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Lajwanti 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Lajo eyes the bird and says that their stories are mush similar. She comments that till date, the bird was a caged bird in a slave country but from this day forth, it shall be the bird who is trapped, in a free country. lajo says that sunder is right as the traps shouldnt be mistaken for shackles, as she is very safe therein. She says that the when the clear sky comes, it shall be a beautiful morning, and once they are married, it shall mark the beginning of a new herald. As the wedding preparations are on, lajo eyes sunder from down, and throws a flower at him. he looks around surprised and then tensed seeing her. She tries yet again, and he looks back angrily this time around, while she smiles amusingly. He crushes the flower under his feet, while

she fumes. Granny comments that he seems particularly angry and distressed. Lajo comes down saying that he is actually moving around with a sullen face, and asks if he even wishes to marry her or not. He asks her not to argue, as she knows his anger. but she retorts back, and then taunts him. he asks her not to try her anger. Granny reprimands him, asking him how dare he scold her bahu, and asks him not to get anywhere near to her bahu. He says that he understood but she shouldnt try his patience. he begins to go, but she deliberately makes him trip, and instead falls right in his arms, as they compose themselves. A romantic eyelock follows. She again retorts back at him, and then apologises that she wouldnt ever disrespect him again and shall always do what he says. She asks him to let go of his anger. But he defiantly walks off. She fumes and then asks granny, if he was always this angry. granny amusingly reprimands her, and then gives her an advice of gving him something nice to eat, to make him forget his anger. She complies and smiles. She takes a Badaam Shake, and then excitedly goes to the room, to give the same to him and get him to spit his anger away. He comes out after having a bath, with a towel only around his waist. She eyes him naked from the torso, and then turns atound shyly, asking if he did it on purpose so that someone could see him like this, and if he is actually such a bad boyd without manners. She turns around to find him packing his bags, and asks where is he going. Just then, amrish comes and tells sunder that this is his identity card, and his bus ticket to Amritsar, reminding of the timing being 7 in the evening. She is shocked, and asks why is he going, and that she shall go too. He retorts and asks if she needs bangles yet again. she is apalled. He asks her to stop referring to him as Baraati as his name is Sunder, and then says that he is going for work, and would be back before marriage. Then he adds that it wont make a differnece if he doesnt turn up. He asks her to satisy herself with the bangles only then, as they are more important to her than him. She places a hand on him in shock. He wards her hand away. She says that she knows she committed a huge mistake and that she shouldnt have gone, but he cant speak so much, and asks him to go if he feels so, as she wont stop him too. She says that from this day forth, she shall never refer to him as Baraati, and then leaves, after having drunk the milk shake, making a moustache on her face, that has his amused but he doesnt smile. He again remembers the scene of the Anarkali market, and the way he had taunted her. he says that her wounds may have been earsed, but the thought still is and that scent of the perfume is in her breath, and he cant bear that someone else touches her, and even if he wants to, he isnt able to get rid of that thought.

Later, lajo caters to the bird she salvaged, and talks to her, asking how should she impress him, so that sunder is back to his normal self again.

By the evening, sunder gets on the tonga, while revathy and granny see him off, as his eyes search for lajo. He looks up time and again. revathy asks where is lajo. he says that he doesnt know as he isnt her servant, that he shall take care of her whereabouts. he asks them to tell his father that he shall call when he arrives. They ask why does she have to go. He says that its for work, and asks them not to worry. When lajo doesnt show up, he sullenly asks the horse driver to walk out. The sound of the horse hooves alarm and alert Lajo, as she wakes up with a startle, and then rushes down, and collides into granny, who asks her not to worry, as he has gone with anger, but he would be back on his kness. She eyes the door longingly, and thinks that she is highly restless, and collapses against the door.

Scene 2:
Location: Bus Stand
As sunder steps down the tonga, he hears the sound of anklets, and thinks that it must be lajo, and turns around to find a dupatta clad woman, passing by. he stops her, while she denies with a nod of the head that she isnt lajo. he says that he knows his wife’s dupatta. she lifts it up, resigneddly, saying that her dupatta always gives her away. he asks whats she doing here at this time, and asks her to stop this naivety as she isnt a child anymore, and asks her to go back with the same tonga that he came with. She says that she is very restless, and is siking with the sudden feeling that he might not return. he shuts her mouth with his hand. he tells her that he shall come back on a horse, to fulfill her dream and asks her to go, as its late, and he shall be unecessarily tensed for her. he makes her turn away, but she hugs him from behind too. He confronts her, and then lifts up her tearful face. She begs him not to be angry, and he says that he was but not anymore, as instead of these tears, he shall get perals for her. She asks him to take care of himself, and come back soon. he assures her the same and asks her to smile, as he wouldnt want to see her like this. He again tries to cheer her up, while she smiles, as he kisses her on the forehead. She is still teary eyed and emotional. He asks her to go now, as she starts taking retreating steps, both of them overwhelmed with emotions, as tears splotch down her cheeks. She rushes back and hugs him, unwilling to let him go, as he too clasps her tightly, and then again retreats while he tries to make her smile, by wiping off her tears. they both smile. They both are oblivous that Jamaal has turned up behind, who too is oblivious of lajo being there. Sunder finally turns away and emotionally gets to go. Lajo crosses him without jamaal noticing her. He stops instinctively, and then irritated with the smell, he takes out the perfume. Sunder, who is about to board the bus, is alarmed as he smells the same perfume, when he sprays it, and looks around. He smells the perfume and is infuriated as he recognises it, to be the same one coming from Lajo, when that man touched her. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: A sad yet hopeful lajo eyes the plant after which she is named, and then tells that with the marriage to sunder, shall mark the herald of a new rising sun, and now they are going to be together till the setting sun. Meanwhile Sunder turns around and eyes Jamaal, who revels in the scent of the perfume, unknown of sunder and his allegiance with lajo.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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