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Lajwanti 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Fields
While sunder saves her, instead of being thankful, she taunts that he just keep looking for a chance to get close to her. He says that he was just saving her from getting hurt. he is irritated from her incessant chattering. Just then, the local goon, who leers at lajo, his aide see this from hiding, and then rush to tell their leader about this.

Scene 2:
Location: Lajo’s residence
Lajo arrives home with sunder, and all are relieved. her father asks her where was she, and lajo tells him. sunder takes his leave, after she again starts boring him with her banter. she then turns to her father, after sunder leaves, and helps him tie his turban back, the one he had lost due to her rashness. her aunt comes in and asks him to stop pampering her,

and reprimands her for being so careless, and asks her father to get lajo married off soon. They agree, while getting emotional about the tearful departure that would happen. She says that she would apologise when they tell her that she isnt allowed to be in Indu’s marriage.

Scene 3:
Location: Indu’s residence
Meanwhile, sunder fights for lajo and asks lal’s parents to forgive her, but they are angry and say that they wont let that girl be anywhere near indu. They ask him also not to get too involved with her, as his parents wouldnt agree. this ensues a scuffle, in which lal’s father asks him to leave too if he has a problem. Sunder too turns professional and asks back the loan that his father had given to them for the marriage. they immediately change their tone, and when lajo comes in they are all nice and warm to her, saying that they have forgiven her. They ask her to come along, to give mehendi to indu. She goes. While they leave, she says to sunder that she saw what he did, while he says that he did it for indu not her. she fumes and walks off. lal teases him about it, and then starts saying yet again that he is in love. sunder gets angry and asks him not to say such things. they go off for an outing.

In indu’s place, indu refuses to get the mehendi done, without lajo. All are tensed. Just then, lajo comes and starts teasing indu for being so impatient. lal’s mother says that they have forgiven her Lajo too adds that as per her aunt’s instructions, she wouldnt say a word again till the marriage. all laugh at her innocence.

Scene 4:
Location: Lahore
Thye english play a supreme game, when they sell ammunition to both the Muslims and hindus, without one knowing about the other, and hope that they both due to their internal rivalry, send lahore into ruins. Meanwhle, both hindus and muslims hide their bought ammunition with the hope of winning this war.

Scene 5:
Location: At the dhaba
the local goon is angry when he hears about what happened in the fields earlier. Just then, sunder and lal come in for food at the dhaba. The local goon who has been leeringly after lajo, corners sunder asking him how dare he get close and casual, with his would be wife, referring to lajo. sunder doesn react or respond. But he keeps on leeringly pointing out the contours of her body, making lewd comments. Unable to control his anger any longer, sunder takes the glass bottle kept on the folding and turns around, smashing it on his head. the goond clutches at his head, while the crowd is shocked. lal chand is tensed and boggled to see such aggression. As he winces in pain, his aides run off, and lal comes and asks why did he take this unnecessary risk. sunder stands tensed. lal Chand asks why did this guy’s comment spark off such a reaction from him. He is himself boggled as the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: At the panchayat hearing, sunder accepts in front of everyone that he did assault the goon, who has filed a complaint. The goon says that he needs justice and wants him to be punished. later, lajo asks the goon what happened between the two. When he gloats about it proudly yet again, lajo is enraged and hits him yet again with a bottle n the head. his friends are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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