Lajwanti 9th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Lajwanti 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Indu’s residence
lal and indu marry off, while sunder and lajo imagine their wedding. later, when the couple takes everyone’s blessings, lajo finds sunder missing. As lajo bids goodbye to lal and indu for lahore, she asks lal chand as to where is sunder. he tells her that he had gone, right after the wedding back to lahore. Lajo is distraught and apalled. She runs down the road after the carriage, and then sits, lamenting that she misread the signals as love, but now she wont be able to love anyone else like him. she collapses on the ground, as she eyes his carriage going far away. She collapses on the floor.

meanwhile, sunder is lost in her thougts and starts penning them down, while he takes his to lahore, oblivious of lajo’s pain and distraught state.

the next morning, lajo’s father and brother find her unconscious and with a burning fever on the road, and are apalled. they rush her back, and her aunt is worried. they try and revive her back, rubbing her feet as they wait for the doctor to come.

Scene 2:
Location: Lahore
Sunder arrives in lahroe, and takes a rickshaw for home. He finds narayan baba along with his daughter passing by for the prabhat pheri, who smiles at him. he too politely responds back. sunder posts a letter thinking that he has decided that he shall make lajo his wife. When he comes inside, he finds that all are celebrating and congratulating him. He complies, but is boggled and confused. just then, when he arrives home, he is shocked as his father greets him with a hug, saying that he has fixed his marriage with Narayan baba’s daughter. Sunder is shocked. narayan baba and his daughter greet them, while sunder’s chachi fumes upstairs at the engagement, as she had thought of the girl to be her son’s wife and her bahu. She is angry. Sunder meanwhile is too shocked to react. Sunder and lajo both are heartbroken.The screen freezes on both the lovers’ faces.

Precap: Lajo’s father asks hert consent for the groom thats come for her hand in marriage. she resignedly says yes, lost in her own grief of lost love. Her father senses her upset and is worried.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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