haven’t observed it. Always teachers heard that there was some giggling sound just before 15mins completion of exam. It was the last exam social studies for both RagLak. Teacher heard a girl saying you have written wrong answer and the answer is Aurangzeb not Shah Jahan.

Teacher found the girl to be Ragini and she screamed out, “What the hell are you doing?”. She checked out the Laksh question paper and found out what Ragini was telling to Laksh. She scolded both of them and warned that she would take both of them to principal.

Laksh exclaimed, “Teacher I am sorry, it will not be repeated again”

Teacher exclaimed, “First of all who made you sit together. Daily teachers were saying that there was some giggling sound in this class. So now I found out that this Ragini can’t keep quite if you are beside her.”

Ragini exclaimed, “Teacher I was just checking Lucky’s answer sheet if he had written everything or not. I was not making any sounds”

Teacher exclaimed, “u r checking ur brothers answer sheet!!!”

Laksh exclaimed, “Yes teacher once I complete the exam she would take say my paper and would check it daily and correct me if I am wrong somewhere”

Teacher was amused, “this little sister of you is correcting your answers”

Laksh exclaimed, “She is reading my books instead hers.”

Teacher took Ragini’s paper and saw that she has not attempted all the questions and only few which would definitely promote her to next class. After the completion of exam she took Ragini along with her to staff room and in presence of all teachers they started to ask the questions of 4th grade and she answered all of them correctly. Teachers were surprised and informed the same to principal.

Principal called RagLak parents and informed them everything. Principal exclaimed, “She has good memory power but it doesn’t mean that she can be promoted to Laksh class and I knew that it will be difficult to handle if she is along with Laksh all the time. It’s better if she stays in the class as per her age but take care that she is going to study her syllabus but not Laksh’s as she is very poor in her grade subjects”

After holidays, the first day of school, Laksh was in 5th class , a new joiner Sanskar Maheshwari sat beside Laksh, and from their usual talks they understood that they are going to be neighbours as Sanskar’s parents found a new house besides Lucky’s. After school Lucky introduced Sanskar to Ragini but she was least bothered and dragged away lucky from there as she had a plan to pluck the mangoes along with his brother.

Lucky invited Sanskar to come along with them, and he too joined them. Ragini got on to the tree while Sanskar was shocked like a hell to look at her antics. She is not waiting for anyone all she needs is lucky and she would not prefer anyone else between them. Sanskar got onto the other tree but in meantime Ragini jumped from the tree after plucking mangoes as she heard some footsteps and she went to lucky who was on other tree and dragged him from there.

Ragini exclaimed in his ears, “Kaka is coming let’s run or else he would tie us to the tree and inform our parents”.

Laksh exclaimed, “Sanskar get down an run, kaka is coming he would tie us”

Sanskar exclaimed, “What!!! U people did not take permission ahead”

Ragini shouted, “If you want sweet mangoes then you have to steal it not by pleading. You can try your luck now as kaka is nearing by” and she ran away dragging lucky forcefully.

Lucky exclaimed, “How can we leave him alone, if he is caught then kaka will not leave him easily”

Ragini exclaimed, “Who asked him to come along with us. He should know how to escape if he is going to steal something”

Lucky exclaimed, “You haven’t given me a chance to tell him anything and I brought him here so I am not going to leave him like that”

Ragini exclaimed, “Lucky kaka will beat me if I am caught this time. Please come along with me”

Laksh exclaimed, “You go home Ragini, I will go and help Sanskar” and he ran to help Sanskar

Ragini followed lucky silently and after reaching there she saw that kaka tied both SanLak to tree for stealing mangoes

Kaka exclaimed, “So you are the one who is stealing mangoes daily” holding their ears.

Both of them shouted in pain. Ragini ran to kaka immediately and exclaimed, “Leave lucky he did not do anything it was me and Sanskar who were stealing it daily. Lucky came as he came to know from me that Sanskar got struck here.”

SanLak were super shocked. Lucky was about to say something when kaka replied Ok I will leave Lucky and will tie you now. This is the punishment for both of you”

Laksh exclaimed, “Kaka she is lying, Sanskar has nothing to do with anything”

Kaka exclaimed, “I don’t ant to know who is right or wrong, now go and bring your parents and ask them to pay my money only then I will release these two or else I will not and once it get dark snakes will be coming”

Hearing this Lucky ran home to bring his parents. Sanskar was eying Ragini angrily. Kaka left to his hut which is nearby.

Sanskar exclaimed, “Why did you say that I was with you in this. I just came today and I don’t know anything about this place”

Ragini exclaimed, “He was beating my Lucky , how could I stay quite, so told your name”

Sanskar exclaimed, “you are so mean, once your parents come then I will everything to them about you”

Ragini exclaimed, “You don’t have to worry about it. Lucky would have already told them everything”

Lucky came their along with Sumi and Dadi. Dadi exclaimed, “How many times I have to tell you that be careful while stealing mangoes”

Sumi and SanLak were choked instead of scolding for her mischief she is telling the ways to escape. She was her darling grand daughter.

Sumi exclaimed, “Maa what are you saying, you are supporting her?? If Sekhar comes to know then”

Dadi cut down her words and said, “No need to tell anything to him, if not in this age when she would turn to our age she would do all these??? Sumi let her enjoy na, why are you always behind my poti”.” Saying that she went to kaka and gave him money and he came and untied both of them and warned not to do it again.

Ragini found out that her mom is annoyed at her, like an obedient child she exclaimed, “Maa I am really sorry and I would not d it again and hugged her”.

Sumi melted within fraction of seconds and asked her to apologise Sanskar too.

Ragini went to Sanskar and said “I am sorry”. All of them were walking towards the home when she went back to Sanskar and exclaimed in his ears “Stay away from my Lucky”

Credit to: Ashrita

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    1. Ashrita.S

      Really glad that you found it to be interesting dear…. Can’t reveal the whole plot as of now but Sanskar was the reason for RagLak’s seperation in the past Birth and it’s just RagSan ??

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