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Lajwanti 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Outside the Barn
Sunder and lajo part yet again, as sunder is being taken by the soldiers, and lajo is left there. they start beating him up, while lajo tries to get free from Jameel’s grasp. Lajo is distraught as they take him away. Meanwhile, lajo too is taken away by jamaal

Scene 2:
Location: Lahore-Amritsar Border
Lal holds a pic of Sunder and lajo in his hands, waiting on his side of the broder, for his friend and lajo. but in vain, when he finds the border being opened, for the routine trading of women, across borders, with the help of a Pakistani woman social worker. Sikka tries to flirt with one of the pakistani women, who is being transported, who slaps him and reprimands him for his misbehaviour, saying that she is going back to her husband,

and wont be with him at any cost. the social worker too comes and reprimands sikka severely, for the way he and people of his religion tormented and insulted and tortured, and sold like veggies at the market. they are all apalled. as she tries to leave with the women. lal comes to her and begs for sikka’s misbheaviour and he apologises too. The women then forgives them, lamenting as to how tyhe partition has brought out the barbaric animality and banality in people, or else they wouldnt be behaving like this normally. he then talks about sunder and lajo, and their entire story, and how they are trapped in her land, and begs for her help to rescue them. she is apalled to listen to their love tale, while asking even if she does find, how would she get to know as the pic that he is showing has completely faded. lal talks about the tandolas on lajo’s face and Baraati scribbled on his hand. she is amused and promises to help them if she spots them. he thanks her profusely, as she casts a last glance at them and then walks off.

Scene 3:
Location: Peshavar tenthouse
Lajo wakes up tied to a pole like a slave, with a dizzy head and heavy headache. She is scared as she spots jamaal coming in from the front, inside the tent, as he taunts her, that she could have been his queen, yet she chose the life of being a slave, who he would torment and torture as he so wishes. He reminds that he had told he would get her in front of her husband and so he did, and her husband couldnt do anything. She says that he cant call himself a man, by having a woman tied helplessly against her will, buying her off at a market. he says that sunder doesnt stand anywhere in front of him. She says that indeed he doesnt,. as he knows how to respect women, unlike him. He makes her imagine the uncountable horrors and torments that he shall put her through, after which she would be like a used commodity, whereas she says that she is meant to be her husband’s, and hence god united them yet again, and that he should fear the day, sunder comes as it shall be his last. He tells her that her sunder has bee already taken care of, and must be in heaven now. she is aghast at this news and more so, at his physical proximity. He asks the maids to get her ready for his consummation with her tonight. she dares them not to even dare touch her, or she shall eat them alive. he reprimands and lashes at her to behave while she is apalled.

The maid servants then get her to bathe, as she stands in a shimmy bathrobe, as they bathe with her rose petals and turmeric, to get her ready for her consummation with yakub. she is disgusted by this preparation, and thinks that if god united them once again, its a signal that she and sunder are meant to be together, and that she has to stay alive for him. She thinks that she needs to plan out a way soon, to get out of this. She thinks that for herself to keep living, jamaal has to die.

Scene 4:
Location: Yakub’s Office
Sunder wakes up, tied in ropes, bound to a chair, while yakub assk him for any final wishes as he shall soon die. He says that he has been made and sent by god to protect his lajo, and so he shall, and there is nothing that he can do that can kill sunder. Yakub too viciously reminisces about his Mariam, and vows that he shall never let them unite and shall publicly hang sunder as a lesson of punishment to everyone who tries to mess or befool him. Sunder is thrown back, and he goes unconscious. he is then paraded on the roads, as a slave, until he reaches the public gallows, while he continues to chant the Hanuman chalisa, with much fervous and enthusiasm. The prosecutor drapes the ominous black cloth over his head, and tightens the noose around his neck, as he remains standing undaunted. The screen freezes on her apalled and sunder’s face.

Precap: As the countdown begins for sunder to be hung, lajo meanwhile faces her own ordeal, as jamaal himself places the turmeric acrooss her bare hands, sensitising her with his physical touch.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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