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Scene 1:
Location: Temple
As she eyes the mala on baba’s wrist, lajo remembers gunwanti’s promise taken from her, and understands that he is the culprit. baba turns around, hesitantly. lajo speaks up saying that she understood everything. baba turns around surprised and shocked, while lajo eyes him, and lashes that what happened She asks him if he cant stop his hatred. they all are shocked, while sunder and gunwanti are tensed. he tells her that since she is the bahu of the bharadwaj family, so he isnt saying anything but she doesnt need to test his patience and be in her respectable limits. She says that she doesnt care for the respect that makes her silently watch the ruins of her groom’s family. baba tells sunder that his patience is reached, and from tomorrow, he neednt

be a part of his prabhat pheri. Sunder asks him to forgive her, as she doesnt understand what she is saying. lajo says that she knows very well, and can understand it now. Sunder asks her to shut up and not speak more. he takes her from there, while all watch tensedly

Scene 2:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Sunder agitatedly asks lajo why she spoke out like that to baba and why did she get out, despite him telling her not to, as he had warned her before. Scared and tensed, she tells him that she saw him and gunwanti and assumed….and then trails off. He angrily and almost agitatedly asks her what did she assume, as in her village a girl and a boy cant be friends, but here they can, and she neednt assume anything wrong, as she is his wife, but gunwanti is his childhood friend. He then asks her to speak what she wanted to. but she remains speechless. Gunwanti comes and says that lajo wont say anything, as she respects her promise, that she made her take. She then comes and then blurts out that in the shop, baba had gotten the fire started, and lajo knew this. sunder is shocked to hear this. Gunwanti then narrates how lajo wanted to say, but she stopped her, as she didnt want separation between the hindus of badami bagh, due to differences between two leaders. he says that if baba is such a criminal then he should be punished for it, as he cant spare him now at all, and has to tell this to his father. She begs him not to take such a rash step, as they have to stay goether in lahore. he says that baba double attacked them, on their business, as well as on lajo, and he cant forget that. lajo too asks him not to be too hasty, as it would only invoke hatred. But in his anger, he walks off. Gunwanti asks her not to stop as its in vain now, and whats destined shall happen, which she had herself forgotten. gunwanti says that when she got the beads on lajo, she got weak and out of love for her father, she made her promise, and apologises profusely for this. lajo says that she didnt know that sunder could get so angry and now she is scared, that his anger becomes the issue of another turmoil and turbulence.

Scene 3:
Location: Anarkali Market
Sunder arrives at the market, and finds the shops being reopened. He asks his father as to how is this possible, and asks if the businessmen have gone against him. His father says that he has stopped the strike. Sunder is shocked and asks why. he says that barnes has come down on cheap tricks, and has decided to shut down their licences, and stop food in their families, but they wont let them succeed. sunder says that they arent scared of outside danger, but inside turmoil, and says that he knows who harmed their business and their shop, and asks him to come along to file a complaint. His father says that he knows too. He is shocked that he knows about baba’s involvement but didnt do anything. His father says that sometimes its better to stay quiet and wait for the right time. Sunder is boggled. His father shows him the newspaper and asks him to keep himself updated. Sunder reads about liquidation of British power and the cabinet rethinking over separation of two countries, India and Pakistan. Kishori says that the goverment is looking for every possible reason to divide the countries, and right now, the need of the hour is that, they shouldnt leave from here at all. He says that they cant sour the relations and environment right now at any cost. He says that they can mend relation and act later on for other minor issues. sunder says that he doesnt believe nor consider this separatist politics, and his responsibility extends towards his family and his business. his father says that if he doesnt believe in politics, then it too wouldnt consider him at all. His father asks him to stop being ignorant and pretend to be aloof, and awaken up to see the turmoil ahead as when it comes headon he wouldnt be prepared at all. Then they find another businessman of, Libaas Saree store, turning down his shop, and kishori asks whats the matter. He says that he sold the shop to someone else, and has decided to go back to his village, leaving lahore, after the scare of the first riots. they are surprised. Kishori asks who purchased it. he tells them that no Hindu is ready to buy the shop, and some muslim was ready to pay double the amount for the shop right opposite him. he then leaves. his father tells sunder that he might find it trivial, but the truth is that hindu traders in anarkali market are fleeing from the area, and now the partition has definitely started affecting everyone, and the fact that the first Hindu trader has deserted lahore isan evidence of the panic created. He says that now the cabinet commisiion shall decide the destiny of the country.

Scene 4:
Location: Cabinet Commission’s Conference
Sir Stephar Cribbs heads the Cabinet Commision, rethinking over the separation of the two countries, considering the population of both the communities across Punjab. He says that Punjab and bengal have their own common lineage of culture, tradition and history. in the commisiion headed by cribbs, many ups and downs emerged, and around 40 crore people’s destinies were being decided by them, and the separation was punjab was surfacing more prominently now. It was evident that punjab was to be divided, and the main topic was which side would get lahore. Lots of introspection going on.

Scene 5:
Location: Anarkali Market
The radio broadcasts that free pakistan shall come into existence, as per the british government’s plan, but that has made the possibility of a partition more prominent now. The muslim leader Jinnah has raised the voice for a Free Pakistan yet again, and that they need to see the creators of the partition shall create injustice to whom, and lahora has become the centre point of controversy now. People hear this broadcast along with sunder and his father tensedly. People start discussing. one of them comments that if lahore comes in Pakistan, then they shall be reduced to the status, of Non-Islamic minorities. people start commenting that they hindus of lahore shall have to pay for the bloodshed of the muslims in kolkata. They start thinking that its better that they leave lahore. His father denies, and says that the britishers shall not decide on so important a topic, in haste. He says that even if separation happens, India has its claims more, and that they shall ensure that it remains a part on india. he tells them all that they do not have it in their capacity to initiate or stop partition, but they have it in them to stop its havoc. he says that diwali is approaching, and maybe by next diwali, many of their muslim brothers would have gone too far in separate countries, so they need to celebrate this last diwali with much oplomb and laughter and cheer, and togetherness. he says that right now, they living in lahore are all Indians, and they shall celebrate their festivals together.

Scene 6
Location: Barnes’ Office
Barnes calls the muslim worker, Ghulam Ali and asks him if he wants to make lahore a part of free pakistan. he vehemently agrees. barnes gives him a gun and then he asks him to kill kishori and take lahore as rightfully theirs. he then calls Baba’s man, shankar too and says that this diwali should be kishori’s last diwali, and he agrees. after he leaves, barnes jokes with preston as to how this time he has played an unbeatable bet at kishori’s life. He says that he has given them enough motive to do this work as he knows if Ghulam ali is caught, then he would be killed due to killing another man of another religion, and if shankar is caught, then he would be killed for betraying his own. he says that he used them both as pawns in his bet. they guffaw as they claim that now Pakistan’s separation is imminent. they have a good laugh, as they decide that the Lion Of Punjab shall die.

Scene 7:
Location: On the road
In turbulent weather, lal asks sunder, as they are coming home, that lahore is getting increasingly sandiwched between the politics of separation. Sunder says that Muslim league says that hindus and Pakistan shall live as brothers in pakistan owned lahore, but the bloodshed has already started. he says that he is concerned more for lajo and his family. lal retires for his home and sunder then heads towards his. he arrives finally.

Scene 8:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Sunder then comes inside, and asks revathy if all is okay, and asks about lajo. she says that she didnt see her for a long time and must be around. he gets tensed and starts searching. he remembers having scolded her badly. Sunder comes on the roof, and asks his sister if she saw lajo. she says that she saw him in the morning, with a sullen face and asks if she was angry. Shakunatala cribs and rants that its giood she left as she would have gone some days later, and its good that they got rid of her early. he then goes berserk trying frantically searching for her, screaming out her name. he is distraught as he gets no response. he is about to go down, when he turns around, and finds her opening the door, and emerging from inside, with teary eyes, as she rushes to him, and he too clutches at her tightly, both relieved and overwhelmed. She says that she got scared of the storm being alone without him. he says that now he is scared of her, and what move she shall make in the next second, as noone knows it, and asks her not to do so. he tells her not to go so far, that his searching eyes lose its hope. he says that without her, he might have his body, but his soul shall die. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Sunder asks lajo if she wouldnt want to respond back to the letter from herfather. they both get down to writing, as he offers to write it down, while she narrates it to him. She starts by saying that she reached lahore safely, and then every turbulence and turmoil, personal and public, that happened after that,right till her getting burnt while sunder starts getting tensed and irritated that she is doing so. finally, culminating she asks him to write to assure her father, that everything is fine now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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