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Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Granny hears shakunatala cribbing at anwar asking him to get the stuff cleaned properly and then fighting with other people, too professing about what all she has got from her Amritsar. Anwar continues working. granny starts taunting them all, that she has to rest on the bed due to her pretense only. She then suddenly eyes the safe and wonders where is the safe and is relieved when she finds it right under her pillows, and is safe that lajo didnt steal it again. She tries to get up to get some fresh air, while revathy comes in with lajo. granny says that she wants to go out, bu is resisted. revathy tells her that its too high heat outside, and she cant allow, or else she shall face kishori’s ire. granny starts taunting and reprimanding her

that she too shall face such things in her old age. revathy and lajo are amused. revathy is tensed of her work. lajo offers that since she cant work in the kitchen, she can keep lajo entertained. She fumes all the more, while granny is frustrated with her presence. revathy leaves. With a shrewd smile, lajo closes the door, and then comes to her facing her sternly, and then eyes the stick and takes it, and aims at her, while granny screams that lajo shall kill her, instead of taking care of her. lajo comments that now she is under her control. granny reprimands her severely while lajo orders her to get up right now and take ten rounds around the bed. Granny pretends to be in pain. lajo asks her to stop faking, or else she shall decay and fall dead on this bed, and hence instead she needs movement and chatter to keep her hale and hearty. Granny asks what if anyone sees her. lajo asks her to dramatise then, which she is so good at, as lajo shall herself say that she stole the keys, and granny ran after her to retreive them. She then asks her teasingly about the keys. granny asks why should she say. lajo steals it from under the pillow, and then runs around the bed, while granny rushes after her, thereby proving lajo’s purpose. Granny continues cursing, while lajo asks whats in the sdafe, that she cares for it, rather than the family. granny says that due to the keys, they take care and respect for her, or else they would have stopped respecting her long back. Lajo continues to get granny to talk, and she starts talking about delicacies of lahore, as they banter about how they are bored to eat such boring stuff. lajo instigates her what if they get to eat that. she gets excited. lajo makes her promise that she shall take ten rounds everyday around the bed, and in return she shall give her favourite food. granny gives her the money and then asks her to tell why is she doing this. lajo says that she is doing this for herself, as she wants her to accept her. granny asks her to forget that as she doesnt acceot this marriage. lajo says that she married in front of the entire village, and one day she shall accept her and her marriage too. lajo begins to leave, while granny asks her to go from the back door, so that noone sees. Granny continues grumbling while lajo leaves. behind the house, lajo gives the money to anwar, addressing him as brother, and asks him to get snacks. Anwar gets emotional to have received such adoration, for the first time, in his life as a servant. he says that in a time, when communal fires are such in a rage, it couldnt even touch her, and that she made a brother in a Muslim. He says that the independant india, should have her as a first leader. she says that she likes to respect people. anwar rushes to fulfill her wishes.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While anwar is getting snacks packed, he is confronted by sarfaraz and his communal muslim team, who eyes him sternly. He gets tensed too. sarfaraz asks if he plans to be a slave to bharadwaj family till the separation, or has any respect left still. anwar says that he isnt fit to talk about character and self esteem. he says that being honest and faithful to the master doesnt mar the character. Sarfaraz says that he was like him once, and then things chanbged, showing him the burnt hand, that he says he got as his reward for loyalty. Anwar says that they truly regret it, and he has been wronged, but not because they are from different communities, but because they had a misunderstanding, which generally people have. he also says that lajo’s ideas are radical. sarfaraz says that lajo one side, and the rest of the family on the other. He asks anwar to decide which side he wishes to stay on. anwar asks them to let go of this political propaganda, as he cant be a participant in this. he leaves excusing himself. The team is agitated, but sarfaraz stops them from taking this step, saying that he too used to suffer from this, and hence he knows what to do now.

Scene 3:
Location: Sunder’s residence
As granny and lajo are gorging away on the snacks, they both try to finish first as children. granny says that she shall eat it all away. they hear a knock on the door, as their feast is spread out on the bed. they wonder what should they do now, while revathy keeps knocking at their door, with their plain food. She asks from outside why have they closed the door. lajo excuses that she was massaging granny hence kept it locked. granny immediately takes the bed. lajo gets revathy in, who praises her for taking good care of revathy. Lajo says that granny is very hungry now. revathy comes and tries to feed her, while garnny pretends to have stomach ache, and denies to eat it. lajo comes and asks what happened to her hunger, as she wanted to eat food. both revathy and lajo insist. granny denies. lajo continues to instigate granny to eat, while she indirectly lashes at her. lajo smiles as granny eats it resignedly, fuming at her.

Scene 4:
Location: Sunder’s shop
As chaman is attending to the shop, gunwanti comes and he sends his men outside. she smiles and asks where’s sunder, and he says that he doesnt stay at the shop these days, because he is always busy with tending to his wife and her demand and wishes. gunwanti gets tensed, sad and a little disappointed too visibly, and he gets concerned and adds that there’s nothing that sunder can give her and he himself cant. Gunwanti is surprised to hear him say this. he asks what does she need. she says that she needs something in red, and points out that she doesnt need for herself, but for lajo, as she has noone here to do it for her first karvachauth. he comments that had lajo not been here, then she would have been selecting it for herself. She asks him to show the material. he complies. While she is looking at the new material, chaman looks around, and seeing noone on the streets within visible range, Chaman closes the door after her. she is surprised by this move of his. He then says that it looks good on her too, be it for whoever’s name. Finding gunwanti alone, chaman comes and gets close to her, while she is shocked and asks whats he doing, disgusted. he says that he enrages everytime he sees her like this, and sarfaraz has already been a victim of his anger and rage, and before someone else becomes the victim of his ire, he asks her to comply as he tries to take advantage of her. he asks her to give him one signal atleast. She tries to shove him away, scared and distraught, as he backs her into a corner. she asks how can he even compare himself to sunder as she always wanted a husband like lord ram, and now she is devoted to him only. she says that even before being his wife for a single day, she would prefer that she wears the white in sunder’s name. he says that he wont give the red cloth, until she wears it in his name. she eyes a blue and says that she shall take this one for lajo, as she shall look good in anything. she takes it and storms out. The screen freezes on his face.


Precap: While all are having dinner, revathy in front of kishori, tells sunder that soon in the winters, the days shall become shorter and its better that they stop sleeping in sparate rooms, and lajo stay with him in his room, and that she shall get the room prepared for the same. Sunder and lajo smile in excitement. Kishori is tensed and surprised. kishori says that granny is the eldest and that now only she shall decide if they can accept this marriage or not, and till then them both staying in the same room, isnt legitimate. All are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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