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Lajwanti 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Peshavar tenthouse
jamaal comes seductively and leeringly to her, while she says that she is sunder’s and she shall always be his. She wrenches herself away, and runs off. But he holds her back, by her hair, as she winces in pain, and he teasingly torments. He then shows her the nosering that he has saved, when he tries to get close to her on the roof of their house. she is shocked, as she tries to rush away, but he holds her by the hand, and then forcibly makes her wear it. He says that he didnt just know, but always had the faith, that destiny shall land her in his arms, and hence he preserved this nosering. she says that she too believes in her destiny, and that sunder shall come to save her definitely, and take her away from his captivity. he tries to touch her,

but she shoves him away, asking if he thought, that she shall meekly submit. She says that she shall cut his hands if he dares to touch her. he is more aroused at her ferocity, and teases her regarding the same. he says that he too shall enjoy this dangerous game now, as the fun too gets manifold, but one thing is for certain that he shall subjugate her anyhow, and consummate their relation. She says that she too swears that she shall remain pious, holy and unscathed like sita. she brings out the dagger from behind, and jamaal is shocked, as she eyes him with rage. he approaches her cautiously, and then confronts her, while she says that she swears on the lord, that if he even as much tries to touch her, then she shall throw every drop of his blood on the floor. but he continues progressing undaunted, while she starts retreating behind. he then grabs her from the waist, and at his touch, she slides his dagger, and his pearl necklace around the neckline falls on the floor, while she accidentally slices his throat’s vein, since he collapses on the floor. He eyes her angrily and then gets up, while lajo eyes him enraged. She then tells him that she prefers death, but not the touch of his dirty hands. He is amazed at her zest, saying that he hasnt met anyone like her. He says that he is mesmerised with her daring and her love for sunder. she says that its about habit, as she can take her life, but noone else’s.

Scene 2:
Location: Pakistani Jail
Sunder continues to narrate his love story with lajo, while the worker is convinced that she feels she knows so much about lajo, that when she sees her, she shall identify her. he talks about her appearance, her personality, her way of talking and her mannerisms. Sunder tells the social worker, as to how lajo was sold off. He talks about the bidding that she had to go through. She asks if he recognises the fellow who bought her. he says that he didnt, as that fellow’s face was veiled but its true that once he knows who it is, he would break the hands and tear him apart, the person who got lajo sold like cattle. she is shocked to see his ferocity and rage. he says that he remembers the eyes of that person, who came on the horse and took lajo away. she says that she shall find lajo anyhow, and that she would get all the tents searched, wherein women were sold, and maybe one of the women is lajo, out of the women who tried to cross the borders. she leaves hastily to get to work, while he gets a glimmer of hope. he then eyes burnt coal kept on the ground, and picks up a piece, getting an idea. he continues to scribble, BARAATI KI LAJO, in his passionate fervour for lajo, finishing all spaces on the walls, but doesnt stop muttering still. Finally he doses off.

The worker meanwhile tries to get yakub to agree that sunder isnt a spy, and he knows it, and its true that what mariam went through was horrible, but it wont be avenged by torturing sunder, as if he helps sunder save lajo, then mariam shall rest in peace. He asks her not to interfere in his work, and as far as sunder is concerned, he shall see that sunder meets the gallows. She asks what if he is innocent. He says that no hindu is innocent. she says that if this is his decision, then she, Kausar too is his sister and equally arrogant and adamant and she wontlet him succeed at any cost, and thats her promise. She also says that she didnt do this as she is his enemy, but maybe because she loves mariam more than he himself. He is shocked to hear this. she storms out of the office.

Scene 3:
Location: Peshavar tenthouse
Jamaal eyes her tensedly, as lajo places the dagger against her throat, saying that every drop of blood that falls on the ground, of hers, shall be pure, and his intentions to taint them wont materialise, as before that she herself shall kill herself, and forever free herself from his clutches. he is shocked, as he tries to stop her, while she venomously places the dagger right next to her throat, to slit it any instant. he then sees someone, and comments Baraati ji, and she gets very happy and turns around. he takes this moment to catch her off guard, and then grabs her from behind, and pulls her close to him, taking her dagger. She is spalled and distraught. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: jamaal comes to yakub, who welcomes him. He asks what happened to sunder, and if he was killed or is still alive. Yakub says that he is alive, but shall soon be hung as he has already decided his fate. Jamaal hopes and prays for that to happen. Meanwhile, Sunder identifies the same ominous leering eyes, and is shocked, as he realises that he has lajo captive.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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