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Lajwanti 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Bus stand
Sunder turns around to find who is it, but doesnt see Jamaal, and then finds a boy selling perfume. he calls him, and then asks him to sell all the bottles tensedly, and pays him off. Sunder eyes the bottle tensedly, and then breaks them one by one, in frustration and disgust, as he hates the smell, that touched his lajo. He takes off the dupatta in disgust and then boards the bus with the dupatta in his hand, and just after him, Jamaal gets up too, and moves past sunder, who sits resignedly. jamaal feels the cut that lajo made with the knife, as he thinks about her. Sunder thinks that they arent parting, but coming one step closer to each other, as the bus starts moving.

Scene 2:
Location: Sunder’s residence
At home, lajo wipes off the

blood of jamaal, on her knife, as she recounts her horrific nightmare with that devil. She swears that this shall never happen, and she shall ears every memory of his. A british officer comes with the troop, demanding for the gates to be opened, addressing Kishori Lal. they are shocked to see him. The officer demands for the house to be searched. kishori asks him to stop, and asks what for, and if he has a warrant. lajo comes down tensedly. the officer shows him the warrant for sunder’s arrest, and they have come for the same, in the crime of hanging Officer Barnes. all are shocked. kishori says that the day Barnes was killed, there were lost of people, then how are they sure that it was Lajo. he answers that they have their sources, who informed of Sunder’s hand behind the murder.Officer Richard Forrester says that they have people who would testify against sunder. Lajo replies back curtly, saying that he must be one of his aides, to be helping him against sunder. he gets angry and is about to go near her, when kishori stops him. He gets kishori tied up, and then approaches lajo, who says that nothing can prove that sunder is guilty, and asks him to go and get evidence first, and then come here, as this is a place for the respectful and not for the shameless. he grabs lajo by the hair, and asks her where is her husband, or else he shall send everyone to jail. they are apalled and outraged, as he throws her on the floor, demanding her to speak up, tormenting her, while the rest of the family members are shocked. chaman speaks up that he shall say, but they beg him not to do so. He tells them that Sunder is in Amritsdar. lajo prays to the lord to keep him safe, while officer leaves with the guards. revathy rushes to lajo, who is apalled. The officer leaves with his team.

Later, Officer Forrester gets Sunder convicted of murder and announces and gets it broadcasted that he must be caught dead or alive.

The next morning, kishori plays the dhol, and asks them all to make merry and celebrate, as the constables are outside his house. Lajo says that she shall play the dhol, and when she does, she goes upto the constable and taunts them, to put cotton in their ears, so that they arent deafened by the noise, as its her marriage with sunder, and assk them to be prapared to give him a grand welcome when he returns. She is amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Dhaba
Meanwhile, the bus takes a stoppage at a Dhaba, oblivious to the commotion back in lahore, Sunder and jamaal get down too. he sits and caresses the dupatta and places it beside him,lovingly. he then eyes lajo’s pic, longing and remembering him. Meanwhile jamaal washes his face and hands, and does his prayers. Just then, the dupatta flies off, while he is busy eyeing her pic, and falls right on jamaal’s face, as he gets up after his prayers. As he ogles at the red dupatta, revelling in lajo’s scent and remembering their encounter, sunder comes and confronts him, asking for the dupatta with his hand held ahead. Jamaal lets go of the dupatta, and it falls on the floor. Sunder eyes it tensedly. he is about to trample the dupatta, when sunder stops him, and asks him to be careful, that he should look down while walking, as otherwise he might just fall on the ground. Jamaal says that whoever comes underneath his feet is trampled, hence he neednt look underneath. He picks up the cloth from underneath and then picks it up. Sunder says that this cloth might be normal for him, but in these, his heart is caught, and to trample that, its quite difficult. jamaal tells him that clothes only cover the meat, and his occupation is to take the skin off, and hence asks sunder to keep his heart controlled. Sunder tells him that the heart is useless if he doesnt know to soar high. jamaal guffaws and then says that his words reek of love and asks him to remember, that dupatta and the person wearing it are only used to heat up cold, winter nmights. He is enraged at women in general, and his lajo, in particular being objectified. Sunder tells him that this dupatta is tainted now due to his touch, and shreds it into pieces. he tells jamaal that he can keep the pieces, and he himself can keep his heart caught in them. he tells jamaal that when his ego would be hurt, he can use the shreds to cover the wounds. Jamaal eyes him tensedly. sunder turns and walks off, while Jamaal eyes him angrily. meanwhile the police come and ask pan fellows to identify Sunder, and they lead to jamaal, who gets to know that he has killed British official, Barnes. he smirks that two lions in amritsar are bound to be fighting. he denies having seen sunder and walks off. he gets Baraatiji inked on his arm, and is amused, remembering lajo addressing him by using that name. he thanks the fellow, and then walks off. The constable comes and ask for sunder, and he shows them the directions. they leave.

At the auction ring for horses, sunder puts a bet on a black horse, starting at 50, and when others bid too, he goes as high as 100, as he tells other people, that this isnt just a horse, but his lajo’s wish. when jamaal comes in announcing a straight jump to 200, sunder is shocked and startled to see him. they both confront each other tensedly. The screen freezes on sunder’s face.


Precap: Lajo gets the mehendi done, and finds sunder’s name on it, and tells dulari that the mehendi might not show its colour, but she wants his name to shine on her hands, overjoyed at their marriage. later, Lajo is extremely happy to hear the horse hooves, and narrates to granny and others that her sunder came on a horse, only for her. Granny asks her to rush down and greet him at the door. she rushes down excitedly. but she is shocked to find that its jamaal, on the horse, who eyes her leeringly. she is aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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