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Lajwanti 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Dhaba
Lajo asks sikka’s friends what happened. They tell how sikka’s plamn fell apart, when sunder landed at sikka’s residence, and then a fight ensued, wherein, sunder overpowers him, and then decdes to punish him for the theft. sikka prays for it not to be done ass he has loved lajo all his life, and he cant bear this. But the tattoo maker keeps scribbling on with his marker. Sunder watches amusedly. lajo asks the goons what did sikka get written. they show his hand that has scribbled on it, that LAJO IS HIS SISTER, that had made him so apalled and distraught. lajo hears this and is amused.

Scene 2:
Location: Lajo’s residence
Lajo is in her own world, as she basks in the glory of her new found love. She realises that she has

fallen in love with sunder. As she comes back home, she finds her brother crying that he shall also go with her. Lajo’s aunt tells her to get ready as they have a suitable groom for her to come and see her, and that they finally found her lahori. hearing lahore, she starts dreaming of sunder, thinking about their newly blossoming love. she asks lajo to be polite and mannered and not come out till they are gone. she smiles and complies. But when she finds that its a sardaar from lahore, she stands shocked and heartbroken. She rushes on the roof, and remembers her meeting with sunder last, eyeing the moon emotionally. Lajo’s father and aunt come and tell her about the groom and the family. lajo asks what reply did he give. he says that he couldnt say anything. she asks him to wait till tomorrow, then he can reply. her aunt says that they shouldnt delay as good men are hard to fiuund. but her father agrees. Her aunt is tensed. they both leave. Her brother asks whats going to happen tomorrow. She says that tomorrow shall give a new face and a new answer to her question too. she eyes the moon longingly.

the next morning, while she is talking to her cow, while milking him, she continues to ask whats going on in sunder’s mind and whether he likes her or not,as the signals direct her there only. Suddenly he stands up, and she is nervous and shocked to see him. she asks how long has he been standing here, and starts blabbering yet again out of nervousness, and asks what a beautiful parandi this is, and asks if he got it for her. He eyes her longingly, while they both smile. her father comes and finds them both and asks sunder whats he doing here. He says that he came for the camera as he needs to click pics today. her father asks her to get it. She complies. he takes the camera, while his fingers graze past hers, and she shyly retreats them away while lowering her eyes, as he smiles at her. he takes it and leaves. she eyes him longingly that there’s definitely something happening today.

Scene 3:
Location: Indu’s residence
As lajo gets dressed in the evening, she imagines sunder helping her get dressed and wear the parandi that he gave her, while he eyes them both in the mirror with her. then when indu comes and rubs her kaleera they break on lajo’s head, a ritual that indicates that she is next in line to get married. lajo smiles. A person comes and announces that the groom has arrived with his band. They are excited. Both the parties are excited that one has to steal while the others has to prevent from being stolen. but lajo’s plan works, and while her brother engages sunder into bantering, lajo and her cousins steal lal’s shoes. Lal chand calls sunder that he is busy socialising while his shoes were stolen and shows his naked feet. lajo shows him the shoes that she has stolen. sunder eyes her amused, while she smiles at him. Lajo comes to him and pretends to be sad about lal’s shoes, while teasing sunder when is he going to give the answer. she leaves. sunder looks at her mesmerised. The jaimala happens, and lajo and sunder keep stealing amusing glances at each other. Sunder clicks the wedding pics, along with lajo’s. meanwhile, lajo’s prospective groom also eyes her mesmerised. As he clicks pics, while the chants and rituals begin, lajo has her eyes on him only. sunder whispers something in lal’s ears. lajo and sunder eye each other longingly. As the pheras start, both lajo and sunder imagine their own wedding scenario, wherein they are taking the pheras. the screen freezes on lajo’s smiling face.

Precap: As lajo bids goodbye to lal and indu for lahore, she asks lal chand as to where is sunder. he tells her that he had gone last night only, right after the wedding back to lahore. Lajo is distraught and apalled. she collapses on nthe ground, as she eyes hiscarriage going far away. meanwhile, sunder posts a letter thinking that he has decided that he shall make lajo his wife. when he arrives home, he is shocked as his father greets him with a hug, saying that he has fixed his marriage with Narayan baba’s daughter. Sunder and lajo both are heartbroken.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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