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Lajwanti 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
While revathy and shakuntala serve dinner to the male members, lajo eyes sunder adoringly as he eats and smiles at her too. kishori asks about granny, while revathy says that she is sleeping since yesterday, and is only resting. Lajo remembers whats actually happened, and is unable to contain her laugh, while all are tensed as they look at her. she composes herself. he says that its good she is resting, as she shall re-inaugurate the shop. Kishan tells him that it shall take another couple of days to renovate, and lajo comments that till then, granny herself too shall be renovated. all are shocked again, while she manages to balance themselves saying that she shall be hale and hearty yet again. she is apologetic to sunder at her blurting nature.

While all are having dinner, revathy in front of kishori, tells sunder that soon in the winters, the days shall become shorter and its better that they stop sleeping in sparate rooms, and lajo stay with him in his room, and that she shall get the room prepared for the same. Sunder and lajo smile in excitement. all others are surprised. In anger, shakunatala throws glasses, getting everyone’s attention and she points out that this is the shattering of the respect and prestige of the house. She says that they dont have any authenticity of the marriage, and whether rituals were done, and they were blessed by elders or not. lajo and sunder are tensed, while kishan nudges her to keep quiet. she hastily leaves from there. Kishori is tensed and surprised. kishori says that granny is the eldest and that now only she shall decide if they can accept this marriage or not, and till then them both staying in the same room, isnt legitimate. All are tensed, while they both are disappointed. All disperse after dinner, while sunder and lajo eye each other apalled. finally, he leaves from there, while she eyes him tearfully.

On the terrace, while he is dressing up her wounds, she is tensed and sad too. she says that she doesnt feel safe and secure staying here alone, without him. he asks whats she afraid of, as these starts and moon is testimony itself to their love story, and says that after some days, granny shall agree to them, and then all shall be okay. she is lost and laments god knows when that day shall come. she goes to the end of the roof, and eyes the moon, saying that now their meet shall be like the size of the moon, which isnt complete properly, and then starts lessening. He is apalled to hear her say this. He comes behind her, and says that their meetings and their love story shall complete too. To amuse her, he then tries to take her through a joruney of their love story, and romances her, while she hopes that what he says becomes true, while he wipes off her tears. he asks if she is happy now, and she hugs him tight, and he reciprocates back too. He cajoles her and caresses her until she finally doses off to sleep. As he sets her in the bed, nicely tucked away, in blanket, while continuously eyeing her. His younger sister comes and teases him about his recent found love for her, rather than his credit and debit books. he is angry at her in jest, while she teases him. He then tells her that lajo rants in her sleep, and asks her to take care of her. she says that she shall, and asks him to retire.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
The next morning, narayan baba along with gunwanti and his men, come out on the streets with their morning gurbani. lajo is awake too, with her paath of the guru granth sahib. She too hears the songs resonating in the morning, and curiously comes to the end of the roof, to hear them. She then finds sunder opening up the door, and receiving gunwanti, herfather and the team, as he used to do every morning. he stops as he getstensed, and sunder stands tensedly too. Gunwanti comes ahead and then places a reassuring hand on his shoulder, seeing which lajo gets insecure. sunder however smiles at gunwanti and then joins their Bhajan Mandali. They all start to sing and walk off. lajo out of jealousy, hurriedly comes down the stairs, and rushes after them.

Scene 3:
Location: Temple
All arrive in the temple, where baba starts giving prashad to all. he gives to sunder too, even though tensedly. Lajo too comes and demands for the prashad. baba turns around and eyes her tensedly. Gunwanti nudges him to be normal, while introducing him to lajo and vice versa, and she bends to take his blessings, while he stands stunned. Both are tensed, but finally he smiles at her, and blesses her to be married and healthy always. Sunder is shocked to hear this, as he and gunwanti eye each other tensedly. He is about to give her the prashad, when she eyes the same prayer beads around his wrist. she is tensed to see this. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Sunder agitatedly asks lajo why did she got out, despite him telling her not to, as he had warned her before. Scared and tensed, she tells him that she saw him and gunwanti and assumed….and then trails off. He angrily and almost agitatedly asks her what did she assume. Gunwanti comes and says that lajo wont say anything, and then blurts out that in the shop, bab had gotten the fire started. sunder is shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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