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Lajwanti 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Anarkali market
Lajo is scared and petrified, as she hides behind a pillar, while seeing that the stranger is approaching her. she finds a door open, and rushes inside it, and finds that its a bird shop. She finds the birds in cages and says that being in this city, she understands their plight, and that she resolves to set herself and them free too. She prays ardently to her lord, and then finds that someone has come in, opening the door, who she isnt able to see in the glarwe of the sun, and assumes that its sunder. She goes and rushes upto him, and clutches him tightly, saying that she had gotten very scared and knew that he would rescue her from that monster. he holds her and then caresses her bare back, through the suit, and scratches it, and she is scared and shocked.

she refrains and then comes face to face with the guy, a Turban Guy, who he had seen in the nightmares. She is shocked and horrified to see him, turns around and tries to leave, screaming when he holds her back and gaga her. he asks her not to scream, and taint this pure moment. he then grabs her by the throat, and tells her that she satiates him, and the mere beauty of hers drives him crazy. he cups her face in his hands and turns it to himself, and is about to lean in, when she refrains him. he makes her lie on the floor, and pushes on top of her, while his knife making his way through her naked back, tantalising her, while she is disgusted and horrified too. he says that from her smell, it feels no man has touched this beautiful body, and then identifies himself as Jamaal Peshaak. He hugs her, and then opens a bottle, without letting her go, and pours perfume on her, as it drapes down her neck. She begs to be left, as she is going to be married in some days. he asks if this is the only way to get her, then they can get married rightaway, as he cant stay away from her for long.

Scene 2:
Location: Sunder’s residence
While sunder lovingly eyes lajo’s pic, dulari comes in distraught and worried, panting for breath and speaking barely. Sunder asks what happened, and where is she. Dulari tells what happened in the anarkali market and how she lost her. He is shocked and apalled. he assures her that nothing shall happen, and asks her not to tell anyone or else everyone shall be tensed, and leaves hurriedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Anarkali market
Meanwhile, Sunder comes on the streets screaming her name. Lajo gets happy hearing sunder’s screams, and tells him that his tyranny is over now. She screams his name, and sunder hears it. But before he can reach, he is surrounded by policemen who ask whats he doing here at the time of curfew. he says that he shall give his arrest to the station, but right now, he has to get to lajo, and they shouldnt stop him, as he shall go any which way, as his love isnt liable to their permission. they try and stop him, but he beats them all, and makes his way.

Inside, Jamaal tells her that that fact that she is alone here, means that her search is for him too. she says that he is wrong, as every search of hers starts and ends with Sunder, and he shall see him only in her eyes forever, and thats a bare fact and asks her to look deep in her eyes. He eyes her, and then smirks, while she is boggled. She catches him unawares and stabs him in the neck with her pocket knife, and he is furious. In anger, he grabs her dupatta, and she pushes him away, saying that this was his permission to try and separate her from her husband. She rushes out of the door and leaves, while he is left behind with her dupatta, eyeing it tensedly. He eyes the knife cut and then pulls out one of the pigeons from the cages. Sunder screams her name, while lajo too rushes fervently on the streets, and when collides into sunder, she expresses her disgust and tries to break free from his clasp. he tells her that he is her sunder, while she breaks into tears in his arms. Through murmurs, she tries to tell him about what happened to her. he asks her which shop. She shows him. he asks her to stay here, and tells her that he is right here. They go together, and then sunder picks up the axe, and then comes inside the same shop, while lajo clutches at him scared and shocked. he hollers where is he, and asks him to come out, but noone responds. He then asks lajo that there is noone here. He then eyes her dupatta, and picks it up and drapes it around her, who is extremely frightened and terrorised. She starts crying and he asks whats the matter as he is right here. She clutches at him tightly. he then smells some perfume, and asks what smell is this. he then eyes her dupatta, and smells it too. lajo looks at him scared. He asks who was that guy, who tried to touch her, and leave his marks on her body and touched her. he eyes the wrist marks on her arms, where he had held her tightly. she asks whats he saying. he asks where all did he touch her, and then asks why did she go out alone, when he had told her a thousand times, not to. she begs to be forgiven, as she never thought he could think like this. he asks why should he forgive her. he says that lajwanti is that plant that shys in the touch of someone else, but from his lajo, today someone else is being smelled, and frustratedly throws the dupatta at her. She tries to come to him, but he goes out angrily. She is apalled, and then eyes the bird thats been set free, and thinks that she knows he is hurt, but its just a test, and the bird has to come out of it, if they have enough faith in themselves.

Scene 4:
Location: Sunder’s residence
As she tries to take a bath, lajo remembers sunder’s accusations and then Jamaal’s disgusting propositions, as she tries to scrub off the marks scratching herself so severely, that she doesnt realise blood gushing out of her wounds. she is disgusted at the mere remembrance of that leering jamaal and his physical proximity. later, lajo heals the bird, saying that both of their culprit is the same, Jamaal, and says that they are both suffering the same pain. She asks the bird to take a deep breath and soar high in the sky. But the piegon isnt able to and comes back yet again. she holds the bird, and says that he too understood that outside world is scarier than the safety of the cage too. the screen freezes on her sad face.


Precap: A sad yet hopeful lajo eyes the plant after which she is named, and then tells that with the marriage to sunder, shall mark the herald of a new rising sun, and now they are going to be together till the setting sun.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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