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Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Lajo is tensed to see such intensity on the part of sunder, who proclaims his love. Just then, his mother calls and he composes himself. She comes in and tells him that kishori left for the shop. he says that he doesnt wish to go. lajo immediately asks why wont he. he says that he doesnt think its right that he leaves her side in her delicate condition. she asks him to go, as after much problems and issues, the shop has reopened, as here there are many people with her, but kishori shall be alone. His mother says that there shall be curfew right after sundown, and kishori shall be alone, and she can manage everything here easily. he is still tensed, and asks how can she handle both. Gunwanti comes in saying that she shall handle lajo and granny,

as she has brought temple food and meds, thats good for them. They are surprised to see her. she also says that revathy isnt alone. he is overwhelmed to see her favours, and is in gratitude. she says that she has to do this out of friendship, as lajo is connected to her too in some way now. he says that now he shall be at peace in the shop, knowing she is here, and asks her to teach some city manners to his villagey wife. lajo is hurt by this slightly. He says that thank you to her, saying that the debt that she has on lajo and him, can never be repayed. lajo is slightly tensed and upset to see their camaraderie. Gunwanti notices her reaction, but doesnt say anything. He begins to leave, but before that, he smiles at her, and lajo doesnt seem to like it. he then leaves, while gunwanti eyes him going, and sunder too turns back and then leaves. lajo is tensed. meanwhile, gunwanti finds chaman leeringly eyeing her, and is perturbed. she turns away while he smiles. gunwanti turns to revathy and asks her to give this to granny, as it shall benefit her. revathy complies, and then says that lajo too cant eat, and asks her to help. lajo says that its okay as she shall manage herself. revathy explains her that she needs least movement, and that gunwanti shall help her feed. she leaves. Gunwanti then comes to lajo, and asks if she didnt tell anything to sunder about the Maala. lajo says that she might be villagey, but knows how to keep a promise and adds as it is, she utters back the same dialogues that sunder rendered to her, sounding visibly frustrated. Gunwanti chuckles seeing her flaming red, jealous face, and says that she perfectly imitated him, and then asks her to come and sit so that they can eat. lajo eases up a little. Gunwanti feeds lajo, and she resignedly complies. lajo then comments that they have a strong relationship. this unsettles gunwanti, when lajo comments that she is talking about their friendship. gunwanti smiles and says that they know each other from childhood, and that they know each other inside out. lajo asks if he was always this angry, and gunwanti says that he was, and that they never heart as she has seen the goodness in him, and such men arent found in this era at all. lajo intentionally bites in her hand when she tries to feed her, and taunts and utters the same that even sharp women like she herself arent found in this era. gunwanti is amused at her childishness and smiles, and agrees with her, as she is definitely unique. lajo again gets tensed, out of jealousy.

Later, while revathy is working in the kitchen, lajo comes and immediately offers to help, but she asks her not to even touch anything, as its a ritual that till the new bahu’s bridal bangles doesnt come off, she doesnt enter the kitchen, but since her hands are burnt, hence the ritual for her is till the mehendi comes off. revathy talks about the rituals with lajo that for the next 40 days, she cant allow her to work at all in the kitchen. Lajo who is hyper active is disappointed and shocked too to know of this, while her mother in law is amuse.d Granny makes a comment from her room, that the actual pain is old age, that they ahvent suffered yet. they are amused and have a good laugh at granny’s banter.

Scene 2:
Location: Kishori’s shop, market
While kishori’s shop is being renovated, he starts asking for the money that he has lent to other businessmen. One of the business men asks if he can get more time. kishori gets tensed. just then, other business men come too and talk about their plight in the riots. kishori tells them that if then bend down, they shall forever be like this, and that they have to preserve their unity, and that they shall together go to barnes’ office and sort this right now. Sunder comes and kshori tells where they are going, and asks him to take care of the new material thats come. He complies. they all leave. lal joins sunder, and asks how he left lajo alone at home. He says that gunwanti is there. he taunts him that he has left his wife, with once upon a time, his expectant wife, and that can only mean well. Sunder then finds chaman alone getting to the new boxes of material, and asks why is he alone, and where are the muslim employees, to help him with this. A voice rings out saying that noone shall come. He is surprised, and turns around to find sarfazar leading his team of employees. he is surprised and shocked. They confront each other. sunder comes to him. sarfaraz tells him that he should learn now that they are left alone, and announces that from today onwards, in Anarkali Bazaar, no Hindu employer shall get work done by muslim servants. sunder is shocked and then addresses his employees saying that he hopes its their personl decisions, as they shall be bounded in the shackles of religion inevitably. he asks them what about their hunger, and reprimands sarfaraz for torturing them to achieve his personal vendetta. he says that he can manage alone. sarfaraz points out to him, that they are long friends, but things have changed now. He says that now its their turn to die of hunger and starvation, and asks him to llok around, as all hindu shops are closed, and muslim ones arent. Sarfaraz tells sunder that soon lahore shall be a part of pakistan, and then no muslim shall have to serve for a Hindu. he says that now every muslim shall be a creator of his own destiny. he says that soon the streets of lahore shall be resonating with the slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. He leaves with his fellow. sunder and lal are tensed. chaman taunts sunder for having trusted this guy so blindly. Sunder says that in the end they are to be blamed, as they turned him like this, and that they have wronged him and are now facing his ire. chaman is irritated. sunder is tensed, but lal asks him to let be, as sarfaraz has changed sides, but this shall truly affect their business. Sunder says that personl strife is now mingling with business issues. he later tells lal that he isnt concerned for business, but about lajo, who he landed in troubles, instead of good things, in lahore. He wonders what destiny has in store for them. he seems tensed and worried.

Scene 3:
Location: Barnes’ Office
kishori leads the team of business men and presnts the letter to barnes. he is perplexed and asks whats this. Kishori says that its a letter representing them, as they demand for an investigation related to the upsurge of the riots. all are tensed, while barnes is upset. He says tjhat he needs to investigate his shop burning, and of the weaponry found with hindus and muslims, and that his police force’s inefficicnecy. they all accuse him. he silences them and asks kishori to talk to him in private, and tries to suggest something, but kishori stops him saying that he couldnt care less, and says that he can say anything that he wishes to, in front of the every people. barnes then complies and suggests that he call off the strike immediately, as he feels what happened was a personal enemity directed at him and not at the community and why should the other traders bear the brunt of his personal rivalry. kishori is shocked, while others are boggled. he says that although he doesnt have proof, but he knows the man behind his shop getting burnt. this shocks kishori. He adds that he knows who instigated the muslim mob, and directed them to kishori’s shop. this gets kishori alert and that he was determined to get to the bottom of this investigation, and when they tried to pressurise barnes to act, he uses his well tested policy of divide and rule, and instigates kishori by saying that it was narayan baba. kishori along with others are shocked. others comment that this means a hindu rival is against a hindu and they have enemity amongst themselves. barnes comment that they have highly dysfunctional unity amongst themselves. he asks them to reopen their shops, or else he shall have to revoke their licenses. kishori tells them all to go, as they can have a meeting later, as right now, he needs to speak to barnes in private. they all leave tensedly. kishori and barnes eye each other shrewdly. he tells barnes that he has played a wonderful bet, and he too praises that. he says that he has well used his divide and rule policy, to create a rift between him and Baba, and now with the false threat of revoking the licence, he is trying to intimidate and divide the traders. he says that this strike shall not stop, till this letter reaches the High Commnd of Police, in delhi. he says that its their right to be heard, which he cant snatch from them, and once the investigation comes to action, he shall be insulted and sent back to the country, tainted and tarnished. he storms out. barnes is enraged. barnes asks his sub-rdinate, preston, as to how far is delhi, and when he gets to know how far, he asks as to whether the letter shall reach Delhi, by diwali. he complies. Barnes had begun to believe that his inteions of the riots on lahore shall be ruiend by kishori, and hence he decides and plans to murder him before the letter reaches Delhi. he takes out his gun and comments that this diwali, the lion of Lahore, kishori lal Bharadwaj, shall go down in flames, and must die, while crumpling the letter. The screen freezes on his face.


Precap: lajo tries to blackmail granny yet again, as she raises and holds out her stick against her only, while garnny lamens that she shall kill her. Lajo asks her where are the keys to the safe. granny gets conscious. Lajo ducks and then grabs the keys from uder the pillow. granny is frustrated. Meanwhile, finding gunwanti alone, chaman comes in and gets close to her, while she is shocked and asks whats he doing, disgusted. he says that he enarges everytime he see her like this, and before someone else becomes the victim of her ire, he asks her to comply as he tries to take advantage of her. She tries to shove him away, scared and distraught, as he bacls her into a corner.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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