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Lajwanti 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Lal’s guest house
lajo says that she heard him saying her name for the first time. Sunder stands tensed. She begins to leave, and then stands and asks since he has the answer to every curious puzzle, howcome he doesnt have the answer to her simple question. she asks him to come at the same place, where he was clicking pics, and take back the camera but also be prepared for the answer of the question she posed. After she leaves, he smiles muttering the name yet again.

Scene 2:
Location: Indu’s residence
As lajo is walking along with her aunt, she too is lost in sunder’s thoughts. They pass by indu’s house and are shocked to find everyone in despair and howling loudly. they are concerned. lajo comes to indu. Indu starts crying. Lajo

asks what happened. Her aunt says that someone has stolen everything. they are distraught. Indu’s mother is apalled that lal’s family shall reject completely. Lajo asks indu’s father if he doubts anyone. He says that he knows its the job of an insider only. she asks how did the thief know where was the dowry stuff. He says that they dont have the clue.

A person in the garb of helping comes with the proposition of lending money. but lajo’s father turns him down as he says that all know the atrocities that he puts his debtors to, when he has to take it back. He says that they shall manage. Another person says that Indu is their daughter too and they shall all contribute. The moneylender says that he just came to help and not be insulted. indu’s father says to him that he shall repay back the loan at the normal rate of interest. The person agrees and leaves to get the papers ready. lajo turns to indu and asks her not to cry, as sunder shall explain everything to lal and his family.

Scene 3:
Location: Fields, By the Lake
Sunder waits for lajo by the lake, when Sikka comes from behind and hits him on the head, he falls unconscious. his aides come with indu’s stolen dowry. Then they throw him in the pool. Sikka decides to salvage himself with this dowry now. later lajo comes but doesnt find sunder anywhere and is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Lal’s guest house
lajo comes searching for sunder and finds that lal’s father is ready to take the tonga to get the stuff for dowry, as the next day on the day of marriage, things shall get hectic. Lajo tries to stall them saying that its still being packed and that she shall help with it, and hence they should come after a little while.

Scene 5:
Location: Indu’s residence
While indu’s father tearfully stamps him thumb on the loan papers, lajo asks him to wait for sunder to come, so that he can explain and find a solution. But he resignedly signs it. just then, sikka comes proclaiming that he fought off goons who had stolen it and retrieved it back, risking his life. lajo is boggled and so are others. But they are surprised when sunder comes and bears testimony to sikka’s words. sikka is scared seeing him and then corners into one end. lajo is boggled by this weird behaviour. all others however praise sikka and get to catering to him. lajo comes and praises sikka, but he turns his head away and ignroes her and leaves. sunder comes and asks what happebned, while she mutters how weird things are. Sunder asks when is rakhi. lajo starts questinoning why and he smiles. she asks whats he hiding, and then starts connecting the dots togethr and decides to find out about it. he asks about his camera but she angrily says that she threw it in the well. he smiles.

Scene 6:
Location: At the dhaba
Sikka is grioef stricken at making lajo his sister, due to sunder’s pressure, and asks his goons that he wont be able to bear it. He doses off due to the effect of the alcohol. lajo comes and threatens the goons and gets the truth out of them. The screen freezes on lajo’s tensed face as she hears the truth.

Precap: Lajo’s aunt comes and tells her to get ready as they have a suitable groom for her to come and see her, and that they finally found her lahori. hearing lahore, she starts dreaming of sunder, thinking about their newly blossoming love. But when she finds that its a sardaar from lahore, she stands shocked and heartbroken.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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